Sunday, September 27, 2009

GLEE - Teaser: Single Ladies

Yup! I indeed one of my fave shows on TV right now!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Reach out
and take my hand.....

And lets get this weekend started! Im ready for it are you?
Benefit Fundraiser- Tomorrow
We have the big benefit fundraiser tomorrow for my momma....We baked 200 cookies last night for the bake sale and I swear I can still smell the cookie bake smell on me! So alot to do today pick up raffles donations and set up most we can tonite and then an early start to start the cooking and set up of it all-- 6 Bands lined up and hula dancers as well....Tents/chairs and tables to set up...Raffle and bake sale to get going.....Phew! I am already tired! Wish us luck! I wonder how may people will show up-- I estimate about 200....I hope it isnt much bigger....We wont have enough food to sell.....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Official First Day of Autumn
Yesterday was the first official day of fall....I don't know about you but I just adore autumn....I love the change of seasons-- I guess its because I didn't have that growing up in Hawaii. We are having quite the Indian summer here in the Pacific has been in the hi 80's the last few days...Not that I am complaining at all. I will appreciate any warmth as I know the cold is around the corner....But a taste of fall is here and I cant wait to feel the crisp air approach. I love all the color that is about to embark on us to dazzle our eyes! Nothing like a fall walk in the Seattle Aboretum (below) on a crisp sunny fall day! Come on over to Seattle and lets go for a stroll...... We can hold hands and run through the leaves! Good times!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brad Goreski
Love him!
My latest crush...well actually he has been for awhile now.... Ever since we first was introduced to him via the Rachel Zoe Project....I just love this man! He is one I can see being friends with big time! He just rocks! How fun to be in his shoes for a day! He said a few episodes ago that when he met Beyonce it took everything in him to not do the Single Lady's Dance....Love it!! Look how fricken cute he is below with his kid Jasper....A Super shout out to BRAD!

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Warm Sandy Beach Is Calling My Name..
Vacation time needed!

I need a holiday...A vacation...I think we need need to get away.....and a white sandy beach in Hawaii is calling our names...BIG TIME!
Cute Couple Of the YEAR!
Neil Patrick and David Burtka

NPH and his partner David Burtka is the cutest couple indeed.....Well besides me and my hubster Jeff...We can still do some damage! he he! Such a handsome couple these gentleman...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dan Vickery-Pacific NW Oregon Hotness
Voted Fan Favorite on Design Star
Our Pacific NW Oregon boy hotness-Dan Vickery, was voted Fan Favorite on Design Star and so will get an online show at It is so not surprising that Dan got the most votes! It only proves what most of us that watched this season ( which by the way to me had a bummer crop of talent this season that's for sure!) ..... That if they maybe didn't leave it up to Vernon Yip, Genevieve Gorder, and Candice Olson, Dan would be the winner! Sorry Candice I adore you to death but I think you all made a stinker of a choice...I would much rather see Dan in a show for sure and so I like so many will most likely be watching Dan on the Internet and bagging Antonio on his new show...
Im Glad
I dont know about you but I am sure glad its Friday as I really need a weekend off....Shit I need more like a week off ....But I wont be choosey....I am also glad there are men that look like in this world... for many obvious reasons....Holy smokalonis! This man makes me hot all over!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Michael Jackson 'This Is It' Official Movie Trailer

This is going to BE SO COOL! Its crazy as he is going to become even more of a icon....HE deserves ALL OF IT!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze
Fell in love with Patrick in Skatetown USA and my love for him grew as his fame grew and his movies got bigger....What a great guy...... RIP my kind fellow!
Kanye West= LOSER
LOSER- ASSHOLE- DRUNK ASS......I was already tired of his big head and big tude....Now maybe he can get some help since he needs it.....I guess maybe this whole thing will make him wake up and pick up the clue phone as its been ringing for years.....what a dummy!
I am or was so not a Lady GA GA fan which already made me feel old as shes sorta a new Madge for the new generation....She a real shocker with all her hijinks's and such....Which seems to kinda works my nerves in my old age.......I do however enjoy her music. So I have to admit when I watched the VMAS on Sunday night--I was thoroughly amused....I had to chuckle when I saw her arrival get up above...... It made me giggle out loud...something about the head wear eye thing....Sorta superheroish and I thought it was funny but sorta cool....

Then she performed and it started up being very Victorian era...her dancers and get up was all that type of look. It sorta reminded me of the old Madonna Vogue performance from back in the day.....I thought ---here we go again!.....every things recycled....nothing is new. But then GaGa got going and by the end of the song she was bleeding and then ended the performance by hanging on a rope like a dead piece of meat....well that was....ahem.... different and original....Parents were shuddering everywhere...

Then I went to bed and saw this yesterday as her yet another wardrobe change for receiving her BEST NEW ARTIST VMA.....WTF? But have to admit I like it....well the whole look is funny yet intriguing....Love the whole look for some reason and the face thing and crown? Funny! Shes strange.

Then I guess this is some after show look and her party look later....not to find of this one .....but gotta admit she makes me laugh and smile. So maybe I am not so old after all! I seem to enjoy this odd bird...Music and now her wackiness......
Now I maybe be putting myself on a limb and it just maybe due to all the drugs I did in the 1980's but she sorta reminds me and looks like Carol Burnett every now and then? She has a Caro Burnett vibe...maybe its all those wacky looks and crazy eyes... When she performed she made me think of the old Carol Burnett show....I know... I must of did too many drugs and its catching up to me now...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Live ALOHA Hawaiian Cultural Festival
Sunday 9-13
Time to get our hula on-- eat some great "omo" food and connect with the community! Going to be a "good fun!" Going to take mom and hang out for the day! If your in Seattle check it out! More details here....
NOT! Sorry my post have been non existent lately---But I wanted to pop in and say hello-- Here I am this morning at work...TGIF! I had to go to the eye doctor this last Wednesday (hubby made me)... I could hardly read print and I was just having a lot of trouble seeing print and such....We thought for sure I needed glasses and contacts.....Well good news! My eyesight was ok! I am just farsighted and needed some strong reading-- or what they call computer glasses these days........I could not ready anything up close or any small print.....So I now have to wear glasses at work....all the time. I look like such a nerd huh? They are some Ralph Laurens and now that I look at the picture-- Maybe I went to big on them...Oh well least I can now see clearly-- its amazing! Wow I didn't realize that new boy in accounting was so cute....Damm these glasses do come in handy! Indeed!! :-)
The season of Glee has started and it makes me want to bust out in song and dance! Its my fave show on the tele.....It is so gay...... Fuck*in LOVE IT!! Its going to be a mega hit! Can I step into a time machine and go back to join the glee club in my high school please?