Friday, April 30, 2010

Fantastic Friday!
And Its a Party Weekend Ahead....
Love a good a tighty whitie pic.... This one reminds me of a fella I knew back in my paper route days.... he shall remind nameless....anyhow.....Happy Friday! Happy Last day of April! We have a busy weekend ahead so bring it on! Josh and Hayley are having a BBQ tonight as they just got back from Hawaii and Arizona- lucky bastards! So tonight we and the usual suspects are all getting together to roast some weenies and hang out. Its actually to celebrate Josh's new job at Starbucks Corp....we are all happy for him. Its like Google-- so many candidates for those sought after companies here and its nice to see a good guy land it!

Tomorrow is the boys big engagement partay and boy they are so excited! I told you how we went over the other night to help prep and so we also got to preview the space--- WOW! I will be taking pics for sure to share! They are having it where they live and have renting out a suite and this whole common area and huge outdoor area. It is quite fabulous and breathtaking. Very modern and very very cool. Its going to be lovely and we just hope mother nature co-ops for them. Check it out.

I cant believe it is going to be May 1! I do wish I was back home in Hawaii at this time as May day is lei day in Hawaii. All the pageantry and festivals and all the flowers and leis! Right up this local boy's alley! Speaking off I better go get some leis for the boys tomorrow night that would be so perfect! Aloha!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursdays Treat
Ryan Bertroche

Hello eye gasim Ryan Bertroche.......
Working Hard For The Money.....
In my cube....

Well another day another dollaaa... holla! So getting ready to start my day at work and I have a bunch to do. I did manage to organize my desk a bit this am as it needed some cleaning. The dust was getting out of hand as my work cube has 3 large big windows and now that the sun is actually out these days the dust that has engulfed my work area was very I did the whole Clorox wipe thing and now its all fresh and clean and not dusty! kachoo! I was able to purge and get rid of some of the mounds of papers and folders that was all over. Its an ok view huh? At least I have can see that I look into a apt complex and yes I have seen some funny things. My fave apt is the one that has the young man who runs around nude quite often....He works at his desk and studies on the couch and watches TV with no bare ass! He is in his 20's and cute so its a bonus view for sure!

I can also see the top of the Space Needle and lots of sky so it is quite nice....This morning some bums were having an altercation over something on the street below and that was entertaining.... Well time to get to work....Have a lovely day. Im going to try....Lets hope pantless boy is home today.... Sorry about the pics-they are kinda dark...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lots Going On In Radville Today...
Hump day and its a very busy one.....Some good buds of ours Christofer and Michael have an engagement party this Sat-- and since it is May day (lei day in Hawaii) they decided to do a Hawaiian theme for it.... They asked hubby and I to help with the menu and such for the party so this afternoon and evening we are going over to help prepare and such...Hubbys a great cook so he is helping with the menu...Me? Just standing around looking pretty...LOL! We did order them my fave cake..... that scrummy GUAVA cake! They tried it and fell in deep deep love and had to have it! So this all should be lots of fun! They are excited for the party and then really excited for their upcoming wedding that will be in July. Awwwwww..... such young love birds they are!

We also have my niece Britt moving in with us today. She is 20 and has decided to move away from Hawaii and make her way into the world on the "mainland" . I am so proud of her! She has been wanting to come to Seattle for a long time and finally made the is a big step for her. Hubby and I love her very much and we are glad we are here to support and help her. We very close to her mom and promised her we would watch out for her...

I also got a new job offer "promotion" today- I think I am going to accept it. My stomach is in knots over it....Work is hella crazy right now.....Deep breaths....deep breaths

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aden and Jordan Jarik Split
Sad......What a hot and handsome couple....Well looks like some hot beef is back in the market!
Rupauls Drag Race
Was Worth 2 1/2 hours last night

We all love a good drag show and now it is being brought to the masses! This show/franchise is on Fire! Congrats to Tyra Sanchez " the other Tyra" for winning Season 2 of the next drag superstar! The top three brought it! What a fun night it was with the the hour finale show, the 1/2 hr Untucked show and then the hour Reunion special.... Wow! Hubby picked Tyra since day one. All the queens will get a lift from doing the show and it will be a good thing for ALL them and help their careers for sure... Tyra is so beauty pageant and young and is the perfect title holder ( plus I am sorta over that Bebe Benet) Is it me or did Season 2 blow Season one out of the water? Anyhow special shout outs for Raven for being a bad ass and rocking the 80's look and JuJuBee for representing!

Kudos to Morgan for being my personal fave, Jessica Wild for just being her and Pandora Box for being the type of drag we all know and love and so deserving of the Ms Congeniality title! Way to go dolls! Now we get to look forward to Ru's new show.....RuPauls Drag U...... Im so ready for that! Check it out!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Weekend Is Here!
So glad the weekend is here! Big time! I hope we get to do as Bueller here and squeeze in some chillin time with some cocktails.....We have Monday off so its a three day weekend..yabbadabbado! Can you see my big ol grin from where you are today? Got a few things to do around the house over the weekend as its that time of year that the yard needs some extra TLC... so will try to get that in if weather co-ops for me......I do a little bit on weekday evenings here and there so that I don't have a all day workout to do on weekends and that helps alot. Last night I did some trimming and man it really got my allergies going last night....I am happy it is better today! Sniff sneeze cough...really.....

This afternoon we have a apt for our eldest kid Alika....dermatologist.....People laugh that we have a dermatologist for our dog....but he is in need of it and goes every three months to check in and follow up. His Dr is a silver fox and he is sorta kooky but super duper nice and quite handsome.... Tonite we have dinner plans with a few friends which I am looking forward too as I am ready for some fun and cocktails! We then plan to spend time tomorrow afternoon with the folks after doing some errands in the am. I am going to try to get some flower pots done for my mom as she would enjoy that since she cant do it anymore and it will brighten her up. Tomorrow night we have a date night with some new buds and plan to go to a movie... We still cant decide which movie.....So many choices! I think we ought to choose a comedy as I need some laughter. Sunday is wide open for some yard work and just home stuff, blog surfin ( got to catch up on so many of you!) and RNR....and then Monday the same plan....I do have a luncheon apt on Monday but that's about it......Phew! Well this is the plan for the weekend....or should I saw outline? Its funny as I seem to always outline it in my head....Of course things can change and fall into different orders but most of the time this is how I gage it. So Suzy Planner. Ok time for Suzy to go as my grin is making my mouth hurt already....Have a good weekend! xoxo Rad
Ryan Phillippe SNL 4-24-10

What a handsome devil this man is......indeed!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Had a great time at GAY SKATE last night! It was 80's night and it was right up my alley! I used to go roller skating all the time as a teen and was the type to hangout at the roller rink with my buds on the weekends....I was so into it man! It brought back a lot of memories of those days! Does anyone remember Roller Boogie with Linda Blair and then Skatetown USA with Scott Baio and Patrick Swayze? Ok.... Im aging myself a bit but I was in the 8th grade when these movies hit and they were hot! What a fricken blast it all came back after a few spins around the rink.....My body is a bit sore today but it was worth it! Hubby and I had so much fun that we are going to do it again real soon for sure....we met up with Derek " Princessa" and his lova boy John....Princessa had the whole look going on in tube socks and ripped up shirt.....The boy always goes all out! Love it!....Pic below ...sorry it is kinda fuzzy..... Derek took alot of photos and I cant wait to see them..... Your Skate King Rad Homo....LOL!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning Blues....
The weekend was much to short....oh today its back and work. :-(

Kellan Lutz is looking good as always as I saw these shots of some new photo shoot he just did and as always its very pleasing........He sorta reminds me of Ryan Phillippe...Who was hosting SNL this wasn't so good it seemed to be off a bit....some good one point they had Ryan dressed as a girl.....but its good to see Ryan out there again..... Ke$ha was the musical guest and she did well and had some crazy outifts--she sorta stole the show....

It was in the Was in the 70's yesterday which was really nice for this time of year. Got alot done in the yard and just enjoyed the nice weather. Saturday spent the day with my mom..Tonite is gay skate night...I want to go....will see if we are up to it after work today.....

I dont get this pic but looks like some sort of artsy shower pic.....LOL!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love EVERYTHING about this guy.....So dang HAWT!! I seem to be in this Mohawk phase right now...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Best Show on TV.... GLEE
Season 2 Premires Tonight! GLEE is back and I am so excited! I have been a big fan from day one and day two and day three I think I counted 8 post on it in a year....That's a whole lotta love! It has really grown into a major worldwide phenomenon! I just caught them all on Oprah and it got me pumped for the new season! So many guest stars and music to be showcased this damm exciting! Its sorta going to replace my Ugly Betty which airs its last episode this week.... so bittersweet.

Kudos to Glee! I am so ready to dance my ass off and sing and dance to this fricken awesome show! Lets do it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Drop It like its hot....
Mondays are so....well you know....Thought we need to spice it up a bit and have a drop trou Monday but I only found this pic....So its more like drop your shorts Monday...My weekend was busy...How was yours? Got alot done in the yard and then spent alot of time with my mom and now its back to the work week....

Maybe since my site is a little cleaner than most I should start a new thing and make this official? If interested send pics to me at my e mail and I will post every Monday if I get some pics.... Could be fun if anyone partakes.... Have a good week everyone! Kisses xxxx Rad

Friday, April 09, 2010

Release The Kraken!
Its the weekend!
So happy its Friday! Its time to release your inner Kraken....have a good weekend!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hump Day Hunk
Craig Malozzi

Thought we needed some Craig for our middle of the week HUMP!

Yep, he's gay
And his BF Ryan McGinnis is so cute!

I am so going to miss my UGLY BETTY! Its down to only a few episodes and after four seasons as flamboyant, fashion-conscious Justin Suarez on ABC's Ugly Betty, Mark Indelicato's TV character is finally coming out.

Once Justin's soon-to-be-stepfather catches him making out with his classmate Austin (Ryan McGinnis), Justin decides to make their relationship public -- at his mother's wedding.
In an exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's Ugly Betty, the teens slow dance at the ceremony as Justin's aunt Betty (America Ferrara) and pals Marc St. James (Michael Urie) and Amanda (Becki Newton) look on. (Watch a clip)

I have a little crush on this Ryan McGinnis myself!

Oh the days of puppy love and your first real boy!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday
Its Good Friday....the office is dead and the drive in to work was nice--- I think the whole town took the day off. I am ready for my holiday weekend....ready to spend time with family and friends. Going to color some eggs tomorrow and have Easter brunch on Sunday.....I like Easter as its a fun family holiday....Hubby and I was at the mall last weekend and of course I got all excited when I saw the Easter Bunny! I should posted the pic of took of him as he was sitting in this giant Easter egg and had a fan that was a giant daisy above his head- so cute! I was so tempted to sit in his furry lap....he he he.....I guess I will never grow up.

I just loved waking up as a kid and getting my Easter Basket and then the big egg hunt that day was always a big event....It was so fun and looking for the golden egg was always an adventure as you would really score as that one had the cash! Easter also reminds me that spring is really here and the plants in my yard are showing me signs of what is to come....Since we had a mild winter the plants are going bonkers! Now we just need to find a garden boy to make sure my garden is tended too as needed....Interested? No anyone? Please send resumes to my e mail address....Pay is pretty good and it come with some great benefits!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Thursdays Twink
Jeremy Roloff

I have had a post before about my little crush on Jeremy Rolfot from the Little People Big World Show...I just love the show and Jeremy has grown into a major looker. I in fact have a co worker that went over to Roloft Farms last Halloween and got to meet Jeremy and even got a pic with him! He proudly displays it on his desk and it makes me so envious and he knows it!! Well came across a few pics of the family on a recent trip to Hawaii the other day and of course I just zeroed in on Jeremy for yours and my entertainment here. I know he has been known to be kinda racist and pretty homophobic in the news and media. But.....He is young still and sometimes young is naive and or stupid and lets hope for a change in the future for him and his views.....For now the outside wrapping is sure nice to look at though. To post him on my blog and for him to know he has another gay man with his photo on his desk that all the gay boys ohhhh and awww over in our office....well lets just hope that kinda rattles his homophobic cage a bit...