Friday, June 27, 2008

Seattle Pride
Its going to be a HOT one!
Sunny and 90 degrees for pride! Yahoo! So it looks like we get a nice day to celebrate! I will have to take some pics and post them for sure! Everyone is so happy in Seattle that it will be a great weekend of weather-- Everyone has perma grins this morning! I am happy for all those that planned all the festivities and activities too! Time to get out and be proud! Lookout weekend here I come!

Today: Sunny and warm. Highs near 80. Light wind becoming north around 10 mph this afternoon. Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows in the upper 50s.
Saturday: Sunny and hot. High 80s.
Sunday: Sunny and hot. Highs near 90!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seattle Gay Pride Weekend 2008
Gay pride weekend is here!  Happy pride to all my brothers and sisters!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Survey Says
Hot....I am happy to see a real stomach on a man and not a perfect 6 pac..... 
Happy Birthday
George Michael
George Michael is 45 today!  Born June 25 1963.......See you on Wednesday night George for your Seattle concert!!  We are excited to see you and know it will be AMAZING! I will be in the 5th row! So if you get a chance shout out a hello to me if you can please ....I will be the in a black tank and cop sunglasses!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Job Still Sucks
But some good news is on the horizon!!!!  I think I may have a new job!!!!  Lets all cross our fingers, toes and eyes just to be safe and hope for good ju ju!!!
MY MUG SHOTS! here is some new icky muggers that I just took a few minutes ago.....Since I got some slack from yesterdays dark photo capture from some of you.......these are not great but I took them holding out the camera and they were the most decent of the bunch if you can call them that..... My head looks humungo in the 2nd pic...I promise you my head is not that big...At least I don't think it is......

Just ate some dinner and got out of the shower so its time to play on my mac....I went tanning tonite and got a little color. I haven't gone tanning or been in the sun since our trip to the South Pacific In January...I needed a little base tan for this weekend so I will go a few more times and I should be set!
My Gay Pride Parade Outfit

So gay pride is this Sunday in Seattle and I am still trying to get an outfit together-- here's a contender....what do you think? NOT! Well at least on me.....It would look better on some young whippersnapper.....

Monday, June 23, 2008

David Becks  A Big Show'er
Do you think this is stuffed? That or he had a fluffer to get it big for a full pouch......I Didn't know he had a chubby did you?  
Fancy! I finally learned how to take my Casio camera and attach it to the lap top and viola you can download the pictures you take.... So now I can post all kinds of stuff! I will make sure to take some pics of gay pride this Sunday....I will try to get some random hotties every now and then too! I have a few of the kids and yard below that I took yesterday.....

The total mug shot above is me.....I took it a few minutes ago....The flash didn't work so its a bit dark... It does however sorta show you my buzz cut..which I wasn't to happy about after it was done last Wednesday...but the husband likes it so its all good.....Wow!.... do I look beat or what! Its this damm new job...fricken STRESS!! I better go now and put on a facial mask!
The Kids

Out in the sunshine with daddy yesterday....Maile and Alika need haircuts big time!  They look like mini shaggy sheep dogs!! I have to make salon visits for them for this weekend for sure.

Maile posing on the flagstone.
Alika- Poor guy can hardly see through his crazy hair! 
Mamma Mia---chilling on the patio.....
The Garden
Taken Yesterday 6/22

The garden is still growing! The weather has been so cool and wet here that everything is doing well but late to bloom...In a week or 2 it will be in full bloom...we are in a dry spell and forecast is more to come....Pride this Sunday should be in the 80's!  The first show was the orange Lilly's above... Love em! I have about 4 other types budding!!  I was out in the yard all day on Saturday this is just a small section of our yard....will post more of the rest soon...

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Other Husband
Derrick Davenport
My other husband and I wanted to wish you a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

Its Friday!!! Time seems to be moving at such a fast speed these days huh? Weeks are flying by and before we know it we will be in July already. So not any real big plans for the weekend which is always nice as the next few weekends after this one is jammed pack with activities. To start off my weekend we are going out after work for cocktails tonite at Hula Hula- to bid a sad farewell to a colleague of mine from Holland America who is moving to Florida to work for Royal Caribbean. I am so looking forward to a drink after work tonite that's for sure as work is the same but I am hanging in there.

Tomorrow I plan to head over for a few hours to the Its About Life Gay Expo-- I will do some networking and maybe try to drum up some biz for me at my new job and of course have some fun. We may go to a few farmers markets since the weather is suppose to be decent-- low 70's and partly cloudy...I love going to these markets and about each community in Seattle has one on a weeknight or on the weekends-There is one in Burien about 3 blocks from our house on Thursday nights-its small right now about 20 booths but it will grow in time. My favorite market right now is the Ballard Farmers Market- it used to be small but has gotten bigger and bigger. So we have our own Pike Place Markets in each area-Pikes is such a tourist trap these days and I go there only when we have out of townees visiting. Another biggy this weekend is the Fremont Fair-- which at one time was small and now is a big time event that has turned into a MAD HOUSE-- Even all the suburbanites come into town for it now-this one I will avoid-- Did all this in my 20's- Back then there were so many naked people participating-- times have changed. Much like Seattle Pride which is now the 2nd biggest parade in the state! They had to move it from the gay area of Capitol Hill to Downtown a few years ago.....More on that later when I do my pride post! So its a weekend of fun in Seattle, now is it 500 yet dammit! I'm ready for a gimlet cocktail already.....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Splish Splash

This brought back some memories....Wet white briefs....Thanks to CJ at Visually Speaking whom always turns up the heat with the sexy men in his blog! This one turned up my heat indeed!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kissing the BIG FUZZY ELVIS!

This is Michelle, a friend that just got back from Vegas for a week of fun, sun, drinking and lots of sex with her hunny Steve….She sent me a few pics and these cracked me up with the Elvis…So cute!!! She told me she got so drunk that night so I wonder if she remembers kissing the big fuzzy Elvis? I am sure she kissed Steve’s big fuzzy Elvis but I'm talking about the one in the pictures you horn dogs!
My Other Husband
Derrick Davenport

Its hump day and I'm in the mood for my other husband- Derrick Davenport......I wonder what he is up to these days....I haven't been able to find out much about him lately...he must be laying low or something? He kinda disappeared......well at least I am now in a better mood for my day to get going.........Derrick always wakes me up and makes me happy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

788 Rats Removed From One Oregon House!

SUTHERLIN, Ore. (AP) - Police Chief Tom Boggs informed the Sutherlin City Council this week that a pest-removal company has trapped and removed 788 rats from an infested house. An exterminator will be brought in to poison any remaining rodents.The council declared the property a nuisance in early March and subsequently received permission from Douglas County to proceed with the extermination efforts.Jerry Wilson, owner of The Relocator pest-removal company, will inspect the house in a few months make sure the rats have not returned.Neighbors at this week's council meeting say the smell has improved since March, but flies are a problem.One neighbor, Mary Pirkey, told the council the house needs to be burned down. But the chief told her the owner of the infested house has rights, too.The homeowner has declined to comment.

Actual House above but picture of rats are from the famous Karni Mata rat temple in Deshnok, Rajasthan, India.

Friday, June 13, 2008

In Seattle

Jeff and I went and saw Ave Q last night---What a GREAT show!!!! We had a awesome time-- it made me laugh, and think and made me happy and made me sad! We had GREAT seats in the third row too! We didn't have to much expectation and resisted the urge to read about it or research it so it was indeed a pleasant surprise! We had some friends that saw it in London and didn't like it too much....then we had alot of friends that told us we would love it.....So we went and it turned out just super...we both enjoyed it alot! Another buddy of mine went on Wednesday night and told me he enjoyed this cast and it was better show than when he saw in in NYC...he said the crowd was so much more into it....That was nice to hear about the Seattle crowd....I did notice some of the older people in the first few rows ( The theater club members) gasp a bit on some of the jokes and language....but the rest of the theater was roaring! I would see it again anytime..... Puppets rock! And Yes Stephen-- The Internet is for PORN!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pride Month Issue
This was a nice addition to the mailbox full of bills and credit card offers the other day....Happy pride month to all! This fella is sure hot and pretty! Are any of you making it over to Seattle for the Pride parade on the 29th? We should hook up! Let me know!
Is it FRIDAY yet?

As Rad Homo needs a cocktail and a cigar big time! So Korean Linda Blair invited me out to drinks tomorrow night....She invited our whole sales team (5 of us). Should I go? I need to decide today if not and make an excuse...I did have plans to work in the yard tomorrow night and prepare for a small Fathers day BBQ on Saturday.....I think I'm going to tell her I have plans. I'm know I am not going to be in the mood-- I would rather go home and make a cocktail and do stuff around the house.....

Tonite we are going to see Ave Q!! I bet we will be tired tomorrow anyhow for any after work festivities anyhow. I am excited to see Ave Q tonite!!! I heard alot of good things about it so it should be lots of fun.
Trumps Dew

Why does Donald insist on his rug? I bet he would look great with a buzz cut....he should do it!
Seattle Funny

So True......I guess we are suppose to warm up a bit this weekend--It may hit 70 degrees--so thanks to all of you that prayed for some of your heat to come more our way--hopefully you are all a bit cooler in your area......If not where are my pics of you in your speedos and bikinis? I only got one pic from Lewis in his hot Andrew Christian swim trunks....and he is in Portland and it isnt even hot there right now!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cody Green Wins Step It Up!

Congrats Cody on winning Step It Up! Very deserving! We called it from episode 1....I love it when he smiles! He sounds like a gay boy when he speaks but he has a GF....Hmmm??? Can you imagine him in bed? so flexible! What a bonus!

My Question To You....
Im going to copy most blogs for while and see how this works out...I think it will be fun....I will do this my question to you bit every week or bi weekly and see how it works out...

My Question to you is this-

When did you get your first blow job? Or maybe when did you give your first blow job to someone?.....I'm in the mood for some steamy stories!
Its still cold in Seattle..
Even colder than Siberia!
Front page of the Seattle Times today-- Colder than Siberia! We may get some warmth this weekend-- a MAY hit 70! Yahoo....It about time....Not as hot as some of you have been saying and having in your neck of the woods---now that's to warm...what is going on with the weather eh?....the article is below.....

doesn't seem fair, but it's the cold, hard truth — accent on cold: While Seattle hasn't seen a 70-degree day in more than two weeks, Fairbanks, Alaska, has had six of them in the past 10 days.

Just about everyone, it seems, is toastier than we are. You've heard of International Falls, Minn., the self-proclaimed "Icebox of the Nation"? It's had four days this month in the 70s, topped off with a pleasant 75 on Sunday. Across the Atlantic, the northern destination of Oslo, Norway, has been passing the 70-degree mark nearly every day recently, while even the Siberian city of Tomsk, Russia, hit the 70s last weekend.
Meanwhile, shivering Seattle residents, hearing about snowplows back at work on Snoqualmie Pass this week, probably have only dim memories of the 77-degree high of May 24, the last time the mercury crept into the 70s here.
On Tuesday, state highway workers clearing away the last of 7 inches of snow on Interstate 90 could remember only two other times in the past 30 years that snowplows have been called out this late in the year.

Maybe we shouldn't complain too loudly, though.
The East Coast has been sweating and sweltering in mid- to upper-90-degree heat, setting records in several areas.
In New York City, the temperature was pushing toward the 100-degree mark. Combined with high humidity, the heat had people scurrying for shade or air-conditioned relief.
Weather experts say June made its chilliest debut ever in Seattle last week, but at least a temporary respite is on the way. The National Weather Service forecasts highs of 69 on Thursday, 72 on Friday and 69 on Saturday, before highs drop back into the mid-60s Sunday and Monday

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Job Update
Is Cryiing A Good Sign?

So far job is from hell....I am at the verge of tears 80% of the time.....What did I get myself into? I am hoping all things happen for a reason.....I am such a unhappy camper right now.

I think my new boss needs to be medicated big time-I swear I was tricked! I really thought this would be a nice team working environment and a new and great opportunity to learn a new least so far.

My new super controlling boss has turned into a Korean Linda Blair who rules with a iron fist! Now granted her sales are down and so she is on a major rampage- but "HELLO" I hate to say it but isn't sales down just about EVERYWHERE except maybe a few company's like Costco?.....In yesterdays meeting she went on and on and on about how we need to get more corp sales in as she just hired a new person (me) and it doesn't look good......and in all her career she has never not made her year over year monthly!!! (BTW I think she is like 32 years old at the most) And how this trend is making HER look bad and so she is going to ride us to death and if worst comes to worst she will have to do cut backs and let people go and how she has done it before and fired 2 people in one day once and yada yada yada.....Alot More Linda Blair Korean yelling.....and then in the same breath mentions--"now I'm not saying firing could happen to you but".

Ok..... so I'm not too sure I can work in this Medusa like threatening environment......What the hell did I get myself into folks? I felt put on the spot that's for sure. For gods sake this Thursday will only make a month at this new job and I anticipated having a hard time learning my new job but this is entirely different...threats? Now that's a nice way to motivate people.... I would like to think I have a thick skin and usually can let it roll of my back but wow this is really challenging to say the least....Oh please......pray for me! I really need it!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Daddys Day
is this Sunday

Upright Guy over at Life and Times of a Guy. Reminded me that this next weekend is Daddys day on Sunday! He has alot more dads in his pics! Check it out but its NSFW....I like these undies-- baby blue aussie bums.....hes a cute gentleman!
Seattles June-uary
So far this month, Seattle's average high temperature is 57.2 degrees!

Welcome to 'June-uary'?

What the heck? We are chilly! Where is the warm? The calendar says just 11 more days until summer. But Mother Nature's thinking Valentine's Day must be right around the corner as a another cold weather system is expected to bring snow to all mountain passes. A Heavy Snow Warning is in effect for parts of the Cascades for as much as 10-12" of new snow tonight.

So far this month, Seattle's average high temperature is 57.2 degrees -- this is a full 5 degrees below the record coldest average for June and over 12 degrees below the normal average high, although it's highly unlikely we'll stay this cool the entire month. So far, we've only had one day this month be over 60 degrees.Some other records: This is the coldest first 8 days of June in Seattle history. Also, Seattle has never gone the first 12 days of June under 65. That record is in jeopardy, but will be close. Will some of you hot numbers out there pray for some heat our way?....I would be happy to be in the hi 60's at least!

More Matt Kirkham

More Matt Kirkham- On demand.......One more time...those thighs are making alot of us swoon!

Coupe De Ville
With McDreamy

Watched an old flick on HBO last night that I haven't seen before...Coupe De Ville with Daniel Stern and Patrick Dempsey. Movie made in 1990 its about 3 rebellious bickersome brothers who reunite to drive their father's title car from their Detroit homes to Florida. The auto is to be a gift to celebrate their mother's birthday party. Along the way, their adventures are punctuated by pop tunes from 1963...It was a great brother bonding/ fighting comedy....Plus you get some bonus shots of McDreamy in his underwear for a few scenes of the movie- He looked so cute in his bvds......someone needs to screen cap it.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Matt Kirkham
This is right on target- my type!  Perfect amount of sexy!!!  I will even deal with that crazy cabana hat he's holding--I do wish he would put it on the top of his head instead!.....Look at those damm legs!!! HUBBA HUBBA!!!  Click on it for a better look!  Thanks to The Big Bad Blog for bringing this hotness to my attention!!! Good taste Jakey!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mid Week Beefcake
Diogo Nicoletti

I don't know about you but I really needed a mid week beef break and Diogo Nicoletti fits the bill to death...smoking hot.....Those Terra boys are so handsome.....Hope you all have a great Wednesday...
Loved it!
Great movie!-- we loved it-- along with the rest of the crowd in the theater which was about 50/50 with women and gays! I did see one older man with his was so cute......Lots of gangs of women together and gaggles of knew the fan base that's for sure!!! The movie was true to the TV series so if you were a fan you will simply love it and the characters were right on.....It was 2 1/2 hours of pure delight and I was surprised I liked it as much as I did--- whats not to like as my pal Mark from Tales of Sissy says: The clothes, the shoes, the hair - none of them disappointed.....Ditto from my end!
I Am Busy
As a Seattle highway at rush hour........

Busy days!!! So sorry if I haven't been around much.....The new job is making me kinda crazy when it comes to time....I used to work 630-300 now I am 800-500--- meaning I get home at 600 where as I used to get home at 330....So I am .......lets just say adjusting...Speaking of adjusting--the new job is going ok....lots of learning and a whole new sales arena...Not sure I am cut out for this new job which is scary as I am not sure I made the right decision to leave my other job.....granted my friends are telling me to be patient as I am learning and to give it a shot...this is only week 4.........I will just have to stick this one out and see if I can handle it and what transpires......I will say right now its kinda like pulling fun......But again my biggest thing is "patience"......which I have very little off and thus patience is a developmental of mine....Its just I am so used to being busy at work and this new job is kinda boring- I watch the others who seem to enjoy not being busy-- lazy asses! So this may not be the environment I need to be can you all do me a favor...please pray for me that it works out....I need all your good ju ju to be sent my way.