Monday, June 09, 2008

Seattles June-uary
So far this month, Seattle's average high temperature is 57.2 degrees!

Welcome to 'June-uary'?

What the heck? We are chilly! Where is the warm? The calendar says just 11 more days until summer. But Mother Nature's thinking Valentine's Day must be right around the corner as a another cold weather system is expected to bring snow to all mountain passes. A Heavy Snow Warning is in effect for parts of the Cascades for as much as 10-12" of new snow tonight.

So far this month, Seattle's average high temperature is 57.2 degrees -- this is a full 5 degrees below the record coldest average for June and over 12 degrees below the normal average high, although it's highly unlikely we'll stay this cool the entire month. So far, we've only had one day this month be over 60 degrees.Some other records: This is the coldest first 8 days of June in Seattle history. Also, Seattle has never gone the first 12 days of June under 65. That record is in jeopardy, but will be close. Will some of you hot numbers out there pray for some heat our way?....I would be happy to be in the hi 60's at least!


Lewis said...

We had a glimpse of spring yesterday in the mid-60s and clear and beautiful. And, then,'s back to winter today.

Lewis said...

BUT, I'd rather have it cooler than HOT AND HUMID like th East Coast today. No thank.s

Mark in DE said...

Enjoy the mild temps. Its uncharacteristically hot here in Delaware for early June - 95 degrees!

Mark :-)