Friday, October 30, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Say A Little Prayer

So many people are redoing this from Glee...Brings a big big smile to my face......Derek hurry and move over so we can re do this too!! LMAO!!! These Guys rock it..... Check You Tube for a bunch of versions!!

Here comes HALLOWEEN!

Halloweens in a few days !!! Last year I was Amy Winehouse-- Look back in my archives if you want to see that mess...It was fun but I hate doing any drag it was too much work....the year before I was a skeleton...thats me above in 07......So this year I am doing it easy and I am going as a goth....Hubby is going as a punker.....should be fun and easy....We have a bash on Friday and then another on Saturday night and then a fang banger late night after hours vampire party on Saturday at 12am! I will put in some teeth for the fang banger event and just be a goth vampire....I am excited for the weekend!! I promise to try to take some pics! I love Halloween!

Holy Smokes!
Holy smokes! Very ahem...nice...Model Hugh Plummer--Check out this months new DNA  
Joe Jonas
a new haircut
Now thats sooooo much better!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Been Hanging
So major hangover on Sunday--haven't really suffered with a hangover in a long time! I usually stick to vodka drinks and can really slam them down and rarely do I have a hangover ....But on Saturday night we went to a Halloween cocktail party and a bunch of us boys got to drinking a giant and I mean giant bottle of Crown Royal. Nothing like Crown on the rocks! Well we had a good time and needless to say I felt no pain and I think I made out with a boy.....and then I .....well that's for me to share at another time......I was a bad boy or good boy depending on who you talk too...... but man I was dead to the world on Sunday....We did manage to go to the Mall on Sunday morning to do a quick shop ( hubby needed a mohawk for this upcoming Saturday/Hallween night) and then we had lunch....Spent the rest of the afternoon on the sectional with the was I was dragging! I was tired and could hardly focus....I kept thinking swine flu....But I am much better today and I am happy to be back in the world of the living....I just cant believe It took me a few days to recover....Boy I am getting old.... If it was a cold I think I killed it all with that Crown....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Glee Mania
So when they had the preview show this summer back in May......I mentioned how much a monster hit this was going to be.......and yes its getting bigger and bigger everyday.....Its going to be a monster alright!  Get on the Glee train folks!!  I want to see you give me your best song and dance!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Self Pics
Home today--Hubby had to work a Saturday shift...for some reason woke up a few hours ago  feeling yucky...Took a bunch of vitamins and a energy drink deal.....God I hope I am not getting sick!!!  Fuck!!  So playing on my mac and took some pics....Wow this thing is fun.....I can make movies and videos too!  Well I better go eat something--soup is good food....I hope I feel better after I eat....

Friday, October 23, 2009

My TOTAL type and I am sure yours as well....Such perfection! Mr Joseph Sayers by Hudson Wright. Whoo Whooey its finaly FRIDAY! Its the weekend and time to go out and have some good fun. We have this weekend and next that is overflowing with events!!! It should be a grand time and I am excited for it all...Cocktail partys! Brunches! A Date Night! A threeway! ....he he he....Weekends don't get much more fun then this.... Hope you all have a splendid weekend as well..... Want to see more of Jospeh? Check it ........More here
Pumpkin Time!
So its that time again to go out and get your pumpkins for the annual Halloween carving.....Hubby and I have to get going on our carving this week as this is our goal for next Saturday nite--we need to carve about 20 each per day at least-- these were taken of our house last year.....Isn't it so awesome? We had people from all over the state stop to check it out and we were even on the local news.... and I only had blisters that took about a month to heal form all the carving........Ok.... I am a big fat liar....Can you imagine having this many fricken pumpkins? I do love it..... Here's another pic of our backyard.....Ok another lie..... he he he

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday Treat
Charlie G William is my Thursday treat....Delish! God... can this week move any slower? Maybe its because I am looking forward to the weekend? Nothing going on this week except work work work--which is super busy and you would think that would make my days go faster.....nope...Not so lucky with that. I just noticed this guy is wearing a playboy 80's...I like it....His skin reminds me of a vanilla shake....I love vanilla shakes!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oh Goodie Goodie!!
Oh Goodie Goodie!! and TEE HEE HEE! Halloween is almost here! Here is one of my all time fave characters from the Bugs Bunny Franchise- Lonney Toons! Good ol Witch Hazel! She would cackle and then jet off leaving a few hairpins in the air.... love it ...she was a hot mess before her time! LOL

I am looking forward to the weekend....A few Halloween Cocktail party's and lots going on and it should be fun....I love fall....Now how do we make this week move faster? Maybe Witch Hazel can help with one of her spells?
Happy Hump Day!
How about some Renato Ferreira to heat up our Wednesday......

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Day at the Office

This is a lot of Fun...Lets do this with our MAC books!!! Great old school Backstreet Boys!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Is Here...

Just a few pics I took the other day on our patio with my phone.....Isn't its so fallish! I Love it... and love the mums!--- I get one every year and then transplant to the yard and they come back....I should of taken a pic of the mums I have planted year after year as well...Will try to do that soon... You can tell that fall is late to arrive as the garden still looks pretty good...but that is changing as we speak as yesterday the cool rain and very breezy conditions started and leaves are the garden will be changing real soon....

The cute pumpkins below are the ones the hubby carved for our cocktail party on Saturday night.....Our annual fall cocktail candle party was a good time and we had about 20 plus people come over! The red apple martinis were a hit as were all my baking ....People thought they were store bought bake goods....that was nice. Well Rad Crocker is off to sales meetings all day and this evening for work today. Oh joy joy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just saying....

Until one has loved an animal, A part of one's soul remains unawakened...
The Fall weather is here...Blustery, cool and rainy....Seattle lites were in amazement yesterday as we watched our rain return....We can go back to our flannels, coats and Northwest sports wear. It was hard to get out of bed this am with the doggies all snuggled in with us thats for sure. Maile above asked me to stay home but I had to come into work......I just gotta win that damm lotto soon...

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursdays Treat
Chris Campanioni

Say Hello to Thursdays treat--Chris Campanioni....Trick or Treat? I say both when it comes to this handsome fella! So its the end of my week as I am working 1/2 day today! Hip Hip Hooray! We have to take one of the kids "Alika" to his dermatologist today for a appointment-- It should be his last of a study he has been in. Our vet/dermatologist suggested a study to partake in when I said we could not afford all his meds anymore as the cost is crazy! So our silver fox vet Dr Mundell...more on that another time....put him in this 2 month study on this new drug that should be out to vets in about a year or two. I think it has helped him a bunch and now he will be able to get the drug if we want it for the rest of his lifetime...I am hopeful that it helps Alika with all his allergies in the long run.
Tomorrow I also have the day off....I need to get some things done around the house and spend some time with the kids as we will be out tomorrow night for a concert.....I am super excited for the concert as its a group that I grew up listening too and it will surely make me cry---or as they say back home it will give me CHICKEN SKIN!! Its a Hawaiian Contemporary group--Cecilio and Kapono-- and they are touring and will be in Seattle tomorrow night....The hubby and I love them and we are going with my dad, uncle and sister....
Saturday is our Annual Fall/Halloween Cocktail and Candle party....We do a fall thing every year and then every other we do a candle thing with it as well...We do up the cocktails and snacks and its always a great time......We have been doing this for over 10 years now and its funny as when we started boys or men didn't really have candle, Tupperware or Pampered Chef parties -- well that has surely changed! It nice to have all our friends over as we all burn candles ( don't we?). Its time to stock up on them anyhow as candle burning season has begun!

So the house is fully decorated for fall and Halloween and it should be a great party to welcome FALL!! If your in the Seattle area please do call or e mail me as we would love to have you over...Red Apple Martinis will be ready and many other yummy beverages....How about some Chili and Corn bread and lots of yummy goodies and snacks? You sure you dont want to come over?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Loving the Boys of GLEE...

Now don't get me wrong--I love so may things about this show GLEE...the singing....the dancing...the gay characters.... and the drama......but I also love the boys! Boys boys boys that can sing and dance and are handsome too! Total my cup of tea! My favorite guy is of course FIN played by Cory Monteith above.....Hes what I call total dreamboat! I know I sound like a schoolgirl...its the whole Glee thing so I apologize....LOL If you haven't checked out the show yet....I suggest you do so!

Here is another of that dreamboat Cory Monteith....

Gay Kurt-- Played by Chirs Colfer!! Great to see a gay character on TV!!!Puck-- Played by Mark Sallin
And My Kind of Teacher-- Will ....played by Matthew Morrison -- Va va va voom!

Dont ask me why he is in his undies-I just found it on the web...LOL

Friday, October 02, 2009

Time To Giddy Up!
The Weekends upon us
Ride em cowboys! I am so happy the weekend is upon us! Work is really depressing these days as I absolutely hate it and hope it changes soon or rather my attitude changes soon.... I know I should be happy I have a job and believe it or not I did get a mini raise a few weeks ago. I think they sensed I was getting fed up with it all ....So I have to appreciate that gesture. Now don't get me wrong I am totally grateful for a job and the raise....Im just in in funk right now....I think it maybe that I need a vacation, Some time off to recoup and re-energize and get some R and R would do me some good......but with mom sick its hard to schedule something to be away. Maybe something will work out soon...I need a break!
So I wore my cowboy boots today....thought it was kinda fallish...Thats why I was in the mood for a cowboy pic post today.....Is it just me or does wearing boots make you feel sexy? I like really sorta makes me feel all hot and kinda horny... Even more so if you are in just some boots and your undies! Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Start Your Engines!
Vroom Vroom

Start your engines! It is ALMOST the weekend! Is it just me or is this week totally dragging! Well it sure is for me....Maybe its the change of weather? Can you beleive its already October? Its already the tail end of the year!