Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vacation update
RAD is enjoying time away with hubby and friends back home in Hawaii- Above is Valley Of the Temples which is will be moms final resting spot. Its a lovely area. Been seeing lots of family and then going to the beach... Went again to Koolina yesterday and snapped this beautiful pic below. I miss the beach so much! Off to circle the island with friends today. Aloha!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog- Hawaiian Style!
Been home a little over 24 hours...This was yesterday afternoon at Koolina....Ahhh! We are having a good rest and we love being home. Best buds come in from Arizona today which is going to be AWESOME! Got my boogie board ready to hit the surf! Aloha! more pics soon!
Super RAD HOMO Man!
its a bird... its a plane...no its Rad Homo! Hubster took this pic of me over the weekend while we were out and about shopping before we left for Hawaii. Funny stuff! Now I need a super hero suit huh?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Sorry lost my job last week! Been kinda crazy around here getting everything in order as we leave for 2 weeks today..... On my way home to Hawaii today to recharge, regroup and re-energize! Be back soon! Honi Honi ( kiss kiss) Rad

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Its been 9 years...We will never ever forget.....

Friday, September 10, 2010

Unemployed Sidekick
This is fun and looks promising.... Check it!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Happy Birthday to Rads HUBSTER!!
Today is a big day as the hubby turns 40! We met when he was 28. Its crazy to think he is 40. He is better than ever and looking as good as ever. I am happy 95% of the time-- the other 5% I want to kill him but its all good! He he he... He really isn't into doing anything to celebrate which might be due to all that has and is going on with our lives, jobs and all that. I had a whole small gathering planned and then he canceled it all and even called the cake I ordered! He told me he is wanting no celebrations and just a low key weekend. Yes sir! He is just looking forward to our 2 week trip back home to the islands in a few weeks and I can see that as being when we can relax and really celebrate together and make it count.... We do have this holiday weekend to meet with whom we want and hang and just chill so it wail be nice for him as he can choose what he wants to do for the next three days....

So nothing really planned for the long weekend...which is PERFECT! those are the best kind!

Happy Birthday to my love Jeff.. Here we are -- he was a young whipper snapper of 28..now hes a older but still hot whipper snapper 40! :-)
Old Crush- Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe is one of those old crushes--Look at him looking good on this new Men's Fitness OCT 2010 cover .......Suck it in! He has and continues to age quite well. I think I have aged well if I do say so myself.....Must be all that night cream we both use- I love a good night cream don't you?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Still Team Kellan
I'm sure you can figure out WHY I have been and always will be Team Kellan Lutz! Those arms! Hello sir! I can see him holding me close....keeping me safe...while we wait for the big storm to hit as we sit in front of a fire... I can feel his breath on my neck as both our naked body's get closer....ok enough of that....I better go take a cold shower :-)
Pardon me....
Sorry for the blogcation... Last Friday came into work and then started feeling funny so I went home sick...as the day went on I got more an more sick....and then by Sat am I was in full fledge sickness....anyhow long story short I caught some sort of flu and was sick and I mean SICK AS HECK! I haven't had a cold or flu like this in ages. At one point on Monday I was in tears and wanted it to go away... I finally just started feeling better yesterday.... Phew! I feel reborn again... Man alive! Now its recoup and dealing with work which is a zoo...or maybe more of a circus right now....don't have much time to blog today but wanted to check in.....I also need to catch up on many of my fave blogs....Man why do I have to work? Ha! So pic above is some very handsome devil named Sean Sullivan.....Pic by Doug Inglish and you can see more here