Thursday, July 31, 2008

Im Sick....
Gee.... I haven't been sick in quite sometime...But I'm not feeling to well at all--Yesterday afternoon I was feeling kinda weird at work and then I got all itchy on my chest and strangely on the back of my legs....Went home and took a nap as I didn't feel quite right.....Got up and felt even more itchy-- Went into the bathroom to look at myself and I was shocked....I had hives all over my back, butt and legs! WTF! I have never had hives before ever---maybe a slight rash but wow this was scary.....So I took a cool bath and popped some allergy pills......Most of the swelling went down but later in the evening before turning in I noticed it had spread to my arms, chest, head and other areas but not swollen just red blotches.....

I cant figure out what/why.....I do know I was stung by 5 bees a few weeks ago while I was cleaning the yard? I checked out the areas I was stung and it looked ok and healed and this bee stings was on Monday the 21st....Over a week ago....I also ate a coconut doughnut yesterday afternon and thats when the itching started?PLus my throat felt funny..... hmmmmm..Are people allergic to coconut?

So Got up this morning and I feel like crap-- I am run downed and feel like I have been put through a hard night of partying.....Kinda like the flu...My body is sore and fatigued and yes the hives are still all over but not swollen just blotchy all over still--even my hands.......Jeff wants me to go to the doc...but I have no insurance! Since I am in between new bene's start on 9/01! I have to try to make it 4 1/2 weeks with no med needs.........I would of stayed home sick today but with the new job I also don't have any sick time off yet either! So I am at work hoping the day goes fast so I can get home and go back to bed as I am sooo sleepy! If this doesn't get better I will go to my old doctor that I had 20 years ago...The Community was my doctor when I had no insurance in my 20's .....Its staffed by "family" so its a good place to go when you are down and out....

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Reality/Trash TV

So a few guilty pleasures with the "tele" this last few weeks......So the new DVR is the best thing ever!!!! How did I ever live without one is beyond me! Well I would still live without it but I would not be able to enjoy all this wonderful trash TV. You know I'm just not one to sit and watch a bunch of shows or movies as believe me I happen to know alot of fat asses that do that enough....all they do is watch TV shows and movies 24/7 ....and then eat there way through the cupboards! Yikes!! And I refuse to enroll myself into that club--yet anyhow-ha! So I adore this DVR as we can now record all these shows and then fast forward through them as we watch them-- A super time saver indeed! I know..I know...Welcome the the real world Errol, its about time you join the rest of the world! So besides my addictions to Project Runway and Shear Genius I have been favoring a few other reality shows this summer....

Big Brother 10... I have not been a avid fan of BB but with the DVR we record stuff to see if it will be any good and then preview it later-- well the BB shows have been a hit with me and though I am super sad gay rodeo guy Steven got booted off last week-its still keeping my interest....I'm gunning for Keisha....I like Jessie too...he is good on the eyes even though he is on the block this week and whining like a girl about it ......I am thankful I can fast forward through Julie Chen when she does the whole eviction night drama- Shes a big bore!

How about that Design Star? I do however think is a bad season as they really had some crap designs......I wonder if they will have another season? We are down to the season finale this next Sunday and we find out whether Jennifer or Matt will be crowned the next Design Star. I like them both so I put in a vote for each.

We are also down to the Season Finale of Flipping Out next week! This is by far one of my favorite shows on TV besides Project Runway and Design Star---Last night assistant Chris quit ( not to be confused with assistant Chris who was fired a few episodes ago and also told Jenny he would not like to be married to her anymore- tragic!) I am sure I would quit too if I had a boss that belittled me like Jeff Lewis......Good for you Chirs! Kinda brought back memories of Korean Linda Blair from my last job adventure--BTW the new jobs going quite well....Very busy so my days fly by so I like it......anyhow back to Flippin---I do like Jeff even if he can be one hell of a SOB! He really reminds me of my best buddy Craig who now lives in Arizona with his partner.....they both have that arrogance you hate but love at the same time. If you are not a fan yet , I suggest you watch a marathon of this the next time its on Bravo...

My favorite part of last nights episode was when he interacted with his ex partners "Ryan" daughter and was throwing her baby doll down on the floor....evil!.....and then when Jenny said this cute joke....
What do you get when you cross a brown chicken with a brown cow? you get a-
"brown chick-a-brown cow".....LOVE this joke and I have said it to everyone in the office today....I think I have said it at least 6 times already..... no one at my office is a Flipping Out kind of fan so no one knew the joke-- well except one glamour puss in sales--she knew it--She wears Chanel earring and carries an LV bag everyday.......enough said---you see most of the co workers here are fans of "Americas Got Talent" kind of people- BARF!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Madge Looking Like Ass

All over the net today we see pics of Madonna looking like ass---poor dear---as she was leaving her Kaballalala place or something to that effect looking super haggard....I will not post that pic like the rest of the million blogs out there--- I love my Madge and so here's a pics instead of her kissing ass instead.... a fine ass!
The Dark Night

This movie is raking it in!  Its breaking all kinds of records!  Am I the only Yahoo that hasn't had the time to go see it....I have a hard time with going to the movies in the summer time.  I am just so busy with stuff.   I know some folks that are on their third time seeing it!!!  This weekend we have a wedding and so much going on so I will most likely have to wait another week to see this blockbuster.....
To Paul Hamm...
I Am So Sorry You Had To Withdraw From The Games!

I'm sure you have heard that U.S. gymnast Paul Hamm is not going to the Beijing Olympics to defend his all-around title. Sadly Hamm announced today he is withdrawing from the U.S. team because his broken right hand was not sufficiently healthy enough for him to compete and he had some other injury's as well. I am deeply sorry to hear this about this news on Paul. Hope he is ok...poor guy! This must be so hard on him.....I was so looking forward to seeing him the in this years games too.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want to Know....

Question?- Why would someone say how much they liked something--rave and compliment it--then keep mentioning it a few times on how much they liked it---at least 3 times on separate occasions in a weeks time. Thus making you think.....Wow they really liked it!!! What a nice compliment! How nice of them!

Then you find out that this someone actually told another person how much they DIDN'T like it the week before all these compliments and actually made fun of it?

Now why would someone go out of there way to compliment something continuously when in actuality they really didn't like it at all? BTW--This isn't a first for this type of behavior and they also tend to criticize and talk about you behind your back quite often which is overlooked on alot of occassions.

I maybe going out on a limb but I would say they are a lame, fake, two faced piece of do do pie that thinks they are so much better than you/everyone--but really in actuality I think they should take a long hard look in a mirror and take a closer look as it ain't too pretty!

Or MAYBE better yet ... they are just a game playing, immature, and insecure ninny? Yes!!! I think that would be it! BINGO!!!!
Her name was LOLA FALANA!

Sorry...Had to post just another one of the new baby......This is going in a frame at home and on my desk at work....This will be the pic we will look at in the future and say--look how tiny our little Lola was..... Click to make bigga

Project Runway Recap...

Click to make it "BIGGA"- as Heidi would say...

Episode 2-- What a hard challenge------having bubble headed models get the fabric was NOT a good idea--I really think it should of been a non elimination challenge or something...Best part of last nights episode.......When Nina said "Shiny, tight, and short is the quickest way to look cheap." oops wasn't Heidi Klum wearing something shiny, tight and short! HA!
Here is my little re recap...


Blayne- This week was a improvement. Its a little "Addicted to Love Rocker" but its ok. He made me laugh this week when he was talking about Stella and her Love of "LETHAA". His tan is fading and he actually looks better with a just a hint of color...not so omppah loompaish....
Daniel- I like this alot! I love that it is black too....Man he was stressing out on getting it done....It maybe due to editing but it looked like he was down to the wire to finish. I like his design style so far...from his keg cup dress last week to this.......And how nice of Keith to make his bed for him this week???? You would think from all the rumors about Daniel and Wesley that Wesley would be in or I mean making his bed instead.
Emily- This is cute.....I think due to the challenge being models being able to pick out the fabric is the reason we see so many short dresses? They all did not get enough fabric at all. Or maybe its that "green" fabrics cost more? hmmmmm..........
Jerell- GROSS and ugly....So far I don't care for him or his designs at all......they are FUG.........His personality as it is being portrayed by the show so far is also a major turnoff......Ask me today and I wish his smug self would just get his ass tossed off the show ....but maybe I'm wrong....will have to see what happens with this girl or I mean guy.
Jennifer- Husband said it was super fug....I thought it was safe....I like orange so I think it is ok..... Plain Jane Jenifer made this? Not too bad.....


Joe- Ummmm...Bubble blow out dress.....I don't like this style but we see these type of dresses all the time on runways and such.....I have never seen a girl wear a dress like this to any cocktail party's that I ever attend.....most fashionistas think this balloon skirt look is cool.....I dont....Joe doesn't really match this design style to me too.....but whatever.....
Keith- Cute--just like Keith- Cute......Like the shot of blue......Is this boy gay or not? And why is he making Daniels bed? He said it is because Daniel is his friend.......awwww shucks.....I think Keith just got even cuter....
Kelli- GREAT! Natalie Portman sure seemed smitten with Kelli or did you not get that vibe? She said "shes like a broad form the 40's" This look was simple but so elegant. I really think Natalie wants to bush bump this broad or I mean Kelli......
Korto- NOT too good....Not sure about Korto....she is like Jerell in a way....Not sure on her personality but maybe its also due to the shows editing....Will see if she can do something better....I do like her a bit but I think its because she looks like Jenifer Hudson....I wonder if she can sing?


Leanne-Poor Leanne...what the heck was this? I know it was partially due to the diarrhea fabric the bubble headed models all chose but yikes why so much detail? Sorry but its icky! Is it me or does Leanne and Emily sorta look like sisters?
Stella- Va Va Va Voom...."Lethaa" did some decent work....I don't know about the sleeve action but its ok....She better hope all the challenges can be somehow be rocked out or she may get the ax!
Suede- Super Cute! Like this one tons--Its so fairy tale ballerina Barbie.....I liked Kellis just as much so they both deserved to be the best 2.....but I think Suede did a little more work and detail so he was the "winna" as Heidi would say....
Terri- Ok......alot better than some of the others that is for sure...Cobalt blue and black..quite nice...They hardly gave her any air time.....I don't even think they showed her making this dress....
Wesley- OMG! Not very overworked .....but he was another victim of a bubble headed model choosing the diarrhea fabric to work with....My prediction is he will be asked to come back....I am still hopeful and sure he will be in the finals......

UPDATE! Wesley and Daniel is indeed a couple-- the husband just sent me over a bunch of cute!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Her Name Was LOLA......

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there She would merengue and do the cha-cha And while she tried to be a star Tony always tended bar Across the crowded floor, they worked from 8 til 4 They were young and they had each other Who could ask for more?

[Chorus:] At the copa (CO!) Copacabana (Copacabana) The hottest spot north of Havana (here) At the copa (CO!) Copacabana Music and passion were always in fashion At the copa.... they fell in love

His name was Rico He wore a diamond He was escorted to his chair, he saw Lola dancing there And when she finished,he called her over But Rico went a bit to far Tony sailed across the bar And then the punches flew and chairs were smashed in two There was blood and a single gun shot But just who shot who?


At the copa... she lost her love Her name is Lola, she was a showgirl, But that was 30 years ago, when they used to have a show Now it's a disco, but not for Lola, Still in dress she used to wear, Faded feathers in her hair She sits there so refined,and drinks herself half-blind She lost her youth and she lost her Tony Now she's lost her mind

[Chorus] At the copa... don't fall in love Don't fall in love

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesdays Treat...

Thought you may need a treat this Tuesday......I am so busy with no time to post! Work and life is a bit hectic right now. I will say- the new puppy didn't work out with my parents so Jeff and I now have another addition to our household! We will have 3 dogs/kids! I guess we loved her so much that it was meant to be she would live with us and become ours....So her official name is LOLA.....I wanted Lola or Lilly......So Nani is out and Lola is now in! Will post more soon.
Goodbye Estelle Getty
Estelle Getty who was 84 died this morning at 530am in her Hollywood Boulevard home....We all knew her well from her character Sophia on TV's "The Golden Girls".......One of the best shows ever made! Goodbye Estelle! Rest In Peace!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jim Stryker
Vintage Hot....

Jim Styker-- Thanks to Ian at PedestrianFair for bringing this hunk to my attention! See more pics of Jim here at Ians Blog as well....

Looking further into vintage photography of the male form is always fun and of course entertaining and very hot. Check out this blog as well--Vintage Male Physique.

Meet Nani!
The New Addition is home!

Meet the new addition! Picked her up on Friday and surprised my parents with her yesterday (Sunday) and my parents are super excited and happy to have her! This is going to be awesome for them for sure. I am however very sad and may take a few days to recover. We had a glimmer of hope they would say they thought they could not handle her and we would be able to keep her, but how could you not say yes to this cutey pattotie! Jeff and I was getting sooo attached to her over the weekend, she was such a good girl and adjusted to us well and the house and our other 2 kids Maile and Alika very quickly. Now that I look at these pics I get all teary eyed again! I almost didn't take her over them yesterday! She is such a sweetie! Jeff and I liked the name "Lilly" but they named her a Hawaiian name-- "Nani Loa" (Nani means 'beautiful', Loa is 'very'...unique and elegant)--- Will call her "Nani".....Sorry about the quality of the photos as they are kinda fuzzy......Whenever I download pics from my camera it downloads them gargantuan size so when I cut them down they come out kinda fuzzy....I will have to figure out how to use my photo features better... Isn't she just a doll!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Phyllis Diller!

Phyllis Diller- An all time favorite of mine turned 91 yesterday! Happy Birthday Deary!
Creepy Just Got Creepier!
Andy Dick

Busted! Is creepier even a word?
Director's cut of "54"
Seen at Outfest at sold-out "secret screening"

Now Studio 54 is one of my all time fave movies...We seem to stop on it whenever its on the tele and we are surfin......Its also one of my fave soundtracks....It starred Ryan Phillippe, Salma Hayak, Breckin Meyer,Mike Myers,Steve Rubell, Neve Campbell and Selma Ward and the main star Studio 54! I guess there is a directors cut....So how different is the director's cut? I guess its very different, better and much more gay! Gosh! I wish they would release cut as it would sell like hotcakes! Full Story here!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway IS BACK!
Clap clap clap!!!
How happy are you that Project Runway is back! I know I am sooo loving it! The designs right out the the gate are good and the designers already show alot of promise and lots of personality to make this season VERY entertaining indeed! I wanted to relive last nights creations. As you probably know they had to create fashions/designs that were innovative and had to shop for items at a grocery store. Congrats to week one winner Kelli Martin who created the bleach splattered vacuum bag skirt and coffee filter top.....

Best laugh of the night-- Blaynes Diaper Design! OMG! Blayne is the tan o holic from Yakima Washington...... His outfit was beyond description! It was a collection of black cupboard liners and jump rope. Michael Kors remarked that it looked like there was a over sized diaper going on between her legs! Austin Scarlett claimed it was "hideous" and Heidi Klum said it was "Playboy bunny gone grunge". These are much better than Blaynes description indeed as he called his design "girlicious". Yikes! Lets hope he can do something much better than this diaper look!

Here is my personal prediction for the TOP 4 Designers this season....

Justin Timberlake
Trousersnake is Cute
and Funny!

I really think Justin Trousersnake Timberlake needs his own variety show. On top of being a great singer and artist the boy has some serious comedic talents- He did so well on both SNL appearances and in the Love Guru. We have watched the SNL shows at least 100 times! Here he is at the Espy Awards this last week. I think a variety show would be a major top hit and it would also bring back this genre of shows! Anyone interested in the Justin Timberlake Variety Hour? me me me........
True Colors??
Seattles Qwest Field Cracks Down on Lesbian Hand-Holding

WTF! Quest Field needs to screen the hired help big time!

The staff at Qwest Field had every clue that gay couples would be attending the WaMu Theater on July 1. After all, that night's concert was the Seattle stop on the True Colors tour. It starred Rosie O'Donnell and Cyndi Lauper, the stage was decorated with a rainbow and a pink triangle, and the event was billed as a fundraiser for organizations to "raise awareness about the discrimination the GLBT community still faces." But while the B-52s played a slow song, two lesbians who were sitting in the third row say a security guard approached them, shined his flashlight in their faces, and then lowered the beam onto their joined hands. He then gestured with his finger across his throat to "cut it out" and told them to "stop it," the women say.
"We didn't know what to do. He [was] a very large man. I'm not a very big woman," says Laura, 33, who shares a house in Ballard with her domestic partner, Cai, 37. "It seems like if I had made a scene, he would have ejected us." Both women asked to be identified only by their first names while they register a formal complaint with Qwest Field Management.

Read full story here

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy Bee What a week! Been busy as a honey bee. I haven't been able to elaborate much lately due to being so hectic! New job is going very well, I am on week 2 and loving it- I am so happy to be away from Korean Linda Blair, but most importantly this is more my speed- I am working for a cruise line again in group sales and its a much better fit for me. I am sad that the hotel sales job didn't pan out, I sorta feel like I failed at the attempt, but in all honesty I think under different circumstances I would of been able to excel at the position but I didn't see that transpiring with the environment I was put in, so I am happy I decided to leave and start this new path.

We had a good weekend-- we did the street fair thing-- Friday the West Seattle Street Fair and Saturday the Kent Cornucopia Fair....The weather was nice and it was good for us to get out in the fresh air and sunshine- It was good people watching that's for sure! Both the hubby and I went on our own to both which was nice as we were able to enjoy time alone together- Got some yard work done as well of course and cleaned up around the house---The weekends go by so fast! I wish we could work 4-10 hour days and have 3 days off a week as that would be perfect.

So my weeks going well. Today one of the kids (Alika the male Shih Tzu) has a dermatology apointment- it is his follow up from his 1st visit a month ago- He is doing much better. I think I mentioned in the past how he has had bad skin allergies for some time now...The Dr. put him on meds and he has to take injections ( still is ). You inject him with all the stuff he is allergic to so his system will build up a tolerance....crazy! But he looks and you can tells feels 100% better. So will see what happens tonite at his follow up- Im sure he will have more test and maybe continue some meds for a bit-and maybe another program of some sort--- will see what happens. I do know its going to cost alot....but Alika is so worth it!

Weekends only 2 days away! We get to pick up the new addition On Friday or Saturday! Weather in Seattle is being super consistent right now-- we are enjoying a summer- everyday is sunny and warm and in the low 80's or high 70's- Perfect! Its the best time to live in the Pacific Northwest!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Gotta go Watch Weeds 3
I got Weeds 3 and Dantes Cove 3 today (ordered from Amazon)--- We got Weeds as its one of our fave shows and we already have the other 2 seasons......Added to the collection....Dantes Cove is just to get pleasure of watching naked boys in a horror type genre which is always a good time....and then I qualified for free ship. I did however like usual arrive so fast! I ordered it on Thursday and got it today Monday.......they advised that it would be next week with free shipping but it seems it always comes in 3-4 days which is nice... Seattle must be close to where they send out from-- I think its Las Vegas. Anywho the husband is having a total fit as he wants to watch Weeds RIGHT NOW--and is complaining that all I do is a go on the lap top ever night.......whatever......I think he is trying to get on my shit list....he can be such a fucker! Oh well ......I better be a good hubby and turn off the pc....night night to you....
I love a good Beauty Pageant!
Congrats Miss Universe- Dayana Mendoza!

Dayana Mendoza- Ms Venezuela! I wont even go into how for the 2nd year in a row Miss USA fell and slipped on her ass just like last year as I'm sure you all have heard or seen it already.... I did think Missy USA looks like a robot anyhow....Crystle Stewart ...she had a really big head and little toothpick body.... well alot of them had that look but USA was super robotic looking! Big old alien head! Here she is below in her national costume.....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Time to Hit the Beach, Rivers and Lakes 
In The Seattle Area Today

Seattle weather should be around 85 today!  So we are off to a few street fairs and then off to the lake later today....Have a nice weekend everyone!
Stop Loss With Ryan Philippe
I Need to go get it....
Look what came out on DVD....I heard it came out this last week--I missed it in the theater so it looks like a trip to go pick up a copy is in order--the scene below was I guess a deleted scene....Ryan is looking hotter as he ages....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Tab Hunter!

One of my all time faves and one of my first crushes- Mr Tab Hunter! Today is his birthday! Born July 11, 1931, in New York City, New York. Tab currently lives in Montecito, California, near Santa Barbara. He shares a home with his partner of over 25 years, film producer Allan Glaser. His autobiography, Tab Hunter Confidential: The Making of a Movie Star became a national best-seller. There is talk that the book may be made into a movie. We can only hope it is soon!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Guilty Pleasure
Graham Norton

So I am a TOTAL Graham fan.... We watch and record all his shows both from the US and BBC....Its a must to tape on the DVR.....I joke to the hubby that this may be one man I would leave him for....Ouch! But I also told him I would keep him on the side as a boy toy while with Graham as well.......I am just kidding of course but Graham is really another one on the top of my exclusive list as one of those individuals in the world I would love to meet one day.....I would love to be in his posse! He makes me laugh to tears and I enjoy his antics and he is always right on top of any conversation. I am a total fan and cant get enough.....I love ya Graham! Maybe one day we will be able to see you live here or in the UK!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Evan Wadle
Pretty and Hot
Alot of time to post today...Needed some pretty and hot to end my big posting day....Evan fi the bill......Google his name and see his array of hot looks...Thanks to Mark at Tales of a Sissy who once again directing my attention to another one of his fine taste in men......
George Micheal Concert-
Seattle July 3

Took me awhile to post, I didn't like the pictures of us too much but here they are-total blackmail pics man......I had mentioned we had a amazing time.....Being in the 2nd row was fricken awesome! Im your man GM!!