Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Bye!
We are off to Fiji

We are officially on vacation this afternoon...Off to the South Pacific we go....The Louis Vutton bags are packed and my Prada shades are ready to see the sunshine.....I know we are so label whore gay....well not really...It all goes well with my Target cargo shorts! We will be back in Seattle on Feb 4.....Catch up with you all shortly after! Gosh I will miss my kids-- I am already welled up.....later xoxoxooxx
The Tudors
Our Vacations Guilty Pleasure

Picked up The Tudors season one over the weekend to watch during our downtime on the plane and in our suite during our cruise...... A dramatic series about the reign and marriages of King Henry VIII. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry Cavill are both hot.... I fancy both but this close up of Henry makes me purr...... Hope its good....From what I understand we get some nice nakkid shots of the fellas!

Suzanne Pleshette-
Rest In Peace

I was sad to hear that the beautiful Suzanne Pleshette died Saturday at her home in Los Angeles at 70. We all know her from a number of things for me it was the "The Bob Newhart Show" She had the best raspy voice..loved it.....She will be missed! Good bye Suzanne......A very classy lady indeed! (LAT)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Project Runway- Goodbye Kit!
My Recap For This Week

Challenge was to design an avant-garde dress using their model’s hair as inspiration and the designers were paired up....
Rami struggled with his partner, Sweet P. And of course Rami designed yet another toga dress.... Poor P had to deal with Rami and his ego...P designed a nice essence piece to go along with the toga dress..Go Sweet P!
Using 45 yards of fabric, Christian and Chris created a look based on their model’s braided hair, which had tiered, circular ruffles. It was a total avant-garde piece!!! It was cool! They were big headed and thought they would win...well of course ...they did!!!

Victorya and Jillian’s model, who was wearing her hair pulled into bunches that formed a faux mohawk struggled to create an avant-garde outfit. But they ended up with not one but three distinct looks that was really pretty cool..But I still loath Victoryawn and her sour puss face......
Kit and Ricky designed a garment that had increasingly concentric hoops as a skirt. Nina Garcia said “everything looked amateur" Michael Kors said it looked like “you ripped the sheets off the bed and ran out the door”. LOL!
In the end Kit went home--AND AGAIN CRY BABY RICKY was spared!
WTF! Rami and Ricky should of been the final 2.....Not Kit and Rami....Ricky should go home already! nuff said!!! Rami should go home if we see another toga dress or more braided fabric from his tired ass!
Kit and Kevin were ROBBED!

Its Friday! Gosh we have so much to do this weekend....well besides hanging out in our bamboo garden! Dogs have a day of beauty at the groomers tomorrow...We have a dinner plans tonight with friends and then a movie night with others tomorrow night......We also have to get ready for our trip- last minute shopping, pack, laundry, get the house ready for the sitter.... It going to be a hectic one that's for sure!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Skull and Bones
My Movie Preview

This is a film I mentioned awhile back.... The producer Paul Serrano was kind enough to send me a copy of the DVD to check it out....

I was looking forward to previewing but didn't get to it till my break during the holidays... I am a total fan of homo homicidal genre type movies that seems to be quite popular these days and a "tale of homicidal mania" sounded interesting.

The video box states:

Well you bet your ass stuffed with a cucumber it was....

In this case SUPER DUPER FAR!

Director TS Slaughter does a good job to create a homo homicide b-movie with campiness-- I have to be honest as it also was a very disturbing movie that is full of terror and brutal carnage. If movies like SAW or HOSTEL tickles your fancy then this may be just right for you. Its a homo rape fantasy flick entwined with horror romp/twist. The scenes and sequences may be tough to watch for most and there is ALOT of graphic sex and ALOT of graphic violence.

The story is about two college roommates Nathan and Justin who share a bed and love of gruesome horror movies. They first drug a straight classmate just to take advantage of him, but things go horribly wrong and he dies while the pair are having their way with him. They decide it's fun and so they then start to target a set of Ivy League members. One by one they kidnap, rape, and murder each member of a conservative fraternity.

Skull & Bones is a sexually perverse film and if your into queer killers sodomizing their victims by some very crazy means before killing them off then this is your type of movie! It really is quite an angry and very brutal film.. Again I need to mention it would be very disturbing for most to watch.... In one killing they sodomize the victim with a night stick....force him to suck them off....have him anally satisfy them.....then they bite off his member! Were not over yet fellas then they decapitate him and drag him behind their van! It's just one scene of many that I don't think many would be able to stomach......Some might even get pissed off or outraged.....But as all movies and such it should have a audience that would understand its intentions and its overtones...
The video quality was good and not at all real low budget....I think it may be a bit offensive and a little too sexually explicit to be found in your video store around the corner........So in all its a unique movie for a unique crowd...that's for sure.... Check it out if it sounds like your thing! The DVD is available both online and at selected retail outlets in New York City.
Star Trek
Release is scheduled for next Christmas...By the looks of this cast-- I wish I was on board the Starship Enterprise as well!!!! Chris Pine and Anton Yelchin and I need to go explore the next Enterprise stop together....Enterprise crewmembers include: Chris Pine (Kirk), Zoe Saldana (Uhura), Zachary Quinto (Spock), Karl Urban (McCoy), John Cho (Sulu) and Anton Yelchin (Chekov). I bet this is a blockbuster..I cant wait!
Marco Dapper
Round 2

Round 2 of this hotness....He has a chameleon of looks! Again I like them all...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Brad Renfro- Dead at 25
So Sad! RIP Brad

Sad News!!!.....The death has not been determined, but he was known to have a heroin addiction. I loved him in "Ghost World" and "Bully." I am so saddened! RIP Brad.......
Books! For the Trip!~
Should of Gone to Amazon for them instead!

So went to Barnes and Noble and Borders Books-- We loaded up on books like the ones above to read on our vacation in the South Pacific (We leave next Monday night!- woo hoo!) We anticipate alot of down time in the sun on this 13 day cruise....We had a $25 gift card to use at Barnes and that started the whole business......So we picked up a a few Gay Romances- short stories and such and dropped about $110.00 for about 6 books....

Now I am a little upset! After spending the money on all these books I notice today that Amazon has the same books for SO MUCH LESS than the bookstores! WTF!! Most books that are 15.95 or 16.95 are 10.95 at Amazon or LESS! I wish I would of realized that beforehand.....I shop at Amazon ALOT-- why I didn't think to get my books at Amazon is beyond me.....I think we would of got 11 books for the same amount! Oh Well... cant wait to dig in to them anyhow...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Levi Poulter

For all you Levi Poulter fans out there! Click on these pics as they get really big and nice! Great quality!!!.....These are older from his DNA spread...but they still make my my heart skip a beat-- among other things....

Marco Dapper

Mark from over at Tales of a Sissy-- turned me on to Marko Dapper--Gay model actor.....this boy has alot of different looks! From Scruffy to clean cut... I like them I want this Puma jacket too!

Rumor is..
Madonna to do Super Bowl

Madonna and Paula Abdul could perform live in Fox's Super Bowl telecast on February 3, as part of the pregame musical festivities, according to rumours by some Internet sites.

The network already announced that Tom Petty is headlining the halftime show, but it also added that other guests could be added as the date nears.The sources said Abdul is rehearsing a music video for a duet with fellow American Idol judge Randy Jackson, which will be the first single off Jackson's upcoming album, Music Club Vol. 1, and that if she does agree to perform at the Super Bowl, Abdul would likely incorporate choreography from that video in her Super Bowl act.

As to Madonna, it is said she plans to debut her new single, '4 Minutes to Save the World,' from her highly anticipated upcoming album, which features Justin Timberlake and Timbaland.

Madge and Abdul? I bet Madge wont do it if Abdul is in.....
Calvin Klein 2008

Joe Oppedisano does Calvin Klein...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Project Runway Recap
Is the Judges On Crack? Goodbye Kevin....

Pictured- Christian and the beast!

I think this weeks episode was one of the most disappointing outcomes in Project Runway history! Are the judges on crack this season? Cry baby Ricky should of went home...Christian and Ricky should of been in the bottom 2 this week and cry baby should of went home not Kevin!

*Sweet P and Chris made the best dresses--hands down! They were robbed!

*Victoria's dress not only looked tacky, but it was VERY cheap in appearance as well. What the hell were the judges thinking?!?! I'm sorry but she should have been gone 2 challenges ago. Plus is it me or is she a SOUR PUSS? She comes across as a major crotch. Her dress was so K mart clearance rack....I cant believe it won....I hope she goes home soon.

*Rami needs to learn that toga's are NOT dresses. And he need to choose better shirts to wear for himself...Whats with the sheer disco Danny shirts?

* Christian's biggest issue was he had a plus sized model and didn't buy enough fabric to cover her properly. She looked like a chocolate poof....She was a 4 eyed monster with a motor mouth .....It really is sorta her fault his designed failed-We all know Christian has come across as pompous and arrogant ninny but this really showed he is sort of a push over which means he is a nice guy as this beast really bullied him!.

*If Kevin would have made the dress a bit longer the outcome may have been different. It wasn't the worst that's for sure! Kevin should of not gone home....Cry baby Ricky should have..

*Jillian's dress wasn't bad, but it looked more like a dress for a beach wedding or something.*Kit's dress was not "prom". It was more of a jester color block deal-- what was the deal with the straps? It looked like suspenders on a prom dress?

*Ricky's dress was gross and the color washed the girl out. The fit was bad and hem was super yuck.
Tighty Whiteys

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bud Light
At 3am

Ran across this ad in a few of my fave gay publications- A ton of gay advertising these days.....they want our pink dollars man....So Bud is telling us to drink our Bud light and we will be able to enjoy a 3 way adventure at 3am......While I find this all very hot.... I'm not sure it is correct to flaunt.....Drinking beer at 3am and having 3 ways....I know.... I'm officially turning into an old fuddy duddy......
The Dunce-Dumbass and Ass Hole
That is Ken Hutcherson

WTF!!.... I heard about this a few days ago --does this crap ever end from this dumb fucker? Doesn't he really have better things to do with his time and efforts? Come on--get a real agenda and cause ass hole. So Ken has formed a corporation to organize a shareholder revolt against what they call Microsoft's funding of the gay agenda. (365Gay).What a sad man.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hump Day
Heres a hump day hunk for ya.....

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

South Pacific Trip

We are set and approved for our South Pacific cruise! We leave on Monday the 21st- From cold-wet and gray Seattle for a 2 week adventure in the tropics of the South Pacific! I am super excited but also a tad bit scared to be away from my kiddies (My 3 pets) for over 2 weeks-- But it is a trip of a lifetime opportunity. Being a boy "kane" from Hawaii, it has been a dream of mine to visit Tahiti for many years....I never imagined we would have the opportunity to do a tour to this magnitude... it will really be a dream......I will be so be wanting to go to tribal council to vote off other guest on our cruise!
A day room awaits you at the elegant Westin Resort Denarau. Freshen up before an afternoon tour of Lautoka, the sugar city, surrounded by the azure Pacific Ocean on one side and green-gold sugar cane on the other. Take part in a traditional Kava ceremoy and tour the beautiful orchids of the Garden of the Sleeping Giant.
Day 2 - BEQA, FIJI
Watch in disbelief as Sawau tribesman walk seemingly painlessly over searing hot stones reaching 1200 degrees Fahrenheit in a fire walking ceremony, a tradition passed down through generations. For two weeks before the event, chosen participants eliminate coconut from their diet and segregate themselves from females in order to “purify” themselves before practicing the ancient art. There is world-class snorkeling and diving in Bequa’s beautiful waters.
A breathtakingly beautiful island, Taveuni has a rich natural history including plentiful bird life and a coral reef nourished by strong currents. Hundreds of waterfalls crash down around the coastline. Visit Bouma National Park, Fiji's most pristine, mist-enshrouded rainforest. This afternoon, travel to Kioa Island to visit with the 300 inhabitants of this unique, isolated Polynesian community. Settled in the mid-20th century by residents of Tuvalu, today's residents are fiercely protective and proud of their culture, and will entertain us with incredible singing and dancing.
Day 4 - AT SEA

Captain Cook deemed the island of Tonga the "friendly islands," for the warm reception he received. The Tongan people have a reputation for being the friendliest South Sea Islanders, and you’ll have a chance to decide for yourself as we visit their village and meet the people. Visit with the local villagers, watch a Kava ceremony, or if you like, hike around the barren lava flows, or swim or snorkel in the pristine waters. Watch horses haul wet pandanus leaves from the lagoon where they are soaked in preparation for weaving.
The capital and only city of Samoa. In Apia, you’ll have time to visit Vailima, the home built by Robert Louis Stevenson, where he lived his last years, high above the seat. Take time to wander through the charming house and gardens. Shop for treasures in the delightful market, and explore the downtown area.
Savai’i is one of the largest islands in Polynesia but also one of its least populated. Here nature rules, and you’ll delight in the rain forests, lava coast, caves, and blowholes where you can toss a coconut and watch as an explosive jet of water propels it skyward. Explore ancient ruins, virgin rain forest, white-sand beaches, black-lava fields, massive volcanoes and traditional Samoan life.
Day 8 - AT SEA
Embrace the warm, salty air of the vast, blue Pacific. Let it fill your lungs and soothe your skin.
This tiny island, only one square mile in size, was settled by Englishman William Marsters in 1863, and its population of 50 are all descendants of him and his three Polynesian wives. Olde English – with a distinct Gloucestershire accent – is still spoken on the island. Visit with island residents enjoying a barbecue, weather permitting.
Atiu is known as “Land of the Birds,” and you’ll find out why. Participate in a birding excursion. You’ll have an up-close view of nesting birds and with luck, you may spot one of the very rare Kakerori (Rarotongan flycatcher) now being reestablished. Explore the island by local truck, and meet the local villagers, watching them perform traditional dances, and visiting their ancient marae sites.
Day 11 - AT SEA
Mingle with friends or kick your feet up and enjoy some down time.
Archeologists have found that human habitation dates back over 1,300 years on the island of Huahine, home to over 200 ancient marae or stone sites, waiting to be explored. Huahine is known as “The Garden Island” due to its lush green tropical foliage and wild jungle-like scenery. We’ll disembark for a tour of well-preserved ancient maraes, or platforms where rituals were once performed.
Disembark and enjoy a tour of Tahiti. Enjoy the afternoon at leisure in individual day rooms at your luxury hotel. Transfer to the airport for your overnight flight home.

2008 Resolutions

Here is my resolutions for 2008- Looks similar to just about everyone else's in the USA....
1. Workout more and get in better shape.
2. Eat Healthier- Coke is a 4 letter word!
3. Travel and make sure to take time to get some R and R.
4. Be Happy With Myself!

Now will see how I do.....As long as I strive to improve these things and make a little difference in each area, I will be a happy camper.

Whats yours?
Chris Evans

These are older pics that have been around awhile but they are good! Had them saved for some time in the old fave file....Wanted to post a guy with some bod hair as I get alot of comments on how most of the guys posted these days are smooth and how you all like some bod hair and such so here you go......( you know who you are!) Chris is JUST right in my book!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Jeff Wilson

Looking through some old stuff and ran across some Jeff Wilson-From Survivor show then somewhat famous for underwear ads and such with us gays.......Anyhow he reminds me of Patrick Wilson-- they could related no? I could go for a Jeff and Patrick sandwich. I will be the middle.....they can be the bread....

Friday, January 04, 2008

Patrick Wilson
Is My Type- HOT!

Patrick Wilson gets honors as the first hunk of 2008 posted…I am a true Patrick fan and he is a bonafide what I like to call MY TYPE! Had one last movie sitting at home that I got over the break—Little Children, and got to watching it last night….What a great movie! Kate Winslet rocks as well…..Do rent it if you haven’t seen it yet….Plus you get to see Mr. Wilson’s spectacular body…and A LOT of it!! He has been in many plays and movies—worth mention is Running with Scissors, Evening, and Angels In America-just to name a few and do you remember that HOT Gap commercial with Claire Danes as well? The man is on fire and HOT

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year
Recap Of My Holiday Break

Happy New Year to you! So how goes it? I had a wonderful end of the year break which included the normal holiday events with dinners, parties, visiting and gift giving with friends and family. Some highlights of my break included our friends arranging a surprise limo to take us around Seattle to look at holiday lights. It was nice to ride along the city neighborhoods and parks jammed packed with people in some areas (like the crazy Bellevue Botanical Gardens) and pop out of a limo—I made sure to have on my Prada sunglasses as I got out too…..ha! It was a super great time! I should add the 2 gallons of apple martinis we consumed insured that being a good time as well! We also took a electric boat ride on Seattles Lake Union one evening for a friends b day celebration….That was a total blast. Riding along a beautiful Lake Union with grape martini cocktails in hand on a calm and clear evening was simply splendid! Check out the link below – I highly recommend doing it if you visit Seattle…We did try to keep our eyes out for naked people in the houseboats as you have a birds eye view right into all of the house homes---but we only got one shot of some lady in a red bra…

Between the parties, visiting and holiday functions we did manage to get some nice R and R which encompassed spending lots of time with our kids-Maile and Alika the Shih Tzus-on the sectional under my down blanket in front of the tele. I don’t think I ever watched so many movies! So the guys at Blockbuster are now my new BFF…I have seen my share of gay independent cinema for quite sometime and I think I should now own stock at Wofle and Picture This video companies. Some of the movies are good and some are really bad, but its all about supporting the gays so it was worth it and some of the boys in those flicks… VERY NICE! Caught some new movies at the theater as well and saw JUNO which is a super awesome movie and highly recommended! The actress Ellen Page is just the best and I hope she wins some awards for her role! We also caught National Treasure, If you’re a fan of the first one this one is even better…I am not a real Nick Cage fan but he does do some good movies…..

New Years eve is sorta a blur….We went over to a party at a friends in Queen Anne and watched the Space Needle fireworks from a roof top….Was slatted to do our annual movie and Chinese food on New Years day—but I for the first time ever I had a little to much fun on New Years Eve and so I had to relax all new years day to recoup and nurse my hangover …So our movie and Chinese food tradition was missed this year…..We had planned on seeing The Water Horse and then over to our fave Chinese joint-Hongs Garden…Ok....I am so craving some chicken chow mien now...

In a nutshell that about all of it…My cliff note version of my break..Not really a hot recap. Oh that is unless you count the lady in the red bra….

Wednesday, January 02, 2008