Thursday, August 28, 2008


Courtesy of Adam Bouska Photography
Do you Eat Exotic Fruits?
DURBAN BUD Does! And So Should You!
DURBAN Bud is a favorite blog of mine-As I have mentioned in the past I am not the best writer so I look up to a few blogs out there that are well written- at least to me---I adore the writing he does and most importantly it really makes me laugh out loud. It is so my speed and I enjoy it so much that I wanted to share with you and give you a heads up! Not to mention hes easy on the eyes so I had to post this cute pic he posted in his latest post... So check out his blog!

Dude...I hope you don't mind that I used this pic of you. I think we need to call you our hot blogger of the day! I love ya Durban Bud!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cool and Rainy Seattle
Such cool weather....Rain and clouds and coolness....Back to wearing sweaters and lite coats already! The last few mornings have been very cool so we have dipped into our sweater allotment to wear for work. I feel so nice and smart in my new H&M sweater today....It sure has been a cool and mild summer-perfect if you ask me--- Hi 50's and Low 60's in the evenings and 70's in the day...Except for a few days when it was 90 plus and the nights were a bit warm it was really nice. I didnt even have to change out the bedding this summer....I'm not complaning as I love cool nights and I love to snuggle with a comforter.....Its so hard on mornings like this to get out of bed when its all comfy and cozy. Even the dogs have a hard time getting up as we are all snuggling......that is except LOLA......she was up at 4am this morning licking my face and finally when she knew I was not going to wake up she was a good girl and chewed on her dental rawhide till the alarm went off at 445........then she was ready to play.......puppies are so much fun....Like every morning shes zooms around the house while we get ready licking our ankles and making little noises......she makes sounds that are like a mini dang cant help but be in a good mood with little Lolita cooing around your ankles!

So I am hoping the weekend is at least dry.....Hubbys B day is the 3rd so we are have a few things planned this weekend to celebrate. We usually go to Long Beach Washington on the coast every year with a bunch of friends and rent a house on the beach but this year we are going to stay home and lay low for the holiday weekend..... I think I am going to plan a weekend getaway in a few weeks to the coast-- there will be a lot of space to find a good beach rental and it will be less crowded and less pricey...We and the dogs need a end of summer getaway....I cant beleive we are at the tail end of August can you?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh my....I will go out and announce that I am not happy with Obammers choice....Just when I was warming up on Obama too....Now this... Reading up on Biden made me angry....Can we just start all over again?.....I am not sure about all this and Its scary to think we will have to choose between 2 men to run our country that many of us don't feel good about...It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. I really firmly believe even more today that Mr McCain will maybe become our next president.

And is it me or does this logo kinda resemble remind you of the Bank Of America logo?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dancing with Bazooka Butt
Its time again for Dancing with the STARS! Announced today.....I didn't get to much into it this last season as it sorta lost my interest towards the middle of the competition.... but this next one looks to be good with the announcement today of who will be doing the cha cha cha for our entertainment.....I had a crush on Ted back in the day and I'm looking forward to seeing him Lance, Rocco and Cody PasoDoble for our pleasure too! Now as for the women-- I love them all except bazooka butt Kim....Its going to be a interesting season indeed!

Toni Braxton, singer, 40, Cant wait to see the outfits she plans to wear! Lance Bass, singer, 29, Go gay boy go! Ted McGinley, actor, 50, So Happy Days are here again! Cloris Leachman, actress, 82, What "Big Knockers" you have! Go Cloris Go! Warren Sapp, former NFL star, 35, Who? Rocco DiSpirito, chef, 41, Cant wait to see this man shake and bake it- GROWL! • Kim Kardashian, TV personality, 27, Only one word for this-BARF! Maurice Green, Olympic gold medalist track and field star, 34, WHO? Misty May-Treanor, Olympic gold medalist beach volleyball player, 31, Go Team USA! Susan Lucci, Emmy-award winning soap opera actress, 61, Soap diva does dancing. Jeffrey Ross, 42, comedian, Who? Cody Linley, 18, actor, Young twink in tights! Yippee! and Brooke Burke, 36, TV personality--I Love Brooke! She is one of my favorites! She is one of the best looking women on this planet! I have been in love with this lady since the show North Shore!
Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour Opens!

Madonnas Sticky & Sweet tour opened up in Cardiff, Walsh on Saturday! The pics of the concert circulating right now look great and Madge seems to be in top form- of course....Her legs alone are looking like they could put you in a headlock and crunch your head off! Reviews are good too but I wouldn't care if they were bad....Shes the queen and we get to see her in approx 66 days!!!
Matthew Mitcham- Gold Medals in Beijing!

Did you all see Matt Mitcham kick some ass in diving this weekend? Unless your under a rock in our pink planet you have at least seen or heard the news....What a incredible feat as he did a dive to win a gold medal in the men's 10m platform! (which also ended host nation China's hold on wining all gold medals in the Beijing Olympic diving competitions). So here is my picture post of this outstanding young man! The hubby and I was rooting for him big time as he has been in the gay media and such for sometime now and when he was on last months ADVOCATE cover it reminded us to make sure to watch him so we could cheer him on in the Olympics along with the American boys! What a pleasant surprise to watch him kick some ass and go on to win the GOLD! I hooted and hollered so loud that I think the neighbors must of wondered WTF is going on over there!!! So CONGRATS to Matt-It couldn't of happened to a nicer fellow!!! ---I had a crush on him before all this but now to see him at the Olympics and how cute he was in not only looks but personality as well ........Now I have a bigger crush on him!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Tabathas Salon Takeover
Is a HIT with me!

It was a reality TV last night for me--so thank god for the DVR!....I needed to get some stuff off the Que so we can keep recording...Some highlights....So I turned away from the Olympics for one night and first got caught up on some Big Brother- Goodbye April! It was nice knowing ya...Go DAN!!! Go REMY!!!! I am enjoying BB10 and though I am not usually a fan I am hooked this season...Then I got to watching Tabathas Salon Takeover which I enjoyed alot! I am going to like this show and Tabatha. I hope the show gets a audience-I bet it does- bigtime! I will be a fan that's is for sure....this critic was not a fan and I hope Tab and the show can prove to this critic Mary McNamara wrong.....Mary kinda sucks- Every time I come across her critiques it makes me roll my eyes.....where did they find this lady? Anyhow, I wasn't sure we needed another hair show as well but this one is a bit different and I like Tabathas persona alot...She will make the show is my guest...But then again I like people that are straight forward and they don't tend to run around the bush....she reminds me of another straight shooter-Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out...I am so over candy coaters...Sweet is so out and overrated at least in my book these days! I didn't get to watch The Cho Show which also was a debut last night...Will have to catch this one over the weekend! I am a reality show junkie these days-- its all due to the gimp foot which I am still nursing!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Neil Patrick Harris
Is Also a Shirtless Hunk

With all the hoopla with Neil about his cover shot and pictorial inside the latest issue OUT (well deserved hoopla as I personally have ALWAYS thought Doogie was a hot number) I had to include an older pic that I had posted of him last January- shirtless! BTW...The article about Manhunt was pretty interesting too. Again click it to make it GROW bigger!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Botox /Cosmetic Surgery
Your City Ranks...

When you think of botox and cosmetic surgery, what city would you say has the highest number of procedures? Los Angeles? New York City? Think again. According to a survey by Men's Health magazine, San Francisco is No. 1 for the number of surgeries performed, followed by Honolulu and Sacramento, Calif. Seattle comes in at No. 10 on the list for the most surgeries in the magazine's monthly "Metrograde" list. Portland, Ore. is No. 19. Boise is No. 31. If you want to go natural, Lincoln, Nebraska; Fort Wayne, Indiana and Montgomery, Alabama top the list for the least number of surgeries. Spokane comes in at No. 4 on the list of lowest percentage of residents who used Botox in the last year. Men's Health gathered the information from the American Medical Association, the American Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the American society of Plastic Surgeons and Experian local Market Services.

The Full List
From 1 to 100

San Francisco, CA
Honolulu, HI
Sacramento, CA
Miami, FL
Tucson, AZ
San Diego, CA
Richmond, VA
Washington, DC
Rochester, NY
Seattle, WA
Salt Lake City, UT
Las Vegas, NV
Orlando, FL
Modesto, CA
Houston, TX
Albuquerque, NM
Colorado Springs, CO
Tampa, FL
Portland, OR
Baltimore, MD
Atlanta, GA
Providence, RI
Denver, CO
Columbia, SC
Fresno, CA
Wilmington, DE
Dallas, TX
Pittsburgh, PA
Boston, MA
Cincinnati, OH
Boise, ID
Oakland, CA
Birmingham, AL
Grand Rapids, MI
San Antonio, TX
San Jose, CA
Fremont, CA
St. Louis, MO
New York, NY
Bangor, ME
Charleston, WV
Austin, TX
St. Petersburg, FL
Durham, NC
Yonkers, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Charlotte, NC
Los Angeles, CA
Fort Worth, TX
Lubbock, TX
Lexington, KY
Cheyenne, WY
Little Rock, AR
Jackson, MS
Minneapolis, MN
Corpus Christi, TX
Phoenix, AZ
Jersey City, NJ
Spokane, WA
Manchester, NH
Hartford, CT
Riverside, CA
Newark, NJ
Aurora, CO
Billings, MT
Anchorage, AK
Baton Rouge, LA
Anaheim, CA
St. Paul, MN
Chicago, IL
Nashville, TN
Raleigh, NC
Louisville, KY
Burlington, VT
Norfolk, VA
Greensboro, NC
Jacksonville, FL
Cleveland, OH
Bakersfield, CA
Arlington, TX
Omaha, NE
Indianapolis, IN
Tulsa, OK
El Paso, TX
Columbus, OH
Sioux Falls, SD
Kansas City, MO
Wichita, KS
Fargo, ND
Oklahoma City, OK
Detroit, MI
Des Moines, IA
Memphis, TN
Buffalo, NY
Milwaukee, WI
Madison, WI
Toledo, OH
Montgomery, AL
Fort Wayne, IN
Lincoln, NE
Happy Hump Day
With Maro Dapper

Thought we needed a fix of one of my many favorites-Marco Dapper...By Adam Bouska...Click on them as they get bigger...He is such a stunning man!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mark Spitz HOT
Michael Phelps NOT

I'm not impressed with The Sports Illustrated cover at all....Mr Phelps has a stunning physique and they should of used it... Mark with his porn stache is sexy.....hands down....I agree with alot of you out there...Sorry but its a terrible cover!
New York Goes to Hollywood
Going Zen On Episode 3
Yes.... this is a guilty pleasure of mines....New York "Tiffany Pollard" has a new show-her 3rd season and this time its New York Goes to Hollywood....Now I know there are many haters of Tiffany but I dont care as I get a big kick out of watching her and I just cant help but watch her shows as she cracks my shit up! I love her.....Last night I happen to catch the 3rd episode where New York does a spec commercial for a Japanese energy drink. I was laughing so hard....Tiffany and the Japanese director had me in total hysterics! Check it out if you get a chance-- A few clips can be found here....
Mrs Fields
That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Sad news about Debbie Fields filling for bankruptcy as one of my first jobs out of high school was with the Mrs Fields Cookie empire....I was a assistant manager at 2 store locations, first the University District location on the AVE. (University Of Washington-Lots of cute collegiate boys!) and then the store on Broadway (which was the gay strip in Seattle in the Capitol Hill neighborhood back in the day- LOTS of GAY BOYS)....needless to say those were indeed good times!......Later, I became the store manager of the Pike street store in downtown Seattle for awhile. All locations have been long gone for many years now but there was a few locations left in the malls and I will sometimes grab a quick fix when go to the mall. This was all way back in the hey day of the Mrs Fields cookie mania in the late 80's and boy I was a young guy. It doesn't really seem so long ago now when I think about it but its hard to believe it was over 20 years ago-- gosh time flies! These were the days were I could eat a zillion cookies and still not increase my slender 29 inch way jose these days.....I remember those whole macadamia nuts we would get in 50lbs cases......we would eat a few handfuls of them! Oh no! Do you think we are a partial blame for scarfing down so many mac nuts back then? OOPSIE! Sorry Debbie.....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Micheal Phelps and Madonna
My King and Queen of the Week!

King Michael Phelps for being a 14 time Olympic medalist and showing us and the word that a nice guy can kick some ass and come in first too!
Queen Madonna. Who celebrated her 50th Bday this last Saturday! I love you Madge! You HAVE ALWAYS ROCKED MY WORLD! Thanks for showing us that a girl with a bad reputation and criticized for having a voice like a chip muck back in the day can also finish on top and now look down upon the world from you throne....who knew? I/We did...... I cant wait to see in you in October in Vancouver!!!!! Best Wishes my Queen....

Here Come the Brides....
Ellen and Portia

Portia de Rossi, 35, and Ellen Degeneres, 50 tied the knot on Saturday. Big time congrats to the bride and bridette.....It was a small private ceremony. Gals, your toaster oven is on its way from us and should be arriving soon! Its pink stainlees steel, hope it matches you kitchen!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thunder,Lightning  And Now Fall  Weather
is on its way for Seattle

We had alot of thunder and lightning last night!  It was like 96 degrees yesterday and the dogs got me up 330 this morning going berserk... So now we are going to get some crazy early fall weather.....Should I already be rotating my summer wardrobe for my fall/winter one?  For heavens sake I hope not....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Congrats US Men's Gymnastics!

Great job boys! Showing off your Bronze Medals and looking good too! At least we don't have to hear all the grunts and groans like the controversy's surrounding the women's teams.....Yes it is so obvious that the China team is younger than 16, and yes the judging was slow this year,But the women's team screwed up ALOT and sucked a bit- I wont name names...And most likely would of lost the gold anyhow. I wish they would just be happy with the silver they got as the silver medal is a awesome accomplishment! So girls take a cue from the boys...they sucked at the pummel horse and also had to wait for the slow starts due to this years judging crap as well but they are still so proud and you women should feel the same...

However... I do hope they keep there shirts on as there will be no picture post here of the women as this is a no boob zone on this blog.....

Is it just me or could this pic be a porn vid cover? "Olympic Metal Orgy 08"???

Would You Hit It?
Olympic star Michael Phelps

We all know how Mikey kind of has a buttaface- but a bod for days...But this pic with his porn stache is quite nice. Would you hit it?

DOLL Collector

So my husband collects dolls....well not any doll....He collects Barbies and such...He has the Cher doll above in its original box and has all the international Barbies, The Wizard of Oz dolls, yada yada yada....I like the Sonny one above and I think it would make a cute set with the Cher-"I got you babe"......The only ones I have added to this doll collection is the In Sync dolls that was on clearance at Target so I got them for like 6 bucks...Oh I also got the Brendan Frasier Tarzan that was like 4 bucks on clearance at Walmart as well so yes we do check out the toy departments in stores we never know what you may find in clearance sections. We have them all displayed in one of the spare rooms on this built in wall shelf. Its the only room we have not remodeled and it is like a kids room so it works well....I will take a snapshot and post it soon! Last Christmas we went to another gay couples home for a party and one of the fellas had a room that was Scobby Doo....A ROOM full of Scobby! It was Scobby Doo explosion and was amazing! I really should of started a collection of GI Joes....I used to play my GI Joe so much growing up...I particularly loved my GI Joe Camper Trailer set. I would take off all his army clothes and put him in a mud bath outside-- hmmm.....he had the scruffy hair and beard....He was so hot! I really loved that doll....

There is only one other doll I loved as much...It was my favorite possession ever and I just found it surfing the Internet for it this morning and I am so excited to find was what I called my Comfy... It really was a Humpty Dumpty.....SO THIS IS SO EXCITING! OMG! I need to get one! Its almost exactly what I had!

Looking Out For The Weekend.....

Is it Friday yet?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jake Gyllenhaal
on the set of "Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time"

Can you believe this is Jake? He is all BEAR... He is looking good and I love it! Damm that Reese, she had Ryan and now Jake..she must have one special punani....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who Smashed Who?
US smashes French and worlds record!

We are one day behind with the Olympics so we will need to catch up tonite as we we have it all taping on the DVR. Watched all of Sundays broadcast last night and saw the United States win the gold in the men's 4x100-meter freestyle relay final...The fastest French relay team ever assembled could not stop Michael Phelps' assault on Olympic history. Instead, U.S. teammate Jason Lezak preserved it with the fastest relay split ever swum. Look at Michael Phelps and his teammate Garret Weber-Gale were scream with delight! The French had talked smack about smashing the Americans...well that didn't happen....Cest la vie!

Monday, August 11, 2008

No Hamm
for me this weekend

I layed low over the weekend to rest my bum ankle which meant being home with the husband and dogs watching the boob tube and taking naps. We did venture out to the mall on Saturday to go the H&M--as we had to return a few things there and then and pick up a few things at Macys for a wedding gift as we have a wedding this next weekend. So I was pretty much was just glued to the boob tube on the sectional over the weekend....again.....I feel myself gaining weight and losing my summer whole foot thing is getting old. Thus We watched alot of the Olympic coverage and saw how mens and womens swimming is doing very well but one of my fave things to watch.... men's gymnastic's seem to be suffering in the qualifying rounds-not good! I really hope they can rope it in.....I sure do miss the Hamm brothers.....No Hamm for any of us for over the weekend which was very sad.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

John Edwards-
Shame Shame Shame

I am saddened by this---Im still a Edwards fan but what a shame..... As we are all human. 

Anderson Cooper/Paris Hilton 
My King and Queen of the week......

Anderson and Paris is my pick for king and queen for the week....Im sure you have all seen the vids and I want to just ditto all those that had kudos out there in the blog, news and entertainment spheres as well....Anderson rocks for his stint with Kelly Rippa!  Pure entertainment! I am loving Anderson EVEN more if that's even possible!  
And for someone I admit I did not have alot of love for Paris has now has moved up my list of loves as her spot in response to all that nonsense with that McCain ad. Now that was hot.... So lets give a round of applause to my king and queen for the week....    

Goodbye Bernie Mac

Rest In Peace Bernie-  A true funny man that I enjoyed.  You will be missed!  

Friday, August 08, 2008

Let the Games Begin!

I love me a good opening ceremony!