Thursday, August 14, 2008

DOLL Collector

So my husband collects dolls....well not any doll....He collects Barbies and such...He has the Cher doll above in its original box and has all the international Barbies, The Wizard of Oz dolls, yada yada yada....I like the Sonny one above and I think it would make a cute set with the Cher-"I got you babe"......The only ones I have added to this doll collection is the In Sync dolls that was on clearance at Target so I got them for like 6 bucks...Oh I also got the Brendan Frasier Tarzan that was like 4 bucks on clearance at Walmart as well so yes we do check out the toy departments in stores we never know what you may find in clearance sections. We have them all displayed in one of the spare rooms on this built in wall shelf. Its the only room we have not remodeled and it is like a kids room so it works well....I will take a snapshot and post it soon! Last Christmas we went to another gay couples home for a party and one of the fellas had a room that was Scobby Doo....A ROOM full of Scobby! It was Scobby Doo explosion and was amazing! I really should of started a collection of GI Joes....I used to play my GI Joe so much growing up...I particularly loved my GI Joe Camper Trailer set. I would take off all his army clothes and put him in a mud bath outside-- hmmm.....he had the scruffy hair and beard....He was so hot! I really loved that doll....

There is only one other doll I loved as much...It was my favorite possession ever and I just found it surfing the Internet for it this morning and I am so excited to find was what I called my Comfy... It really was a Humpty Dumpty.....SO THIS IS SO EXCITING! OMG! I need to get one! Its almost exactly what I had!

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Mark in DE said...

"My husband collects dolls."

That is the GAYEST thing on the entire internet.

Mark :-)