Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesdays Treat
DNA cover boy Andy Speer
Happy Tuesday....DNA Cover boy Andy Speers....lets just say this fella leaves me speechless in these photos....See more here

Happy Birthday Rad Style
March 29th is the day Rad was born....no I am not going to share my age with you...Sorry...well most you know anyhow so shut it.....I will tell you that age is just a number and its all about how you feel and if take care of yourself anyhow..... don't you agree? I am just sometimes surprised on my age as I remember when I would consider people my age as well "old". So I guess I am a troll now!!! Not that I don't or didn't like trolls when I was a young gun as I have ALWAYS been a nice fella to all guys. As my thing was you can always learn from an elder and plus some older guys are hot and pretty much I have just always appreciated all men....Young, old and in between. Its funny though as I really don't feel like an elder and I really feel the same.....Young and vibrant... hip and cool.....ok so maybe not so hip to some 20 somethings if you asked. Do they even use the term troll anymore anyhow?

Anyways...had a nice weekend....Had a blow out cocktail party with friends on Saturday night and did the gay bar pub crawl-- which we haven't done in a long long time...What a night!.....at one point I had about 4 cocktails at my side -- I couldn't keep up on them as I got them sent to me.....so I drank way to much!! I don't recall getting home much...oops! Sunday had plans to spend the day with my parents.....So as I nursed my awful hangover as my dad and hubby made dinner and we just chilled-- You can tell from this pic below I was major hung as I look like I just rolled out of bed and this was about 5 in the afternoon! I think you could smell alcohol on me from 20 feet still....My mom just rolled her eyes and told me she is just happy I don't do that "drinking thing" to often....bless her heart! Ma and pa got me my fave Hawaiian Cake- Guava cake.....man it was so delish! So here is yours truly with my parents....They are the best ever! Look at my mom ...she was so happy!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fridays Fur...
Fridays fur is none other that our youngest kid--LOLA.... she had a haircut last weekend and we had to take a pic of her new short and sassy do....I cant believe she will be 2 in May....and speaking of birthdays....I am glad its the weekend....not much going on.... well except for going out for Birthday Boy cocktails tomorrow night!!! As Monday is dooms day for yours truly......Hip Hip Hooray! Not so much... Another birthday is knocking on my door! So what do I want for my birthday? Hmmmm.... Im def not going to Disneyland....But maybe just maybe I just need to purchase tickets to Hawaii...That's the plan anyhow as I am so homesick!

Well buckaroos....hope you all have a nice weekend....and if you are in Seattle-- PLEASE Stop in to Purr...for cocktails with me....Would love to see ya! Starts at 7 and we will do a pub crawl throughout the night as we have a few more party's and bars to attend.... Need more info? E mail me! I would love to see U!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Its a Ginger Wednesday
And I choose a hot prince! I would love to get dirty with Harry! Happy Hump Day to all the gingers and ginger lovas out there!
My Definition of
Drama- Typically "drama" is used by people who are chronically bored, insecure and or those who seek attention. Something women and more often teenage girls thrive on but it also can continue in adulthood. Drama is something people do when they

1. Have no life
2. Are Insecure
3 Bored
4. Jealous

They cause unnecessary hardships in others lives just for amusement and this is most often due to there own insecurities. It can consist of gossiping, playing games, pushing buttons, backstabbing, blackmailing, sabotage and general evil doings. These events can cause people to become either frustrated, angered, confused and to the point of being so over it after some time. Friends are usually the source of all drama, and most people are or have friends.

Sometimes you just need a break from these types of so called friends you know what I mean?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chris Evans is Captain America!!

Did you hear?......After nearly two years of speculation, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on Monday that Chris Evans will be playing Marvel Comics' iconic hero Captain America in the big-screen adaptation. He can be my Captain any day! What a great choice I am excited!! Ok.... you can now go on with your day.....
We Can Do It Campaign

We Can Do It! is a photo campaign to build solidarity and personal strength through positive messaging. The goal is to bring to life modern iconic individuals, by depicting them as powerful and not victims in support of the global LGBT movement worldwide.
How is your week going?-- I have had some Internet issues at home that I hope to get fixed tonite....Very strange somehow our connection wire had been pulled out or something on the modem...Lots going on...So busy! I do miss you! Isn't Reichen cute in this pic? Catch you all soon! xx Rad

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Major Ohhhs and Awwwws
Found this man today while checkin on my blogger faves--Yummy Of the day had this fine dude....WOW! SO MY TYPE.....Hope everyone is having a good weekend! I am doing better and happy to have a weekend to play!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Haven't had time to blog-- Had some home issues over the weekend-- A sewer injector pump to be exact.....WHAT a royal pain that was! Needless to say it is now fixed-- It would of cost about $1500 to 2 grand to fix with a plumber but I did it and saved us a bunch of money.... but it was super nasty! I do feel a bit butch that we fixed it on our own though...Quite a feeling of accomplishment really.....It took about 25 "fuck this" screams and about 25 "oh hell" screams...and about 4 trips to the hardware store and a real good scrubbing bath when it was all done.... I also had to live on pain pills for the back aches I got for the last few days....but it was done and done right.

Work is also hell for many reasons and I cant elaborate much on that right now and then some other personal shit going on. So I am busy and worn out and haven't had time to blog at all...Hope to get more time soon.

Thanks to those that have been sending me messages and checking in on me to make sure all is ok....awww so sweet!
Happy St Patricks!
I didn't have time to find me a hot Irish lad this am.....I looked and looked for a hot Irish ginger for us but I am so busy that I had to do a quick pick....So here we have a man in his whitey tightys-- I just love a man in white undies! Hope whatever your St Pats day entails it is a awesome one! If you find that hot Irish ginger lad-- Make sure you do what I would do with him today!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gulity Pleasure
Spartacus Blood & Sand
Happy Hump Day! And speaking of humping.....You have to check this show out!

So we had a free preview of Starz and we were able to watch--Spartacus Blood & Sand while we had the free preview. All I can say is WOW!!! Its VERY good for all the RIGHT reasons if you catch my drift. I will be VERY excited when it is released on DVD. I guess they shot all of season one so once it airs I hope they release it so I can run out and get it! Ohlala has a great recap with more pics to boot...Check it here. If you have Starz my suggestion is to WATCH it!!

While looking for pics and links on this suggestion to post this morning I read that lead hunk Andy Whitfield has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma which has halted season two filming!! :-( I hope you all the best Andy! From the article it looks like you are ready for the battle! My best!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

There is something about
Peter Sarsgaard
While watching the Oscars the other night I was reminded of a fella that I just simply adore. There is something about this man that sparks me up if you know what I mean. He lights a fire that is special. I know he most likely isn't a cup of tea for many but he so is for me. I just get this feeling when I see him, just hearing him speak and then watching him perform, Its his whole demeanor and aura......Makes me swoon! That lovely Maggie Gyllenhaal is one lucky chick....I was telling the hubby how you just get this vibe that they are such a great couple and how they seem so true Hollywood showbiz.... but in the right way you know? They seem to be a mixture of old, new, and right Hollywood. Its where I would want to be if I was even remotely related to showbiz. Anyhow I love my beefcakes but when it comes to picking a man you know he is just my right type....he is one of them....I just had to share that....

Here is a pic of the couple this last weekend at the Oscars.....love them!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Monday It back again...a Monday morning.....rah rah rah....NOT......Back to the daily routine... Hubby and I have our daily routine each morning.....we wake up at 415am and waste no time getting our groove on......we shower-change- take our vitamins- I sometimes slug down a cup of joe- make a lunch- throw in a load of laundry in the dryer or washer if needed and then take the dogs out and give them a treat for the day as we leave.....we are usually out the door by 530-545... and we get to work by 6 ready to slave away. We are fast and efficient huh? This morning as I sat drinking my coffee waiting for hub as he finished up getting dressed I wanted so badly to go jump right back into bed.....I didn't do it but man was it tempting.... but I knew I had to be a good boy and face my week. For some reason the kids were wide awake and running about this am which doesn't happen to often but it was fun....usually the 2 shih tzus stay in bed till I take them out for the potty run...but this morning everyone was energized! So it made it even harder to leave the boo boo's for the day.....I swear that has to be one if not the hardest part of having to work for a living...leaving the kids at home! I hate saying good bye each day......I do love the welcome home part though....its my fave thing but we can go to the supermarket and we always get the best welcome home committee of greetings......I LOVE that! Well better get back to slaving....Have a good week!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Thank God Its Fricken Friday!
Happy Friday! I do hope your weekend is top notch. If it isn't... come back and stare at Nick here and it should make it all better....works for me every time!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sooo Gay Johnny Weir
A Modern Day Liberace
In honor of hump day lets go SOOOO GAY today.....I have to admit some gay boys deserve props-- even Johnny Weir......He is SOOOO GAY! Which is soooo ok.... as we all should love each other and there is nothing wrong with a boy that is SOOOO GAY! I mean he gives most straight women a run for there money! I love his LV bag and his whole Liza look here.

Now speaking of SOOO GAY....Saw a tidbit on LIBERACE last night on TV..... I'm sure you may have already heard but in case you didnt..... I guess Micheal Douglas is cast as Liberace and Matt Damon is cast as his lover....Wow! I just hope it is done well and not a bomb.....I Love Liberace so this maybe very interesting.

Monday, March 01, 2010

March 1
Springs right around the corner.....
With the warm weather comes outdoor fun. Today should be in the 60's here which will be a nice day indeed! Maybe a good afternoon to head out to a park to enjoy the .....ahem.... weather and spring floral and fauna :-)

So how was your weekend? We didn't do too much--Saturday was the norm... errands, dinner and drinks. Took a cyber day off yesterday and did not go online ONCE! Hubby took me for a nice Sunday drive since it was a really fantastic day and we went to Wights and Sky Nursery....I loved it and enjoyed getting excited with ideas for spring. Had a nice lunch and then got back home to enjoy the afternoon with the kids on the sectional.. So it is now Monday and I am back at work... I wish I had a rewind button...or a fast forward one....