Friday, February 27, 2009

Are You Grinning Too?
Just thought more Micheal Radon was in order. Have a great weekend folks!

Click em-- they look so much better bigger!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michael Radon
Super Duper Hotness!

I think I am in love.....Thanks to Tres Fab Sweetie to bringing this hunk of a man to my attention this morning...WOW! WOW! WOW! More here---this 6′1″ former Canadian Football League, and U.S Arena Football League, player Michael Radon from Renegade Models. Photography by Eugene Gallego .

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Real Housewives Talk Smack in Reunion Recap
Its All About Me Vicki and I'm So Jealous Tamara made me sick!

Caught up with The Real Housewives reunion on Bravo last night-- I am sure as many of you did as well.....Lets just say the The Orange County girls reunion show was super irritating. I was hoping Gretchen finally would let Tamra have it as she deserves to have her ass kicked really bad. But instead I was disappointed in Vicki and Tamra behavior and how apparent it is on how much of a bully they both are! Its all about me Vicki and I am so jealous Tamara is both just pieces of shit in my eyes. Period.... and I like so many others may just boycott the show if it returns----because these 2 women are such _____s. There are so many words that can fill in that blank...
Happy Hump Day
Anyone game for a joyride today?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Penn's Oscar speech hits home in Seattle
From our Komo News-
Penn's Oscar speech hits home in Olympia

By Keith Eldridge & KOMO Staff

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Actor Sean Penn's acceptance speech at the Oscars touched several nerves at the Washington state Capitol where a bill that aims to gear same-sex partners with the same rights as married couples has sparked debate.
Penn, who won the Best Actor Award for his portrayal of slain gay rights activist Harvey Milk in "Milk," used the Oscars podium to voice his support of gay marriage and to lash out at California's rejection of it.
"I think that it is a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect and anticipate their great shame and the shame in their grandchildren's eyes if they continue that way of support," he said.
Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, who has been leading the fight for the "everything but marriage" bill for gay couples, couldn't agree with Penn more. "I thought Sean Penn was very eloquent," Murray said. Murray is sponsoring a bill that would offer same-sex couples all the rights and benefits given to heterosexual married couples. The gay rights bill, however, stops short of gay marriage."This state is not ready for marriage equality for gay and lesbian people yet. That's why we continue to pursue domestic partnership benefits," Murray said.
Ready or not, opponents say the bill will lead to a big battle over gay marriage and the question of whether Washington state should be the next to allow it. "I think we have to have an open debate about that instead of these incremental steps that we're taking. We need to talk about marriage, and that's what it's about," said Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley. "The majority of Americans support marriage as defined between one man and one woman.
"During his Oscar speech, Penn praised President Barack Obama, calling him an elegant president. But opponents of gay marriage say even the president hasn't endorsed the idea. Supporters were quick to add he hasn't shunned the idea, either.
"The president hasn't, and I think that's a good point to make. At the same time he has not been as openly hostile," Murray said. "We've got to have equal rights for everyone."Same-sex marriage is currently legal in only two states, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Washington state's domestic partnership bill is up for a key vote in a House committee on Tuesday. It is expected to pass.
Happy Malasada Day!

Mardi Gras ("Fat Tuesday"), the day before Lent, is also known as Malasada Day in Hawaii. Being predominantly Catholic, Portuguese immigrants would need to use up all of their butter and sugar prior to Lent. They did so by making large batches of malasadas, which they would subsequently share with friends from all the other ethnic groups in the plantation camps. This led to the popularity of the malasada in Hawaii. Still a tradition in Hawaii, Leonard's Bakery experiences long lines to purchase discounted malasadas on this day.

A malasada (or malassada) is a Portuguese confection. They were first made by inhabitants of São Miguel Island, part of the Azores. Malasadas are made of egg-sized balls of yeast dough that are deep-fried in oil and coated with granulated sugar. A popular variation is where they are hand dropped into the oil and people have to guess what they look like. Traditional malasadas contain neither holes nor fillings, but some varieties of malasadas are filled with flavored cream or other fillings. Traditionally, the reason for making malasadas has been to use up all the lard and sugar in the house, traditionally forbidden during Lent. They are eaten especially on Fat Tuesday - the day before Ash Wednesday. Some families associate them with Mardi Gras.

In 1878, Portuguese laborers from the Azores came to Hawaii to work in the plantations. These immigrants brought their traditional foods with them, including a fried dough pastry called the "malasada." Today there are numerous bakeries in the Hawaiian islands specializing in malasadas.
Hubby and I are making some this afternoon! Mmmm Mmmmm Good!

2,000 Dumb Fucks oppose civil unions
In Hawaii

Didnt anyone of these people see Sean Penns Speech or Oprah yesterday? In any event the battles will be won! And we will prevail one day soon! And it will get better-- in time and that time is very soon people!

In a turnout that surprised even event organizers, more than 2,000 people representing dozens of local churches, temples, synagogues and mosques descended on the state Capitol yesterday to protest a bill that would establish civil unions between same-sex partners. 2,000 people rallied at Hawaii's state capitol yesterday in opposition to a civil union bill that is making its way through the legislature.

House Bill 444 passed the House earlier this month. The measure is in jeopardy of dying in the Senate Judiciary and Government Operations Committee with potential swing vote Sen. Robert Bunda (D-22nd North Shore, Wahiawa) announcing that he would vote against it. However, state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, D-21st (Nanakuli, Makaha) has said she would consider recalling the bill from committee, with agreement from committee chairman state Sen. Brian Taniguchi D-10th (Manoa, McCully), to bring the bill to the full Senate. Protesters said yesterday that they wanted to send Hanabusa and other legislators a clear cautionary message before any such decision is made. 'I think this is awesome,' said former state Rep. Dennis Arakaki, who heads the Hawai'i Family Forum, a nonprofit group that opposes same-sex marriage, civil unions and other legal recognition of same-sex couples. The forum worked with a broad network of local churches to organize the demonstration...Demonstrators clad in bright red filled the first level of the Rotunda and spilled out across the surrounding lawns. Some took up positions around the block, holding signs that read 'No Civil Union,' 'Destroy the Core of 444,' 'We Sed No Already' and 'Turn to Jesus or Burn in Hell.' Most packed tight around a stage set up in the middle of the Rotunda, where leaders from several different faiths exhorted listeners to call their legislators and submit testimony in opposition to the bill."
The bill is expected to be taken up tomorrow by the Senate Judiciary and Government Operations Committee:
"State Sen. Robert Bunda, who was the potential swing vote on the Senate Judiciary and Government Operations Committee, said he plans to vote against the bill that would give same-sex partners the same rights as married couples under state law. The bill, which passed the House earlier this month, could die in the Senate committee without Bunda's support. But Senate leaders, who favor the bill, may take the rare step of circumventing the committee to bring the bill to the full Senate."

They need to wake up and smell the KONA Coffee!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sean Penns Best Actor Oscar Speech-

SEAN PENN WINS FOR MILK and gives a great speech including PROPOSITION 8 in it! I so cried big time when I was watching this last night!!!! We love you Sean! Now wake up America!

Osacar Gowns 2009

The Wonderful Whites
The Breathtaking Blacks
Angie- A stunner as always!

The Colors
Kate Winslet Is my Fave!!!

The Brides

The Total YUCKS!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Levi Poulter
Little Blue Shorts
Happy OSCAR Sunday-aren't these shorts cute?  The furry belly on Levi is not to  bad either..Slurp!  So I am almost ready to walk down the red carpet- I have on my Randolph Duke gown--my Harry Winston jewels and Christian Louboutin heels.... Wish Me luck -hoping I end up on the fashion do-and not don't list...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marco Dapper New Photo Spread
This man is SO my type....I like the way he looks and the way he dresses and just all around hotness he radiates to me....He is just so flippin hot in my playbook....  Post below is from you tube--a short look at the making of these photos at the shoot... I had to share.... 

Marco Dapper as photographed at the Grand Motel in L.A.

Marco Dapper Shoot....He is so my type! Hubby and I love the way he dresses! Handsome fucker!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Friday!
I need a copy of this-- This boy is hot.....those legs alone...Eye Chihuahua!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Real Housewife's Tamra Barney
Is RUDE! Gay Slur from a Bitch

Its all so funny-- I was chatting about the Housewife's season finale with the hubby the other night and I have been meaning to post about it but haven't had to much time to do so. I could write a novel on my thoughts about this drama! So We TOTALLY love all the Real Housewife's of OC......Its my favorite of the housewife shows with the NY housewives running a close 2nd......So we were chatting about how much we didn't care for 2 of the gals this season-- first up was crazy ass and neurotic Vicki--is she not such a idiot bitch? Why so self loving! And she is so jealous and kooky too!!! The only good about her was that she is fun to watch since she is such a kook... Then we had Tamra Barney Sewer! OMG!!! We were SO TURNED OFF by Tamra Barney this season!!! It became so apparent on what a piece of shit she seems to be this season-I thought maybe its editing but I don't really think so....Her actions and personality was just... well..... how do I put it.... sewer like....I bet she is all rotten on the inside! She was so rude to Gretchen ( as were jealous Vicki) and it was not fun to watch this season on how they treated Gretchen and such....I ended up loving Gretchen to death and she was to me was the most fun and real this season.

So now the backlash has begun! I just knew it would! I thought WTF is going on when Tamara relayed that Slade looked like a homo in the finale....I told the hubby...he looks good in his outfit? what the hell is she on? I mean Vicki and Sewers husbands looked like goons with collar shirts and such on a hot patio party in the sun! She commented on Slade's shirt and sandals and pants ensemble....I bet she wished she bit her tongue on that one.....I love all this backlash....I just wish I had more time to post about it all.....Check out all the drama at Kenneth in the 212.... He puts it much nicely....

Here my Recap of the OC/HWifes!

Tamra -She is a total SEWER and rotten to the core--and sorry but her mother still looks fug--even after her plastic surgery? The story line with her dad didn't do much for making us like her....they can tell.....She is just one jealous bitch and oh so fake...Only good about sewer is that her son and husband are quite cute- Isn't it too bad Gretchen's bike upstaged her tennis bracelet? Whaaaa!! I love all the backlash she is getting right now-- she deserves it...what a bitch!

Vicki- Sorry but total dumb fuck!-- She is so very rude to her husband and others--She lives in her own La La Vicki Land and has her own rules and expectations on life--She needs to get on some relaxers or downers- and pick up the clue phone as its ringing....Maybe she should see a good therapist as she is a total kook. Vicki was wearing a horrible dress on the finale! What was up with the slate gray metallic like thing she had on? YIKES!! and what was up with buying her own Rolex and showing it off? Your a mess Godzilla!

Lynne- Love her! So relaxed and so cool--You can see how she is dumbfounded by the other housewives on occasion...I think she should kick Vicki and Tamras asses! I bet she could! Lynne is so low key and has more class then all of them bitches that criticize her zen like aura....poor dear.... cant they see that shes a gem? She just needs to work on not being so cool with her bratty daughters-- that's her only flaw...I LOVED her dress on the season finale!

Gretchen- My new fave! Reminds me of a gal that we all know-- the cheerleader party girl from school! You can tell shes just a cool chick.......Her fam was presented on the show with her and that says allot..... I cant wait to see her on the season recap! I hope she goes off on sewer! I am sorry she lost her hubby.... I love ya Gret!

Jeana-- Love love Love! The only consistent HW that is cool and just plain awesome! She is super humorous-fun and lovely and would be great to have as a friend! I want to be Uncle Rad and kick Uncle Frankie to the curb! LOL....She looks great and I hope she finds a man soon--that is if that's what she wants.. She only had one flaw this season-- Back fat in her dress on the season finale---easy to overlook as the rest of her was and is FLAWLESS!

Lauri--Who cares...goodbye...Glad you are gone this year-- IF HW/OC returns I am sorry but I hope you don't return with....Sorry but your a big giant bore... You and your entire Walton family is a bore.....I will give you this ---You dress well and that's some bonus points-

Cant wait to see what happens on the Recap next week! Hope the sewer devil burns!!!!!

Lets Travel Back In Time
Lets all travel back in time today-- Back to high school where the boys wore big giant white briefs..... click it for full effect....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

RuPaul's Drag Race - Runway (Episode Three: Queens of All Media)

For all of you that may not have LOGO.....Here is this weeks episode-- You can see alot more on You Tube of all the shows....This shit makes me laugh so damm hard! Oh my stars! So flippin funny!!!!!!!! This is a great show! You have to admit its a scream!

Brody Jenner- Sunset Beach Hawaii Yesterday
There is something about Body Jenner!! Indeed!!! I really dig his show Bromance when I do get a chance to catch it on the tele....I really get this nice vibe about him dont you? He really comes across as a nice guy, fella, bud, cool gent.... you know what I mean? I guess he was with the Hills Cast yesterday in Hawaii at Sunset Beach on the North Shore. He is looking real good to me in this pic...not so perfect...more real and I love it......he kinda reminds me of my surfer cuzins that used to make me do nasty things and molest him when I was in grade school....Opps did I say that out loud?
Last Night
The American Idol boys do well!

David Gokey - Anoop Desai - Ricky Braddy

Last night I watched A Idol..First one this season as I usually start watching on the first night of the REAL singing in my opinion.....forget all that pre show garbage as its such a waste of time.........So its cool to not know anyone from Adam- which is good as I want it to be about the voice and singing talent not all the drama leading up to them FINALY being picked....

So my faves were the 3 boys above-they were all quite nice to listen too! Now as for the girls last night...YIKES!! They all sadly SUCKED big time except for this one gal named Tatiana Del Toro-- she was one that belted one out that was pretty damm good! So it seems to be slim pickings so far this season...What is up with that?

Well these 3 boys can really sing but I hate to say--not so much going on in the looks department eh? They are cute but........It will be fun to see the transformations by wardrobe and make up as time goes by.... I bet Ricky And David will make me super swoon with those voices and a good revamped makeover....They are already cute so watch out!
Guilty Pleasure! Check out RuPauls DRAG RACE on Logo!!! Such a fun show!!! How funny is RuPaul? I JUST LOVE HIM to death!! and as he always relays in each and every episode--and don't fuck it up!

Here is my short take on all this craziness!

Akasha---This bitch needs to take a flying $#%$! My least favorite of all-- and its not because of his drag looks as that is ok......but his sad....You can tell he is just a big old bitchy queen.....I hate sour apples and he is major sour apple faggot--You know what I'm saying? I haven't watched this weeks episode yet and I hope he get the boot or rather heel soon! Good Bye sour apple!
Bebe Zahara Benet---- Love her! I'm not sure look wise he is the best but he has a nice personality....Those big eyes! He didn't look that great in the Destiny Child lip sync...I saw a clip from this weeks show and he has a major lion king drag thing going on-- major big giant Tina Turner hair too! WOW!! Growl!!! This may be our winner of the season??
Jade--- Love Jade..One of my faves....he looks good as a man and women.....He has a big ding a ling man and needs to tuck that shit....I hope he goes far--I am not sure Jade is our winner though. I cant believe his transformations.......Go Jade go! And don't FUCK it up!

Nina Flowers---Good old Nina---Love his style and looks! Very 80's Missing Persons! LOL! Is it just me or does he sorta resemble Joan Rivers in New Wave Drag? Will be a contender for the win if he can get through the language barriers and give us more looks and such....
Ongina--- Perfect! He is like a unisex kitten! Love it!! Ongina doesn't even need a wig!!! he is so strong in so many areas! Not your traditional drag queen which make its interesting doesn't it! Thinking he will go to the end and maybe win it! Like a freind next door...Its almost too easy for him to transform-- he is already so uni sexual....
Rebecca Glasscock-- Actually my fave....I know he wont win it but I love his look-- Reminds me of a good drag queen at your neighborhood drag bar you know? May be in running at end! I hope so!! Good luck GlassCOCK!
Shannel- Mr/Mrs perfect drag queen-- not at all my favorite--he is so good and almost to perfect.....Will go to the end because he is so good and looks awesome!! Those fricken eyes are gorgeous!! I don't want him to be our winner but it will be nice to see him go to the end as he is pure entertainment and great to watch! You can tell he can be a major witch in real life...
Tammie Brown-- LOVE Tammie! Its too bad she was out last week.....I don't think he liked the competition much....Its to bad as he was the one drag person that had comedy and good old fashion funny drag comedy that some of them have and its golden! I know Tammie is going to have a super career that is even better now...he didn't need this Drag Race-- will go far with this persona in the gay clubs and circuit!!
Victoria Parker-- Oh Victoria--You are fabu! Too bad you were out at the first show! Hope you had a good time..You make a good hostess for drag shows so keep that up and watch out on that spinning...anyway WTF was that about on your lip sinc for death? LOL!

My Picks for the finale...It going to be between Shannel and Ongina and Bebe.....maybe Jade will imrove too? I hope Glasscock pulls a fast one and shoots her way in too! he he he!
this is hard.....Can I pick Ru as the winner?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Monday-- I mean Tuesday!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! We had alot a nice restful weekend and spent ample time with the kids (doggies) after being away we like to do that for them. We got all caught up on the tele and just enjoyed some downtime at home....

Back to the daily grind today and wish I could of stayed in bed.....Even the puppy didn't get out of bed this am while we got ready for work! Lets hope this week goes by fast! I feel like I have a touch of some sort of bug so I am drinking lots of liquids and such to fight it with all my might! I hope you all have a splendid week!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So while the hubby and I was in Hawaii we picked up a new obsession--Hello Kitty Stuff....We ended up going crazy in the Sanrio stores in all the malls in Hawaii.....It was funny how here was 2 full grown men ohhhh and awwiing over all the trinkets and such they have to offer in each store...

Today we went over to the mall to window shop and much to our surprise the MAC store was having this huge Hello Kitty/MAC campaign....It was cool!  Black Hello Kitty Balloons and this cute young man----The girls working told me he likes to be spanking on the butt and felt up--And then her gestured to me and rubbed his flat stomach!!  So I slapped his ass good and then rubbed his flat washboard tum!   OMG!  One Pussy I wanted to take home today!  PURRR!!  PURRR!

he liked me...LOL!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


LoVe RaD HoMo.....
Hawaii civil unions bill passes state House, goes to Senate
Proposal would extend married couples' rights to same-sex partners

Just another reason Hubby and I should think about packing our bags and moving back soon. Bravo Hawaii!

From the Honolulu Advertiser...

By Derrick DePledgeAdvertiser Government Writer
The state House yesterday passed a bill to legalize civil unions among same-sex partners, a vote several lawmakers believe will help end discrimination against gays and lesbians in Hawai'i.
The bill, which now moves to the state Senate, would grant partners in civil unions the same benefits, protections and responsibilities as married couples under state law. The state would also recognize civil unions, domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages performed in other states.
Partners in civil unions would not have the same protections as married couples under federal law, so the recognition is a rung below treating homosexual and heterosexual couples equally.
The House vote was 33-17 with one lawmaker excused, one vote shy of a veto-proof supermajority. The lawmaker who missed the vote, state Rep. K. Mark Takai, D-34th (Newtown, Waiau, Pearl City), who is preparing to deploy with the Hawai'i Army National Guard to Kuwait, supports civil unions.

Full article/more here.....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I dont care if Michael Phelps Smoked a Bong!

Our Local News Editorial Guy Ken Schram is the best---So true Ken So True!!!

By Ken Schram
He's nothing more than a headline-grabbing megalomaniac out to make a name for himself.I'm talking about South Carolina Sheriff Leon Lott, the self-appointed crusader who's decided it's his destiny to bring Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps to justice.For more than a week now Phelps has been kicked around in the media after a British tabloid published a picture of him with his lips wrapped around a bong.Already pilloried by parents who say their children have lost a role model and dumped by Kellogg's cereal for his new found snap, crackle and pot fame, Phelps could also end up in jail if the blustery sheriff has his way.Sheriff Leon Lott says he's out to prove that wealth and fame make no matter to him.Sheriff Leon Lott is a "one toke's over the line" kinda guy.Yeah right.I suppose that if Michael Phelps had been some unknown frat boy with his bong picture posted on the web, Sheriff Leon would still be acting like Elliot Ness going after Al Capone.Michael Phelps is not a criminal.He's a 23-year-old guy who happens to be an international celebrity that took in a lungful of pot.But to a headline-grabbing megalomaniac sheriff from South Carolina, that simply makes Phelps a career opportunity.

I think South Carolina Sheriff Leon Lot is a Total TOOL!!!
Valentines Day is right around the corner....
Wont You Be Mine?

Is it Friday yet? Gosh darn it! I am so ready for my 3 day weekend already!! Its nice that VD is falling on a Saturday this year eh?.... Not that the hubby and I get into all the hoopla surrounding VD but we plan to get together with some friends for a dinner and maybe some drinks tomorrow night. Lord knows I need some cocktails to start off my weekend...And actually we were pretty good in Hawaii.....we only went out on 3 nights and didn't consume too much while in the islands so in all we were well behaved. Well sort of..... he he.....I really wanted to bring back some Lychee Vodka--stuff was amazing and yummy and I went crazy over the cost of Vodka at Costco over there! In Seattle we are taxed to death on our liquor so the prices are double for alcohol--- I guess that can be a good thing in my case.....

So not any big plans for the big 3 day weekend but we are really looking forward to a lunch this Saturday....We have a luncheon date set with this fine fellow and I am super excited to meet him live-- I feel like I already know him so well anyhow! It will be a nice Valentines day lunch for sure when we hook up! I was trying to meet up with this crazy boy too and his new BF before they jet off to the Caribbean this weekend-- we had a movie date night planned a few weeks ago but hubby got sick....we plan to reschedule and will do that when they are back from yet another vacation....Lucky! So it looks like 2009 will be the year I meet my fellow bloggers live! Good times! I plan to meet most of you someday soon! xoxo

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Hump Day.....
Happy hump day...Something about a man in tighty whities! Bonus when they are wet too..Click for a larger view..It put me in a better mood today that's for sure!

So I am so looking forward to 3 day weekend! I didn't realize we had a day off this next Monday for Presidents Day at the office as I have not worked at an establishment that gave you this day off before.... so its nice....Bonus 3 day weekend for me! Yahoo! So we are finally getting caught up at work and home and though I know we were only gone for a week everything piled up which surprised me.....So we are slowly getting back to normal and getting to the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. The house and dogs were well cared for and so at least that area is top notch! Its nice to be home as I missed the kids...I didn't however miss this weather! It has been off and on snow the last few days--we drove to work yesterday in the snow and then again on the way home and arrived home to a white yard and house! I miss the warm weather and sunshine we had in Hawaii.... and beach and food and boys and ....Anyhow we are now lathering ourselves from head to toe in moisture lotion as it is so dry with all this cold! Super Whaaaa!!!

Well ....we had such a great time on holiday in Hawaii-- It was only a week but it didn't go by to quickly and we got to see and spend time with friends and family and also met some new boys and a few couples that are now new formed lifelong friendships. We also took time to look at homes and such as we were hoping to feel out the situation as we contemplate a possible move to the islands.....we met another couple that just did that as well.....So its possible.....Its seems jobs would be the easy part.... but finding a place to live with 3 dogs would be another factor....We don't want to live somewhere with a 1-2 hour commute each way and that may be the factor with the homes and area we could afford and or it doesn't look like we would be able to do it right now but you never know...We will see how it goes in the next few months. We do know we would have to sacrifice a few things we take for granted living on the mainland-- but we have to weigh the plus factors as well living in paradise...... So its all something to think about right now. Plus I got some shitty news while I was away.....I don't want to get into right now but will soon. My mothers health isn't very good right now and that has put me on cruise control. I am not in the best state of mind right now as my mom goes through some serious health obstacles and lets just say I am sorta a wreck over it all....The best thing for me right now is to not think about it to much...When I do I become a blubbering mess......Anyhow I will elaborate more when I am able to do so.....for now keep my mommy in your prayers k?

Its good to be back.....I missed ya.... xoxoxo

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Matthew Fox
is foxy!
As I was going through my weeks worth pile of mail yesterday I came across this weeks EW...... I ordered it from the nephew who was selling mag subs a few months ago for some sort of fundraiser....Any who I am a total Lost fan....and though I have never really had a thing for Mr Fox... I really found this pic of him to be a good one-- quite a rugged handsome look on this cover shot.....Even Evangeline Lilly looks good! She has some sexy eyes! Click for larger look....

Monday, February 09, 2009

Im Back.....
I am back!-- So didn't go online for over a week and oh boy Oberto..... do I have ALOT of catching up to do! With the blog and the facebook! Eye Chihuahua! Had a great time in Hawaii and came back rested and tan too a very cold, wet and snowy Seattle.....But the holiday was super and It was a week of rest that was needed that is for sure.....So I am playing catch up and should be back to blooger mode as soon as I can... I need to unbury myself with all that needs to be done...I still need to go and catch up on all my fave blogs too!....I missed so many of you! Hope all is well out there...I feel like I missed so much! Will catch up you all very soon.