Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Please Delete
Nyasha Zumicha-

R"YAWN"SHA- Sorry but LOGO really needs to remove this gal from the A-LIST! She is more like a Z-LIST! She is such dark soul just as Austin said! LOL! Really not worth the time of day to post but I just had too. She is not only a real bitch but look how ugly too! REMOVE THE FISH!!!!! The elephant in the room needs to go away. So sorry but girls like this really make me gag! Could they have not found a cool fag hag--she is GAROAST!!
Adidas Shorts
Good to see these are back! In the 80's these are the shorts we wore in PE. I had a red pair and a blue pair and worked it! LOL! We have been super busy here and just enjoying the last weeks of summer. Hubby has a birthday this weekend. He does not want to celebrate it but we will have a small intimate one. I cant believe its SEPT tomorrow. Wow! Fall is knocking at our door....

Friday, August 19, 2011

Orange You Glad?
The weekends here again! Hope your tail end of the summer is just bully! Have a nice weekend chaps and chapettes!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Swimming in Seattle
its been a gorgeous week in Seattle--About 78 every day.... Hubby and I have been at the pool all week- it has finally been warm enough this week to take a dip! Weekend is suppose to hit 80! That's summer here this year! I know...LOL! Someone told me the other day we have only had 79 minutes of it being over 80 this year so far. Isn't that crazy!
I LOVE this man!
Adam Levine
So I have said on MANY occasions how much I adore Adam..His music is on HEAVY rotation on my playlistas we speak! I think he is one HOT man. Well even more love his way is now in order-- Check out this exclusive in OUT. About his gay bro... LOVE HIM even more now!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Its BACK to another week...
And this backside is perfection ya? .So how you doing Mr Jessie Balboa!!! So its a recoup and regroup Monday for Rad... We had a great weekend with a bunch of our friends and family in Silverdale Washington. We all stayed at a beach resort and just had a KILLA weekend. It was nice to get away for sure! Dogs were allowed at the resort but we didn't know so we are definitely going back with the kids next time as they would love it so much too. We are going to go back for a weekend in Oct. Small world as we knew the sales manager of the resort so it was shall we say--Awesome!

Back to the week---today is a catch up day for me and and then try to get some R and R is on my agenda. We have a busy week ahead!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Orange you glad?
The weekend is around the corner? Whoo hoo!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Guilty Pleasure
Hubby and I love this show---This season is a bit better than last... I loved the show and they almost lost us last season.. Bob at I Should Be Laughing had a great recap that I concur with big time....
Oh Austin---get it together and be nice to Derek! TJ is off to Hawaii with Rechien...And now we find out a new A LIST is on the way--- A-List Dallas... Do we need to have the girl? I still say they need to get rid of whatever her name is on New York...Can you say waste of space? Here is the Dallas Cast below...

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Just waiting for the weekend...
And its almost here! Woot woot! Nice buns eh? Been at the pool all day again....I love the sunshine! Looking forward to some fun this weekend! Hope yours is just as swell! Much Aloha! xo

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bombs Away!
Summer in Seattle
Summer has hit in Seattle--Finally! It has been sunny and warm for about a week---Sunday was overcast but it was a good rest day. We celebrated with family and friends of what would of been my moms 63rd b-day and had a big BBQ. It was nice to get together and remember her. Gosh we used to BBQ on her b day every year and just hang out and play booche--oh such good times! So we did as we would when she was here with us....I know she was watching us....

Hubby and I have been so darn busy! I haven't had time to blog or do everything we want to do... Infact today I finally cleaned our house--I used to clean every week but lately its every other and I had to do it today as it had been almost 3 weeks! Yikes! I guess I am loosening up with age. Ha! Well I guess if your not home the house stays clean! LOL!

So we really have been enjoying our summer...the sunny weather is awesome and we have just been hanging at a friends pool and going out with my sister on her boat and just chiilin with our buds. We have a big weekend planned as our whole family and friends are going to huge family reunion pig roast. I am also excited and we have family "ohana" coming in from Hawaii for a few weeks on this Friday. They are coming in for the reunion and to visit... Hubby and I was going to go camping this weekend with friends but the reunion came up so we had to cancel but instead we are all going to Summerfest in Silverdale next weekend. Going to spend the night as Island Vibrations are playing on Saturday night....I am loving this summer! I cant remember a better one!

Lost a high school friend this last week :-( Off to her memorial tomorrow- My sister and I knew her well. Its going to be surreal as it is going to be like a mini High School reunion as well....Then Hubby is set to go to the pool again tomorrow afternoon....He is my little aqua boy this summer! He he he......I think I may need to put back my blog vacation sign....