Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking at you.....
and wishing you a VERY happy, healthy and prosperous new year! Rad homo is going to go out and about tonite for the eve...Invited to about 6 different events ( gosh we must be loved- he he)...Its funny as I can tell the hubster and I are getting old.....We wanted to stay home and just chill with the 3 dogs but we thought we better get on some duds and go out and celebrate. Big love and cheers to all my blog buds! I love ya!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thinking of you and yours on this Christmas Day! xo Rad

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry ho ho ho X mas eve....
Happy Christmas eve.....I had to use a new fave---- Mr Adam Coussins. I just google him and I am in a better mood! I wonder if Santa can fit him in my stocking?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shitty DayHad a poop kind of day! So many things got on my nerves today....I need a drink. Better yet I really wish I could get away. Getting close to changing it all and just giving up. So fed up! I know I need to hang in there but sometimes I feel it isn't worth it anymore. I want something to change and I guess I have to make the effort to get that ball rolling.... Oh how I wish it would get better. Oh if I have guardian angel now if the time man! HELP!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Haps B Bloggers ad Blogettes...
Found this new pic of my other husband Derrick Davenport....Sorry had to cut off the best part as I am trying to keep my blog at a rated R....Though it seems full frontal on men are ok these days for a R rating...Sing Hallelujah!

Hope your week goes well. We have a busy week ahead and then of course the holiday at the end of the week. Going to go ice skating tomorrow.....I cant wait!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Cocktail Festivity
Christmas cocktail party at our home tonite. Are you in Seattle? I really really wish some of you blog buds who I ADORE lived closer! Anyhow if you are in town tonite...Rad and Hubster would love to have you over for some holiday fun! E mail me and lets get our holiday engines started! Cheers!
Happy Holidays!
Here's to a wonderful weekend! Its going to be a busy one with shopping, dinners, and all the parties! Be careful out there! photo from one of my fave undies....Plus I just I love Jonathan Waud! This isn't him...I wish they used him for it though...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Hump Day!
Hope your hump day is suppah delish....Just like this pic! :-)
Since Philip Morris wasn't playing anywhere here we went to see Burlesque yesterday! We went to the 1130am matinee for $6.....I enjoyed it and CA surprised me... The acting was indeed so-so... for even Cher..... and it was kinda disappointing as she only sang 2 songs ..But I still love her to death and the movie was so worth seeing as there are so many movies that are bad these days. This was good one considering some bad acting and a predictable plot.... Great music and lots of talent though and it was a pure delight! I give it a 7... ok bonus gay points...I give it a 9....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Snoqualmie Falls
Wanted to go see Philip Morris today but its such a limited release that it isn't even playing in Seattle! WTF! So we are off today to do some holiday shopping, errands and then over to see Snoqualmie Falls... The monsoon rains help the falls put on a big show so we are going to go check it out!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Monday!
Know alot of you out there are very cold with the snowstorms....its crazy weather all over.... We had over 3 inches of rain in 24 hours so we are so waterlogged in the NW! I thought some Adam Coussins would help you generate some heat today.... He is one of my fave guys to google.

Happy Monday to you!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Whats up?
Feeling better today....THANKS for all those that sent me messages and well wishes...Awww shucks! I know it will get better and I know I am a survivor so it should all be ok in the long run... I have a feeling even better than it was ever too... I almost deleted the post as I was in the moment. But when I started this blog I did so with the intention of sharing so here we are years later....In fact I think my 3 or is it 4 year anniversary is coming up in Jan for this blog....Wow! Its fun and sometimes yes very embarrassing to look back on all my post through the years....But It is who I am and what was going on at the time so.....Anyhow thanks again to those that took the time to communicate with me and make sure Rad was ok....xoxo

So what has Rad been up too? No job gives me less free time and more worry for one which is strange. Anyhow enough of that boring subject. I have been eating better than ever and losing weight which is cool. Hubs and I are eating right and exercising and just trying to be more healthy in general. Its more of a life change when it comes to eating so now that we have been doing it for months it is not so bad and actually easy....We still splurge on occasion its just we now follow rules better on what and when we can have the good stuff....Now its just a bonus or special treat when we have sweets or breads, rice, pasta, sodas etc.

Been watching alot of movies and going to $6 matinees... Movies are like $12 these days so we go in the am and catch a flick early ... Going to Burlesque this week. Been renting movies ALOT! from the Red Box... its rocks! Only a buck! So its couch time with the kids and we just chill. Kids are being spoiled that we are home more that's for sure.

Looking for a job...kinda...going full force in Jan on that---Started a Hawaiian Jewelry business and will be doing that to supplement the income.... Going to do all the Hawaiian festivals in 2011.

That's a quick update for now....I am jonesing for my blog fix! Going to go read up on all of you now that I am in the mood! Hope you all are having a good Dec and holiday season! ho ho ho!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Down Time
Feeling down. Yesterday was a bummer of a day and everything that could go wrong did. I start to think of all the shit going on and it all tornadoes into a whirlwind of worry for me. So yesterday was a fucked up day for me...I don't have many of those but lately I just have so much on my plate. Just so much going on in my life to juggle and with that it sometimes gets overwhelming. I think I was just overloaded with all I have going on right now. Last night took a "pain pill" and I finally relaxed. ahhhhhh.... I was able to relax and then calm down. Finally went to bed at 2..... I am thinking straighter now this morning and I know everything will work out.... All my worry about all the shit work, starting a business and just making sure ends are met daily will work out and transpire as I am a strong guy and capable of making it all work.

Just every now and then I just get tired and defeated. It all comes to a tidal wave of emotions. Its difficult as I said many times B4 my mom was my confidant.... my sounding I am lost and alone these days in that area for support as the most important part and element in my life is someone to talk to at times like this... Hubby tries his best but we all know you need another ear than that sometimes.....I do love him so but sometimes I need a break from that.... Friends? Many.... but not any I feel comfortable with that I can confide in or vent too....Plus lately I feel like a burden.....there's that guys who lost his mom and job...what a loser! LOL! I know get over it Rad!! But you get that vibe from people you know...Im tired of some people even being rude..... I am ready to punch out a few of them and might do so soon.......It is funny to see who really supports you in rough times. Im not one to reach out... I do try though. My blog buddies and people I would never realize are now here for us....Those we thought would are so not....Funny how that works....You can so see the good from the bad....

I know I should think about going to see a therapist to chat with but don't have the funds for that! LOL!! Oh.... I am just rambling....Sorry just venting out bored on a Sunday am...checking out my fave blogs which seem to get my mind off the crap I have in my head. Like I said things are ok......gosh it could be so worst..... Si I know we will make it work!!!! I just miss being able to call or go visit mom and she would make me all strong again...she was my power energizer...I need to try to do that alone now...... so very hard! Ok back to you regular scheduled blog fun now... Thanks for the ear......

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Bay Got Back--I mean RAD HOMO IS BACK....

I have been so BUSY!! you would think being unemployed would give me more time-- WRONG!! I am going to try hard to get into the swing of making time to blog...Mostly I miss being able to go and visiting all my fave blogs...I feel so out of the loop....But I also miss sharing my shit too!

I am going to make a LARGER effort!! I bet I can do it!! Its the tail end of the year folks! Hope it is going well for you! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!