Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh Bradley!
Brad Goresky from Rachel Brad who knew? You hot tamale mon! I love this guy as he makes me laugh and now we see this hot bod....So BONUS points indeed!

So far the holiday weekend is WET and not the good wet...Looks like alot of indoor sports and activities unless it lets up! I hope it clears up as we have a car club thing this afternoon and a BBQ we were invited too this evening and then having a few friends over tomorrow for a weenie roast/cocktails and such here....Maybe I need to do some sort of Hawaiian rain prayer or dance? At least the rain is giving the plants and grass alot of water-- the floral and fauna is major lush right now---Now we know why they call Washington the Evergreen State! Its all shades of green right now...Its really pretty! But where is the sun man!! Im water logged!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just Waiting.....
for my Thursday to go super fast..... I have a 4 day weekend ahead! Yabba Dabba Whoo Hoo!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maxim Chmerkovskiy
Happy Hump Day! I just love Dancing with the Stars and I am happy that Hawaii gal Nicole Scherzinger is 2010 winner! She rocked it indeed! I am sorry that Evan Likesadick didn't get it but he does gets an A for effort and he seems like a really nice fella. He was such a turn off for me initially even in the Olympic games and then as I watched him this season on DWTS and he really grew on me.....I am sure he would grow on many other men as well! Pun intended! Actually all the fellas on DWTS are so fun to watch as there's nothing like a man that can dance its so sexy and Maxim is no exception. Maxim actually has turned into quite a looker as if you look back on how he had that awful long hair back in the day so lets just say his transformation through the years have been very very good! He is hot hot hot!

On another note have you noticed allot of gents are wearing lots of bracelets? Mush like we did in the 80's.....You remember the look don't you? I wore a bunch on each wrist..... Well I noticed that Maxim has been wearing a bunch in alot of his pics and on the show and then the post below of model Eric last week... I keep seeing guys on TV and on the street boys sporting them...... It brings back memories and how fun to see.... maybe I am behind and its been around for awhile but I seem to notice it more and more lately.....

Well its Wednesday and tomorrow is my Friday! So a 4 day weekend is around the corner! Yippee! Whos in Seattle this weekend? Wanna play?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fridays Catch
Eric Bivoino
Now this is TOTALLY my type....Holy smokalonies!! Have a nice weekend buckaroos!
Northwest Oregon Boy Jake Shears is all over the news this week due these photos for a spread in TETU magazine and the excitement and buzz surrounding a Scissor Sisters return with their third album Night Work on June 28 2010! Today I also hear he is a key figure behind Kylie Minogue's new album APHRODITE! All I know is Jake is hot and his music is hot and its going to be a hot summer jammin to his tunes!! I hope he comes to the PNW in concert--I'm so there!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Waiting....
Just waitng for the weekend to come....Im on this bootylicious kick and this fella fits the bill today...Love a good ginger too....So I have nada too exciting to post. I need to go visit my blogger buds and see whats up in your worlds......Right now its pretty stale over here...well at least with the weekend around the should help!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lambert Wilson
Is Bootylicious!
Some Handsome french Actor Named Lambert Wilson at Cannes...He def caught my eye....Nice looking gent and had to post and just say nice "bootay" daddy!

Vanessa Williams
Is Joining Housewife's!
I just heard "my wife in my head" Vanessa Williams will be joining the cast of ABC'S Desperate Housewife's for its seventh season!! Woot woot ! With Ugly Betty now over :-( Im glad to hear she will be back on the tube! I am sure V will play a housewife who will rattle things up in the neighborhood and I cant wait! After this season finale I know the buzz is that Wisteria lane needs to amp it up a bit and bring us more drama...We want messy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Checkin In...
Sorry haven't had the time to blog....Been busy as heck and I have not posted in over week...shame on me! Nothing too new and exciting to report though... Just working and such.....the norm....We a had a yard sale last Saturday which was alot of work but was worth it as I raised enough to feel good about getting a new outdoor furniture set and we since we had really nice weather over the weekend it was perfect. Also got some roller skates and you will see me and the hubby rolling about town soon....I cant wait! Been watching the seasons end on many of my fave shows...For many the end forever :-(

I haven't had much time to visit my fave blogs lately and need to get on it! Need to be checkin on you fellas that's for sure!

Today photo is one of many from photographer Lope Navo who regularly crisscrosses the world in search of men to photograph.....This one is from his new book Stark... Check out his work here

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hats off to the start of another week!
My Random Thoughts For Monday....
Sunshine=Smiles Rain=Lets Snuggle My Hubby=Love My Kids=Care

Why are weekends so short? Mondays can be such a booger! And please... I am tired of those that say to me everyday is a good day... "I am thankful for each and every day" "I make all days special" yada yada yada.....I get it! It isn't that I don't appreciate another day on this planet ...its just that Mondays just bite man....Unless its part of a three or four day weekend.....

Had a nice time with my mom yesterday...It was so nice to see her smile all day and laugh... We had a good time going to brunch with her and my dad...Was able to listen to some live Hawaiian music with our brunch and then take a Sunday drive in the sunshine all over town. Its one of those days you wish wouldn't end....It was nice to see mom in such a good space-- its rare these days....I am also so thankful that both my sisters took the time to see her this weekend and my brother called her. Made me so very happy and I know she was overjoyed! You could see it in the twinkle of her eyes! I just wish they did it more often and not just on Mothers Day.

Yard work and veggie garden input this weekend was so rewarding! Such a sense of accomplishment and pride.....The backaches are worth it. Now grow baby grow!

Friday, May 07, 2010


Fridays boy is none other than Tim the "Speedo Student"...If you haven't heard he is the one making all this ruckus at the University of Hawaii for his uhhh videos.....

Update--check out his blog! NSFW What a cutie!

Weekends here and I am happy-- its is total blues skies this morning and the weather is suppose to be nice and sunny all weekend--at least that's what they fingers,toes and eyes crossed....The days are getting longer and last night the sunset was beautiful! It was at about 9pm and the sky was lovely! Hubby even grilled outside for dinner last night.....I just love the long days we have here....

Well time to get in Suzy planner mode and here is my agenda--Do some quick errands on the way home today-- we get off at 3pm everyday so its awesome to have the afternoons jump started! Get home and take the kids for a nice long walk...get back and give them a bath...They will like that! Tonite we have a few buds coming over to have a lets get this weekend started cocktails......I am already thirsty! Tomorrow morning will be out to Carpinito Brothers to get our veggie starts for the garden! We are one week behind this year but due to our weather we had to put if off. So plan on putting in the veggie garden tomorrow... its exciting as we got a nice garden box this year and will be able to do more than in previous years. So that's about it for the weekend. Plan to spend time with Mother on Sunday or tomorrow afternoon-- will ask her what she wants to do and play that by ear. I know just spending quality time together is her wish most of the time. I love my mom and Im just glad I have her for moms day to let her know shes the bestest mommy ever ever ever!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Olivia Newton John ROCKS!

As I have mentioned a few times in the past... my teen addiction I had to ONJ--scrap books and posters and all that....She was my Madge before Madge hit the scene in the early 80's Well check her out! Looking hot as ever guest starring on Glee this week! No wonder its my fave show on the planet! I LOVE IT! Now I have to get this version on my pod... pronto! So I can jam to it! Love ya ONJ!!

Special shout out to Bob Out as I know how much of a fan he is as well to ONJ ...he met her back in the original PHYSICAL days the lucky devil!!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy Boys Day! 2010
I know most people think of the 5th of May as Cinco de Mayo but in my life growing up in Hawaii this day is Boys' Day (in Japan, this day is also celebrated and has been changed to Children's Day).

In Hawaii and Japan, families fly koi-nobori, which are carp streamers, outside their homes. The number of carp on the poles are supposed to represent the number of boys in the household. This morning the hubby made sure to put out our carps and it was so sweet that he remembered to put them out. They are just like windsocks and my parents would be so proud. We have 3 of them and they represent the boys in our household.....Mochi (rice cakes willed with red beans) are traditionally served on this day so I guess I’ll have to have some mochi and also a burrito....

Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday Morning Weather
Hold on to your wiglets and put on your thermals!

What the heck.....This weather is insane! I should of wore my thermals today!

A strong winter-like storm is hitting Western Washington with wind, rain, and heavy mountain snow on this first Monday of May. A Wind Advisory is in effect through 7 p.m. tonight for the entire Puget Sound region. Westerly winds 20-30 mph with gusts up to 50 mph are forecast throughout the day. The strongest winds across Western Washington will be felt on Whidbey Island, Camano Island, and through the Admiralty Inlet area. A High Wind Warning is in effect for those areas where gusts up to 60 mph are forecast.
The steady rain from overnight has turned to showers. With the strong westerly flow, a convergence zone is forecast over the sound where heavy showers and isolated thunderstorms are possible this afternoon. We are also looking at heavy mountain snow today, falling all the way down to the 2,000 foot level. This means all Cascade passes will be seeing fresh snow. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for the Cascades and Olympics through midnight where 6 ! to 12 inches of snow is forecast.