Friday, January 20, 2012

Giddy up!
Time to giddy up on my blog! Sorry for my neglect the last few weeks but I have been so darn busy! So much going on and no time it seems.... but I have been at least going to my fave blogs and reading up......Just no time to blog here....Anyhow all is well...Just had a major snow and ice storm this week in Seattle so we are in a slow melt today and I am glad its over. Snow is pretty and all but when it gets dangerous with ice then I don't like it... They say we may get another round next week...Hmmm I guess my request to mamma nature was heard to get snow last week...Dang... I wonder if she takes repeals?

Glad to see my fave movie got the globe! The Decendants! We also went to see The Iron Lady---WAS GOOD!!! Had to take a week off from movie going-- well we had no choice as we were snowed in! Today we finally got out and went to Costco which was nice as we were getting cabin fever! STUD ALERT-- Hey had anyone seen Jonas Sulzbach from Big Bro Brazil? All those pics and vid of him this week with his big--well you know... I suggest you check it! DANG!

Monday, January 09, 2012

My Week With Marilyn-
Hubster and I have doing the movie thang... We are trying to hit most of the ones that will be nominated for awards and such as we all know awards season is upon us darlings..... One of the movies we went to see over the weekend was My Week With Marilyn . 2 thumbs up! And major kudos to Michelle Williams- WOW! She did an brilliant job and deserves all the nominations she should receive for her work on this movie. Fantastic! We also went to see the Devil Inside---mindless crap but I love a good spook every now and then....I was surprised to find out it was the number one movie this weekend... Next we want to see SHAME. That's the next to check off the list...Its funny how even in a big city like Seattle My Week With Marilyn was only playing at 2 theaters and Shame is only at 1 theater in town. They are both in limited release. I hate trekking in to town and paying for parking and such when I can just head over to our newer,more comfortable and closer local cinema....LOL! Man I'm getting old.... oh well!
Anyone have any other recommendations on movies we should see? The Descendants was our fave movie so far this year....