Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Wish-
Stay home with the kids!!

Man I hate Mondays! I wish I could just stay home with the kids and hang out today....I keep hoping to win that lottery so this wish can be fulfilled one day! I just hope this week is busy so it goes by fast! I am looking forward to the long holiday weekend that is coming up. It was a bus weekend more details when I get a moment....Hope you all have a nice week!~

Friday, August 28, 2009

Seattle Dry Weather to End?
This dry weather is about to come to and end...well sort of. Its crazy on how the weather has been so dry and warm all summer....I myself do love it....But it looks like some some rain..yes RAIN is in the forecast again. It will be a nice change for a day if it happens-- You can tell the real Seattlelites as they miss the rain so much....A mist and they smile....I think we have had maybe 2 days of rain at the most since June and not even a inch or so of any measurable rain .....I better go tell this boy I have above sitting in front of the fan at home that he can switch the fan off and add a blanket to our bed....he can also change out of his briefs into a warmer pair of boxers if he likes....he he he....Have a nice weekend folks!

One Of My Imaginary Husbands
Nick Youngquest

One of my Imaginary husbands-- Mr Nick Youngquest has some new photos out-- I am sure you have seen them as they are circulating the blogsphere heavy duty right now...I have only seen a few--this being one of them...I think I will still have him of one of my imaginary husbands.... Guy has the looks-- He is the one I above for my rad homo header...Love those thighs! MMMMMMM Meaty! Click on photo-- its gets super bigga!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Thursday Thrill

Pump pump pump a gasolina....Thought we need a a thrill for Thursday...Some dude pumping some gas in his fancy briefs...he is kinda cute...I wont say anything about his hose....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hi Folks
Here I am - taken a few weekends ago when we had a small "girls" night.....Thanks for all the e mails and well wishes and those checking in on me to make sure I am sweet! I am doing ok.. ...I have been like a roller coaster these days with my moms sickness and my emotions has been all over the map too. So I don't have much time to post on the blog. I have been trying to visit my faves when I can though... Miss ya buggers! Life is a bit fragile right now and I am spending alot of time with my folks. I wiil try to be back soon enough! XO Rad

Hubby, Rachel and Starla....

Friday, August 21, 2009

He kehau ho`oma`ema`e ke aloha.---Love is like a cleansing dew.
The cleansing power of aloha can soothe and heal. Hurt, pain, and suffering yield to aloha's healing power.
Ike aku, `ike mai, kokua aku kôkua mai; pela iho la ka nohana `ohana
Recognize others, be recognized, help others, be helped; such is a family relationship.
Hawaiians share their lives with their ohana (extended family). Ohana is the most important part of life for them, encompassing those born with blood ties, those accepted by marriage or hanai (adopted, formally or informally), deceased and spiritual ancestors, as well as those tied to the same ‘âina. This saying teaches why you put `ohana first. In the `ohana, you know others and they know you, you help others and know you will be helped if there is anything you need.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am sad, down, in a cloud, happy, confused, relieved but most of all exhausted.... 12pm Friday ...I got the call from a friend that works at Valley Medical hospital. Message was Your mom had coded and your dad wanted me to call you to let you know he needs you!!!
I hung up and hubby and I rushed to the hospital and made it from downtown Seattle to Valley Hospital in 15 minutes--it should of taken us about 30 minutes or more.....I know we traveled way over the speed limit ......but to be honest I don't remember the car ride at all.......Upon arrival into the emergency room we found out that mom had been in to do a CT Scan that moring and while there she suffered cardiac arrest and she was now in emergency....I was able to stay with her while in the emergency room ....Thank god we know the hospital staff and such as I was able to be in the room with her ( My mom was lead of the radiology department at this hospital --before her cancer). The experience was so surreal.......She had suffered a Flash Pulmonary Edema. She was in Emergency for about 4-5 hours.....Her heart never stopped but they did have to shock her once to bring her heart rate up. Its strange as I look back now and it seems like it was about 1 or 2 hours at the most in my mind... They were able to stabilize her after 4 hours in the emergency room and and she was placed on life support..... She was then put into ICU.....They told us at that point it was up to her..... God, she had been through so much! They told us she would or could maybe wake up in a day-or a few days--or a week--- or never..... and we should be prepared for a few scenarios. The Chaplin came....We were all a mess....I really expected her to pull through but maybe in a day was my hope.....As I knew she is strong ...but I was also preparing myself if she decided to not wake and let go and leave us...I would understand.......Well very strong up at 900pm that very night and by Saturday afternoon she was off life support and breathing on her own with just oxygen and she has now got out of ICU and is now in post ICU!

She is getting a little stronger everyday and we are thankful that we get to have her for more time. I felt if wasn't her time just yet anyhow. Not this way... it isn't her plan....
Saturday she had many visitors as word got out that she was in the hospital.....She had so many people stop in and see her....Hospital kept commenting and could not believe how many people came by.....My parents are very active in the Hawaiian communities here so they have a ton of friends....Many came with flowers and leis and lots of food .....I ate well this weekend that's for sure....then on Saturday afternoon they did a Hawaiian Jam or kanikapila as we call it in her ICU room and this brought up her and many of our spirits up---Lots of tears,smiles,singing and laughter went on .....The hospital has been super for the most part-- except for a few sour apples who need new professions and so many have asked if the musicians will be back everyday since...We didn't realize at the time that in ICU the camera was catching the whole "Hawaiian Concert" and every nurse station was watching it while they sang... Everyone keeps talking about the Luau that went on Saturday in ICU...

My post will be brief for while....I am exhausted....I have so much to catch up on.... but most importantly I need to take care of my mom-myself and my ohana at this time......Be back soon.... Love, Prayers and Aloha to you at this time.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Giddy Up! The Weekend is Here!

Another FRIDAY is here...thank the lord! Its been a long and busy week and I am sure happy that it is almost OVER!!!! I have been as crazy as heck at work and then we have been busy with babysitting my sisters dog Chansum and the hamsters Rodney and Doolittle at home--Chansum has been ok but he is sorta stubborn to go out and do his biz and has also had a few accidents which is always a pain but for the most part hes a good dog......He walks out and pees on my planters on the patio and that drives me insane....I mean cant he walk a few feet into the grass? I will need to sanitize and clean like a madman after he is gone thats for sure. The Hamsters are no trouble but I am so glad I have a basement as they have a funny smell! I am so not into any small animals and the smell they tend to have so to me the basement sorta smells like a barn right now.....YUCK! I mean if I had a barn that would be ok for it to smell this way but my home isn't a barn. I am just not one to have a small caged animal in my home...I mean they poop and pee in the cage! That is one reason I was never into having a indoor cat also.....So basement will also need a major clean up when those buggers go home too..... Yes I am a total clean freak....its one of those things that I work on.......Yes I am so compulsive....I mean I even face my food in the cupboards and fridge! So having this go on in my house right now is bad for me as I don't sleep well and I am bit bit uncomfortable in my own home this week. It all kinda drives me bananas....I am working on changing and learning to relax about things but it is hard change.......

Weekend is here so I am glad as I can keep an eye on the pets...keep the house in order and clean up a bit.....Nothing really planned so that's always good. Trying to be a good boy and not spend money so I see a movie night at home tonite. Theres is a few flicks I want to see that were released on DVD.....The new Zac Efron movie is out on DVD-- I think its called 17 again...I would never go and see it in the movie theater but I will watch it for a $1.oo from RED BOX. I love Red Box! Plus he is always nice on the eyes....another movie out I would like to see is that remake of Witch Mountain.....with the ROCK.....did I ever mention that the Rock is a cousin of mine? Maybe have a few friends over for dinner and drinks tomorrow....Maybe tackle my garage and get that in order for a late summer garage sale later in the month....Maybe clean our closets out- they need it....But maybe just lounge around in my boxers and watch movies all weekend and eat Whoopers--Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts and drink milk shakes.....mmmm milk shakes!

Have a good weekend partners! Yee Haw!!!
Rad Homos New Co Worker

One of my lovely children---heres Alika at work with me yesterday....He had a vet appointment at 8am so we brought him into work and he worked with me for a few hours before his appointment....Here he is in the vacant cubicle next to mine.....hes pushing some world cruise postcards.....He was such a good boy.....I wish I could bring my pets to work everyday....There are a lot of businesses in Seattle that allow it and its pretty cool if you ask me....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Treat
Kellan Lutz
Once again I bring you Kellan....Here he is out and about in Vancouver...Click as they get bigga!

Last Weekend- Lost Chunk Of Big Toe
This Week- Upon Me Is A HELL WEEK!

Sadly not this kind of HELL week... with a bunch of hot soldier type boys....but first how was your weekend? Ours was fun and busier than expected....Had some fun with the usual suspects on Saturday night.....Had some Guava/Raspberry vodkas which were super yummy and hubby made a nice dinner-- after dinner my main gal Val had a accident--somehow she went flying through the screen door of the slider we have that separates the house and back lounge area...could it be those cocktails? (as we had many)....hmmm well maybe..... but it is the THIRD time someone has taken out that screen door! Its finally time for a new one as this time it has really been bent up to no was pretty funny as when she fell as she had cherry pie dessert and pineapple upside down cake in her hands and it all went flying in the air...we were laughing hysterically.......then we found out that she sliced her big toe and had to go to the emergency room and got 7 stitches!!!! I am just happy she is ok.....Sunday morning I saw what I thought was a bunch of blood around.... but it was all those cherry's that took a nose dive! Hubby did find a chuck of toe flesh too....yikes! Maybe it was a piece of cherry but in any event I am glad the dogs didn't find it...

So in my opinion... a hell week is upon us--- I did tell my sister we could babysit Chansum ( her Westie).....As I thought it would be a weekend thing but in actuality its a fricken WEEKDAY thing- He arrives tonite and stays to Saturday....Now when we said yes we asked her to e mail us or call us over the dates......never happened......this was about a month ago and so when they called us on Sunday to remind us...that is is this Tuesday....TONITE.....oh well time to edit our week.......We love Chansum as he is a good little dog but it may be a challenge having him at home with our 3 kids while we are at work....I am a little nervous about that....4 dogs at home.....I am hoping they all get along.....Her hubby--my bro in law......which I do like ...can sometimes be a little pushy and kinda an asshole on occasion..he al;so advised us that we need to watch the ginnie pigs as well.....Rodney and Doolittle.....oh joy joy......Sorry but they may go in the garage or basement! I don't want them in the house! So I am thinking I may have to take off tomorrow as I need to be home the first day to get the dogs used to each other......I don't think I can just leave them alone......Which kinda sucks as I have to take a vacation or sick day and work is insane right now so that is going to be a bummer to call in and use a day of my allotments ......DAMM!! And then Alika (our eldest son) has a major vet apt on Thursday-- he is going in for a 2 hour visit as he is going to partake in a 56 day medical study.....His meds for his skin and such doesn't really work well so he is going to try something new-- its a new therapy and drug treatment study...I am super nervous about that! Then we have a Wednesday night dinner party we need to attend and we have been advised to bring all 4 this will be fun..... but it seems our sunshine has left as today I woke up to pouring rain! Rains back in Seattle! Shucks! The kids were like so unhappy to go potty this am in it too......They will adapt back to it but it was sorta funny.....They didn't want to go out at all! Now if its raining tomorrow we may have to cancel and not make it as I cant haul 4 dogs in the rain....... As you can tell I am rambling...bottom line...this week looks to not be so fun....if I didn't have to work it would be no problemo..but I have to work......boooo!!!...Hurry up Friday!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Type
soooooo my type...Love these shorts! I remember when we all wore these exact shorts in PE back in the day.....I had a few guys that were my faves in gym class that had this exact look! What a hottie!
Miami Social and Melrose Place
Loving that Drama!

Lets just say once again that I am hooked on Miami Social! Because I am just like them "one of seven friends that make a city spin" ......well I wish! After all these estrogen filled Real Housewives of New York City (few husbands included) and New Jersey and Atlanta and so on ........which believe me I do adore.... its nice to have a change as Miami Social has a good vibe and its fun....Plus it has more men on it......I posted a few weeks ago about this and hope they open up the franchise to other cities. It kinda reminds of one of my fave shows back in the day that you may recall---Melrose Place.....I loved that show and looks like they are bringing MP back! Below is a pic of Victor Wester who has signed on the be Caleb--the new GAY character they will have on this updated version of Melrose-- The character sounds delish! And his looks are also quite delishio too..... More here.....

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Kids...
Is it Friday yet?

The hardest part about leaving the house everyday is that I have to leave the 4 kids-- Alika (above), Maile, Lola and Mamma Cat. It is so damm hard to say goodbye every single day. There are so many days I just wish I could stay home with them and today was one of those days.
So they have routines and live for them if you know dogs....and in the am they go out for potty time and time to run around and then get treats when we walk out the door.....and they know the routine well.......For the last few weeks there has been a change in the routine as 2 old bats in reflector vest now walk by every am with 2 bigger dogs while the kids are doing there daily run around in the front yard. The kids go berserk and they bark like crazy and go nutso! What they really want is for them to come into our yard and play is what it is.....But is a pain in my ass as it wakes up the whole neighborhood this being at 515am in the morning! I am hoping the old bittys change there little walk time or walk route pattern soon as they disrupt our nice tranquil 515am run around in the front yard that we have been doing for quite sometime now. It throws the routine off big time! I know I am mean man but geez lousie man! I am hoping fall comes and they go away....the sooner the better...they have my quiet mornings in a uproar-- literally!
Wednesdays Wank
Owen Hawk
A real guy indeed! More here from this great blogger!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Mondays Meat

Growers To Show Ya...
With all this heat we have been having in Seattle some plants in our yard and garden are going gang busters! Lots of growers and showers in the yard that's for sure! These are a few I snapped on my phone on Saturday morning to send to my mom as she cant come over to see it in person.... we are just amazed at the plants that don't normally do well in Seattle but this years is going bonkers! Above is a red leaf banana tree--It was a little thing when we planted and now it is a mini tree! It is pumping out a few leaves a week! We put it in a small pot so we can bring in for the winter but it is growing out of this pot very fast! I Love it!

A few more pics below---One of my Lilly's and then one of my hubby's peppers...His tomatoes are also going gang busters-- We are amazed on how these plants are doing..... its like the tropics not Seattle!
Lilly's Lilly's and more Lilly's! I picked about 10 stalks and took some into work and put some in the house and still have tons!

Peppers! Had to take this one as my mom and dad loved it! We wished we could plant the Hawaiian Chili Pepper!