Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Kids...
Is it Friday yet?

The hardest part about leaving the house everyday is that I have to leave the 4 kids-- Alika (above), Maile, Lola and Mamma Cat. It is so damm hard to say goodbye every single day. There are so many days I just wish I could stay home with them and today was one of those days.
So they have routines and live for them if you know dogs....and in the am they go out for potty time and time to run around and then get treats when we walk out the door.....and they know the routine well.......For the last few weeks there has been a change in the routine as 2 old bats in reflector vest now walk by every am with 2 bigger dogs while the kids are doing there daily run around in the front yard. The kids go berserk and they bark like crazy and go nutso! What they really want is for them to come into our yard and play is what it is.....But is a pain in my ass as it wakes up the whole neighborhood this being at 515am in the morning! I am hoping the old bittys change there little walk time or walk route pattern soon as they disrupt our nice tranquil 515am run around in the front yard that we have been doing for quite sometime now. It throws the routine off big time! I know I am mean man but geez lousie man! I am hoping fall comes and they go away....the sooner the better...they have my quiet mornings in a uproar-- literally!


A Lewis said...

such good little kids!

Sam said...

For those who want to Google the gorgeous hunk shown here, his name is actually Victor Webster, if you wil permit a small correction. I've been a fan of his for years!!