Monday, July 31, 2006

Lance and Rienchen DIRT

Rocky Love Between Lance and Riechen?Last week Lance Bass came out of the closet professing his homosexuality (an open secret for some years now in Tinseltown) and “very stable” relationship with reality show star Reichen Lehmkuhl. While we’re so proud of Lance for making the leap, the phrase “very stable” and “reality show star” don’t always go hand-in-hand. Now it seems, before they’ve even had a chance to make a public appearance together as a couple, our newest gay power pair appears to be on the verge of a break-up. Page Six is airing some dirty laundry. “Friends of Bass say he’s sick of Lehmkuhl’s controlling ways. Reichen forced Lance to come out just at the same time he has a book coming out [Here’s What We’ll Say] so he could ride the publicity wave,” said the paper’s spy source. “He is a big gay activist and very controlling. He wants Lance to give up his straight friends and do whatever he tells him to.” When asked about the rift, Bass’s reps said, rather predictably and obtusely, “Lance couldn’t be happier with the overwhelming reaction he’s getting from all over the world.” Cute pic of Controlling Riechen soon--my pcs on the blink...

Princes Harrys A Big Boy....

Wow, so it could be Photoshopped, Its all over the blogs--but I couldn't deprive you one more shot of Prince Harry and this free shot of what many hope for ----A Prince with money and a man who fills his cargo shorts well.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cute Ivan Koumaev

I had to add this hip hop dance boy to my blog and hope to all his fans out there like me he makes it tonite...he is one white boy that has some smooth and sweet moves!! Enjoyment to watch!!!


pictured with Alison Holker

So You Think You Can Dance
is Sneaky and Dirty!!

So I love this show and last night like other nights I am glued to my TV-- feet taping and having a gay ol time..Benji Schwimmer & Heidi Groskreutzs dance last night was super in fact it was awesome--And then I was reminded today that they are cousins! I kinda remember this from the tryouts but forgot!--No wonder they can rock it ---they should! Then I find out Dmitri and Heidi have been dance partners from 2005. Ok so is this fair? Idon't believe so do you?--its a bunch of hog wash and I don'tt think its very fair for the other contetants--theydon't elaborate on it much in the show--Hmmmm..Very sneaky SYTYCD!!!! So Idon't feel bad anymore about things I have said about them---I also read found out that Benji is so Mormon city....YUCK!!! Closet case Closet case!!!
I am hoping Benji is gone tonite but I doubt it....Hope my hunny TRAVIS and super cute Ivan makes the cut..

MADGE wants a clean seat....

Great story...But I dont blame her ! I would have all T seats changed too if I could!

Tuesday, 25th July 2006, 12:06
Madonna demands a brand new toilet seat at every concert she plays.The 'Hung Up' singer is said to be so paranoid about germs she has requested that her dressing room toilets are fitted with a fresh seat for every night of her 'Confessions' world tour.A source revealed to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "The seat has to be inspected by her people, then installed - with an unbroken seal - by plumbers before every gig."Madonna's US spokesperson Liz Rosenburg has defended her seemingly outrageous demands.She said: "Who wouldn't want a new toilet seat wherever they go."The izarre request is just one of many of the singer's crazy tour demands.She also requires three candles to protect her from negative vibes and mean-spiritedness, a relaxing foot spa complete with lavender and camomile body soak, plenty of Kabbalah water, and a love seat.Madonna, 47, also insists her dressing room is covered with white drapes and white roses - the symbolic colour of her Kabbalah faith.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Prince Harrys Package-

All over the media today--looks like he really has something to adjust...Lucky horse....

Sometimes your in the mood for fire crotch...Hes a keeper!
Justins Timberlakes Sexy Ass-- I mean Sexy Back...

Heard Sexy Backs video premiere is tonite on MTV...always a good thing..

Hoping for some skin...Common JT shake that money maker !!!

Janice Dickinsons Model Show Is Tops!
or bottoms if you like naked butt shots of cute male modes

Ok...So tonites one of my favorite nights on Tv!......Well it was...It also one night that I have to struggle to stay up to 1030! What a old man I've become....Last week was the last episode of Kathys Griffins D list..Love that show so much--- its the best and I will have to write more about my love for Kathy later ..But this is all about Janice...

Janice has a great show of her own now that used to follow Kathys show here in Seattle-- anyhow... I have to give Janice some kudos! Jeff and I absolutely love and enjoy it..not to mention the hot male bods ( they even have naked butt shots--thank you Oxygen network).. But in all seriousness you could check it out folks--Janice is a hard one to swallow sometimes as she can eat at your last nerve...But since she is the worlds first supermodel--I bow to her for sure...Plus doesn't she look hot these days! The shows perfect for a fruit pie like me....I raspberry fruit pie--my favorite...

Looks like the show taking over Tuesday night is the premiere of that work out show...I will have to check it out as I heard a gay dude from Seattle is on it...You know the show about body trainers with 3% Body fat yada yada that Bravo has been promoting to death.... I will have to check it...Lets see if we can find anything out about the Seattle dude.....

Monday, July 24, 2006

MADONNA Confessions Tour

Confessions Tour to be television on NBC in November

NBC announced today the network will broadcast "Madonna: The Confessions Tour Live" - a two-hour special set to air in November 2006. The special will be taped this summer at Wembley Arena in London, UK during her worldwide sold-out 25-city "Confessions Tour" and marks the first-ever broadcast network performance by the international pop superstar.

"Madonna is one of the greatest artists of our time and never fails to generate excitement," said Kevin Reilly, NBC Entertainment President. "We think this is going to be a big event for television."

The concert special will feature songs from the artist's recent multi-platinum Warner Bros. Records release "Confessions On A Dance Floor," which debuted at No. 1 in 29 countries and has sold over eight million copies around the globe. The broadcast will also include some of Madonna's greatest hits from her legendary career. The network will have the power to decide what to cut and what not. Some song will be cut because of time and because some are inappropriate for TV.

NBC is rumored to be paying Madonna 15million for this show
Becks Tight White Speedos-

All the bloggers have the pics of Becks while he is on Holiday with his stick wife today..

Fun and entertaining as always Trent at Pink Is The New blogs take-

MONDAYS HOT SHOT. Naked Rob Thomas?

Came across this hot pic today and It reminded me of Rob Thomas-- A better army version of Rob Thomas taking a nice afternoon snooze in the raw in a hot tent in my backyard...I wish...

New Season starts in a few weeks..Lots of new characters and nice new pub campaign of photos have come out at

I look forward to this! I have to say its the BEST gay show on TV in my opinion since Queer as Folk left town...

Check it out


Zauleyka Riveria- Ms Puerto Rico

My pick...and she won!--well she was my second pick...I liked Ms Ucrania first...She got in the top 20 but that was it...

She reminds me of Crystal Gale-Cher and Prisilla Presley rolled into one!


Friday, July 21, 2006

David Geffens New Boy Toy? Sean William Scott

So Davids new boy toy is hotter than hecks Sean William Scott...

David has had a string of toys-- From Tom Cruise to many more..I think I need to come up with a list..

Full Story at Link below.

Story by my blogger and my idol Andy at

Towlerload... Via Deframer..thanks for the gossip boys!

Travis Wall
David Beckham

Same type of boy toys..twins!!!....whatta you think? I will take one of each please....

Travis Wall !!!

Cute Cute Cute boy isn't he? Had a hard time finding pics of this boy!! And the rest below..... I am sure soon we will be able to find more as they /he gains more exposure. He reminds me of a young American version of Mr David Beckam huh? I pick Travis for the boy to win this year.....I am not sure if they pick a boy and a girl? Who cares about the girls anyhow...But for boys-- hes my tops--read my string below for more of my wacky predictions and crap---as I think his main opponent will be Benji Schwimmer.. Don't get me wrong ---I like old Ben..heck hes like a nerd that grows on you and then you love him... Like I blabber about in below post...Benji is the next Clay Aiken-- Im just not sure Benji does it for me...Anyhow I will post a few pics of Benji and Dmitry as well for your fetish I mean enjoyment.

Benji Schwimmer--Aka New Clay Aiken..

So much like the church boy that used to play tug the worm with you when you had those boy sleepovers.....He is so much like Clay Aiken and I predict a much similar future for Ben--Lots of girls YOUNG girls that get the screaming thigh sweats for him..Gay leaks and speculations..and another cum rag making a return debut in the national spotlight .

Dmitry Chaplin

I will miss you D! Your chest, your accent and your sweet ass... You will be a star no matter what..If it doesn't work out I am sure you will find a good fan base of men in the gay porn industry! But in all seriousness...I think you are an entertaining and good looking man and should go very far..Just don't wear those wide flap leg trousers you wore a few weeks ago.....Unless of course you get a gig with the Circue Du Soleil

So you think you can dance--check it out...


So Happy Friday bitches! Its going to be a hot one in the Pacific Northwest--- I think we may break the record in Seattle!!!--I bet we will climb above the benchmark record of 94 degrees both today and tomorrow. Thank god I love the heat!!! It really wont bother Jeff and I much as we are island boys. We like it hot.....Yes we do....The only thing I am worried about is my plants-- I should of moved them yesterday into shady spots so to protect them from this heatwave. When I get home today I will have to see how they did, I hope they do ok...Im a bit worried about them...They may fry a bit......Hope you make it my lovely flowers...God I am so GAY!! Other then that tragedy bring it on Mother Nature! Its going to be funny and predictable.. I see it now on the news-- TOP STORY.. Seattle Heatwave Summer 06...then the top stories will go something like this-

1 We will have to listen to all the people suffering due to this heat--how it affects them--you know the same old complainers the elderly, old , poor ,fat etc..

2 How water,fans and air conditioners are selling like hotcakes! There may be some newsperson that will get lucky and get some fight for the last fan at Walmart. "Hey bitch that was my fan"- no it isn't-- I saw it first..Slap!

3 How many have drowned in lakes, streams and rivers this weekend as they try to keep cool... Dumbasses should learn how to swim.. This area is full of dry landers..You would think with all the water? Anyhow my advice-just go under a hose in the yard!

4 How to keep cool..Drink water, stay in the shade..keep animals in, My advice-- Strip naked and have someone rub ice in all the right places.. eg: Give your loved one a blowjob with ice...Or for you clam lovers--A nice seafood buffet with ice too..

So with this heat we get lucky and get lots of skin--good and bad--lets not even go there with the I will be out and about this weekend for sure to look for the good and make fun of the bad...I just hope all the boys in the area strip down to skivies like this fella so we can get shots like this --- This is Alan Richson...You may remember him from the first season of American Idol-- He was the first seasons Boy Candy---He is popping up here and there...he played Aquaman on Smallville and Im not sure where this shot came from but I like a lot.....Im not sure I want to see many other AI kiddums in hes a keeper...

Speaking of Boy Candy--Are any of you sad that Dimitri was voted off last night So You Think You Can Dance? He was a little too Disco Danny for me, but I enjoyed him.. I think he had that certain something, maybe it was that Russian accent? "Yes Dimitri you need to suck it like this--all us American boys do it"... Just kidding! Enough of my Russian boy fantasy's.... I am hoping Travis gets the boy title... I know its going to be against Travis and Benji...All you bearded clams out there can have your Benji ( I smell a new Clay Aiken frenzy with bearded clams adolescence girls screaming their lungs out) . I think the new Clay Aiken has spawned...Then we will have all the gay conspiracies and the cum rag will resurface in the media spotlight yet again...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Project Addiction Runway

So Im one of those addicted to Project Run this way....I love love love it!!! It truly is my favorite show on TV.. I noticed they brought it to normal network NBC the other night--now all the normal folks get to enjoy it---Yea... That's all we need --stupid people saying "your out " ----yukarama....Its just like the fab five--slowly becoming so main stream it hurts--anyhow back to this dress---It was designed by Kayne Gillaspie Prom Queen Dress Maker or in his case Ms Prom Dress Maker-- and was the right choice indeed...Had a fun night with So You Think You Can Dance on--yea hip hip hurray Benji-- who knew your nerd ass would grow on us and then PR....I think the night would of been super perfect if Janice Dickinsons show was on as well--talk about a fruit pie extravaganza.... Speaking of So You Can Dance yada yada-- what do you all think of CAT? I know..I know.. a irritating twat! No I didn't....Yes I did she is --what up with her hair and dresses? FUG!!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Man Crush
Eric Johnson
Boy it was hard to find pics of this man!

Clark and Whitney embrace...

I love when you come across these photo shopped pics...For those that don't know these lads --they are Whitney and Clark from Smallville...So sweet!...I love me a good Tom Welling..Have you all seen him lately in all the e rags? All Grizzly Adams and shit... Boy he can can grow some serious hair!! He has that big old beard...I bet he has a giant bush!! I wonder who gets to keep it trimmed down for him?
Hey Tom...Im available!!

Can you imagine? "what do you do Errol?" Well Im a pube trimmer to the stars..Im the best in the biz!!! --Im famous for my signature Errol Boy Buzz for men and Errol Bitch buzz for women... LOL!

Now.. I have to find me some hot pics of Whitney-- I cant remember the actor that played him but I know I had a man crush on him...

SOOOO Fricken CUTE!!!!

God this is so cute it makes me want to go crazy!!! Are men suppose to feel this way about cuteness like this? Or do just women and we special boys feel it?....I cant imagine not having this feeling at all ...How sad it would be to not have it!!! For those hard hearted folks I pity you.... So we did the West Seattle Street festival and Ballard Farmers Market over the weekend.. We must be with it as we also got the new Sunset Magazine on Monday and a few of the places we visited in West Seattle an Ballard was mentioned---anyhow it was a good time--Lots of dogs to get all crazy about and of course lots of good looking boys to gawk at!!! Seattle is just so perfect ths time of year!! We are currently enjoying hi 50's in the evening and high 70's in the day--perfect weather!!! I guess a heatwave is predicted for his weekend--90's!!!! Everyones going to hate it--Time to be near water---Did I hear water? Looks like its time for the speedo watch! Stay cool!

CHAD WHITE... is so HOT!!!

Hi ...Mr Chad White--Can you please come to Seattle? Jeff and I want to take you to dinner and then maybe a movie and then dessert!

huba huba....

Stephen Dorf--Nakkid in Cosmo

Looking pretty good Dorf...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Oprah and Gail-

We are not BEARDED CLAM LOVERS!!! Really???

Are u sure? A nice story from our freinds and sistas Oprah and Gail...

I love Oprah no matter what....

From CNN

Oprah to readers: 'If we were gay, we would tell you'
Star says relationship with Gayle King misunderstood

NEW YORK (AP) -- Oprah Winfrey and her friend Gayle King want to be clear: they are not gay.
In the August issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, the talk-show host explains that some people misunderstand her close friendship with King.
"I understand why people think we're gay," she says. "There isn't a definition in our culture for this kind of bond between women. So I get why people have to label it -- how can you be this close without it being sexual?"
In a long article, Winfrey, 52, and King converse about their 30 years of friendship and "four-times-a-day phone calls."
The two friends say they would have no problem telling the public if they were in a sexual relationship.
"The truth is, if we were gay, we would tell you, because there's nothing wrong with being gay," says King.
Says Winfrey: "Something about this relationship feels otherworldly to me, like it was designed by a power and a hand greater than my own. Whatever this friendship is, it's been a very fun ride

JUSTIN Timberlake
And his Trousersnake......,,1818048,00.html

So I love Justin Timberlake and his trousersnake!!!...Even more after yesterdays interview in the observer..Here are some good quotes and snippets from a rather long but super interview..Lots of info on him his new album FutureSex: LoveSounds

Box-fresh in William Rast (his own label) jeans, bright white trainers, a checked shirt, and white Abercrombie & Fitch boxers - the band of which he reveals every time he stands up, needled by an awkward subject - he is certainly handsome and well-sculpted. And, sigh, yes, the 'Trousersnake' is pretty sexy.

Funny, then, that Timberlake is apparently comfortable with a subject like drugs - if not rather enthusiastic. When asked if he'd ever want to be president of the United States - 'I've done way too many drugs already,' he responds, without missing a beat. 'I've already inhaled and I've already...who knows. I don't know if I want that responsibility.' So what's he done? 'I fear that if I said that, I'd fuel the fire, so forgive me,' he says. 'I'm just like everyone else, I get completely plastered, I've done my fair share of drugs and I've been caught places with my pants down

'If Courtney Love shows up to a function, then it's like, "Oh that's Courtney Love." If I show up drunk, it's like, "Oh my GOD!" And, like, Britney's an unfit mother because she put her child in the car-seat backwards,' he says, referring to the latest media storm in America in which his former girlfriend was heavily criticised. 'I feel bad for her,' he says. 'We all make mistakes. We all came from the same school, with Christina, myself, Britney. Even when Christina came out with her last record everyone was so shocked. "She's so sexual" - it's like, she's a grown woman! If Madonna had done it, no one would have cared. Madonna's shocking people now because she's so religious. She's burnt crosses and grabbed her crotch. I think that because I don't particularly show my ass everywhere... I don't aspire to that. I'd rather people get naked to my music.'

Monday, July 10, 2006

Justin Is BACK...

SEXY BACK!!!! Loves it!!!

We are back...

Got back from Phoenix and had a wonderful time with Craig and Kevin..Boy it sure is hot there--boys, men and heat!!! its all hot...Anyhow been busy as friken heck since we got back and I dont think I will ever have time to Blog until fall..Oh fuck a duck..I hate it...I do know that we want a pool and a boat soon--maybe if I keep working like a dog that will transpire...I really wish those boys lived closer---they are a rare thing-- A GAY couple that Jeff and I have alot in common with--you know the drill--some couples are just strange and we dont mix...Straight and or Gay --Anyhow it was super to see them and we will be back or hopefully they will come up to see us soon... later gaters!! thanks for all where the hell you at messages!! xoxoxooxoxo