Thursday, July 27, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance
is Sneaky and Dirty!!

So I love this show and last night like other nights I am glued to my TV-- feet taping and having a gay ol time..Benji Schwimmer & Heidi Groskreutzs dance last night was super in fact it was awesome--And then I was reminded today that they are cousins! I kinda remember this from the tryouts but forgot!--No wonder they can rock it ---they should! Then I find out Dmitri and Heidi have been dance partners from 2005. Ok so is this fair? Idon't believe so do you?--its a bunch of hog wash and I don'tt think its very fair for the other contetants--theydon't elaborate on it much in the show--Hmmmm..Very sneaky SYTYCD!!!! So Idon't feel bad anymore about things I have said about them---I also read found out that Benji is so Mormon city....YUCK!!! Closet case Closet case!!!
I am hoping Benji is gone tonite but I doubt it....Hope my hunny TRAVIS and super cute Ivan makes the cut..