Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunter Steel Cherry
WTF kind of name is this? He is a looker in this pic though...Hes a bit skinny than my usual taste level but this pic is quite HAWT! he can be my B day lust this year....

Its going to be busy as heck kinda week-- Helping some friends with a remodel for the rest of the week---very hard work... My birthday is this Thursday--not going to celebrate it at all...I have said before how much I kinda hate b days-- I am also going over a bump this year-Turning 46! OMG! WTF! Sound the alarms! OH PHOOEY! anyhow we are going to take the kids ( 3 dogs) and head out of town on Sat for a night--- meet up with friends at a local casino resort ...About 4-5 couples....We are all spending the night. I plan to get DRUNK....That will hopefully deter my depression on this whole b day biz... Catch you all as soon as I can get back to blog world... Love Ya! xo Rad...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild-- MADGE is back better than ever! Tomorrow is the release of MDNA! Hail the queen!

Two Words that make me cringe right now!
I try not to eat much meat...I do try and have been for awhile now to be more vegan like-- Its hard though--I eat and have more chicken and pork in my diet and not much red meats but sometimes go for a burger.... And all this pink slime talk freaks my shit out! All I know is I am not able to go near hamburger these days... I guess it good that things are changing but its hard to trust it if you ask me.... GA ROAST man-- Pun intended.. he he he

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy First Weekend Of Spring!
Have a fabulous weekend!
HUNG Games...
I see crazy mania ahead for this HUNGer Games movie...I have the book on my next to read for sure as just about EVERYONE I know has read it and says its REALLY REALLY good! Even my boo Andy Cohen.....I have posted a few times about Josh--he is so are easy on the eyes.... Now we have Maile Cirrus underwear model boy toy hitting the big time-- Liam-- quite a looker too huh? We saw him on Ellen and hubby said he had lady hips and thighs! LOL! He does! Anyhow lets see how big and far this franchise goes!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Need Some....
I need some SPRING weather! Seattle is cold, snowy and wet STILL! We are stuck in this 30-40 degree slump! Forecasters say we have this pattern for another week! I want some warmth already..... so we can see some skin around town!!!! For now I have to look at Tom Daley the American Diver... he is NICE eh?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hello Folks!
Happy St Patrick's Day to you!
Nothing like a cute ginger-- Have a good weekend all...

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sweet Okole!
Haps Monday and just because here is Nick Sterling's very sweet okole!
Okole ( OH KOH LAY) Hawaiian word for gluteus maximus region..

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Its funny how an hour effects one huh? Im a little out of it today...But maybe it has something to do with the gallon of vodka we consumed last night? Ha! Hope u are having or will have a good spring ahead today.... I am just excited that winter is slowly ending-- can I get a whoop whoop whoop!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Can we talk?
Went to see Joan Rivers last night....LOVE HER! She is on top of her game in every way these days! Good laughs and good fun!
DAM Shot.....
Hubster and I at the Hoova Dam! we had a nice time in Vegas--sadly we did not win big but we did have fun at the tables and slots.... Had a better time hanging in the sunshine with our friends and looking at all the stuff to see walking around and then even took some rides all over town as we rented a car which we were happy we did---taxi lines and cost would of been a pain! Went to the Hoover and snapped this shot...Went to a few shows and of course one our faves was DIVAS.... Dont know if we will head over to sin city anytime soon. Like we said we are good for a good few years now... I wish we could of brought home the warm weather...Its feeezin in Seattle this week! Brrrrr!