Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Twinkie Tuesday

Aint nothing wrong with this......thats for sure......
RIP Paul Newman

Nothing like a pair of tighty whities on a man...Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Catching up on TV, A Dinner Party, A Birthday Party
and mystery Armani underwear....

What a weekend! Friday night was pretty uneventful-- We had a nice dinner at home and watched the presidential debate for a bit and that was painful enough--I was just hoping Obama would take off his American flag pin and just stick it in McCain's eye the whole time! Now what fun drama that would of been! We then got caught up on the weeks tele shows we had stored on the DVR for the week...the usual suspects--Project Runway, Top Model, Top Design, Rachel Zoe, Graham Norton and my number one show at the moment Sordid Lives....What am I going to do now that all the fall shows are about to start this week? Its going to be tough to keep up so thank god for that DVR.....

Saturday morning was time to clean the house and get the yard work done and prepare for the dinner soiree we were having that evening. So we were up at the crack of dawn cleaning and preparing the house. I got out in the yard and got the lawn mowed and then the lanai area ready and such. We told everyone to come over at around six so we originally had the day to prepare but at the last moment my sister called on Thursday night and asked if we could make a birthday lunch for my nephew Cody at two in the afternoon! So we had to bust a move as we could not cancel the dinner-/so our schedule was quite tight. It was really nice though to see my family and we had a good time at Cody's b day bash and he is one handsome devil--- Takes after his uncle I believe--he he he--- He did turn 17......We don't get to see him or the rest of them kids much now that they are teens and they hang out with friends and such..... Not the "Uncles" anymore much. I cant believe how fast my nephews and nieces are all growing up as one by one they are graduating high school and heading off to college. I had several vodka gimlets at lunch so was feeling no pain by the time we left to go home to get ready for our guest. We got home at 550 and since we expected guest to start arriving at 600 we were running around the house like 2 chickens without our heads ---putting the food out and lighting candles and all that---The guest started arriving at 630 so all were actually ok. Since we needed a theme for the night we all decided after a few drinks that we were celebrating the start of FALL and the FALL of Wall Street. LOL- we are terrible eh? It was a lovely dinner party and all the food was delish and company divine as usual. We drank ALOT MORE than usual..Maybe it was do to all that FALL talk....

Sunday am-----Eye chihuahua! My head! Maybe it was due to those tequila shots--or the Vodka Gimlets or the whiskey shots? Whatever the case I was not feeling so hot yesterday so I drank a lot of coffee to get me going......got to cleaning and picking up the house.....boy waht a mess...nto too bad but found all kids of stuff earrings, lip gloss and threw out all the unclaimed underwear left all over the house....must of been a good party eh? Then mustered up enough energy to give the THREE kids a bath. With the house clean and the kidos clean and a nice 70 degree day at hand ---I sat out in the sun for a bit by 11am and then took a nice long nap and just relaxed all day and evening.....Nice weekend but much to short.....I think I still taste the tequila and its Monday........and what the .......noticed this isn't my pair of Aramani underwear I have on today? what the heck is going on???

Desperate back and I must say it was pretty cool that they decided to jump ahead 5 years this season-- Of course this is going to be better for storylines and such as now they have kind of a fresh new way to create. Last night first episode was pretty uneventful and sorta boring but I think this may be due to the set up for the juicy story lines to really get going.... at least I hope so......I love that Gabe has 2 children and she is busted up....Cant wait for her transformation..... Bree is as uptight as ever with her own book and catering biz and still with Orson.......Now Susan- my least fave is only interesting as she always seems to land the beefcakes- Gale Harold is her new boy toy and we all love Mr Harold from his and our QAF days.....Lynette's sons are now teens and this is right up my alley as we get some nice young beefcakes....And they are both red heads.....And we all know how much I love redheads! A better recap of the show is here.
Another Monday

Another Monday and another week....I am so not into this day and it has just started....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Folsom Street Fair 2008

So just about every Tom, Dick and Hairy is off to Sand Fran to the Folsom Street Fair ---that is except for me it seems....oh phooey!!! So the fair is celebrating 25 years and I am totally bummed that I don't get to go. But I thought IF I was able to go this year that this would be one of my pictures to post as one of the highlights and pictures of me at Folsom Street Fair 2008.....

No Sh*t Sherlock....
Gayken is really Gay....
The clue phone was ringing and most of us picked it up long ago. Also the Gaydar went berserk and still most of the Clayittes ( is that what they call themselves?) was so harsh to criticize everyone that called him out and now they all can eat crow among other things.....That is the part I like about this whole come out the best! Now Gayken- it sure is about time sister!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eugene Says 
Tomorrow is HUMP DAY!

And that means we are getting closer to the weekend!  Golly!  Now isn't that simply keen?   

Poor George Michael
BUSTED again!

I simply cant believe George Michael got busted again!  CRACK in a public bathroom? Hope he had a nice crack Georgie!  LOL!  In all seriousness though--I think he is just happy his tour is over and was just out prowling and celebrating and nothing is wrong with that.  Ok... Mr Michael we here in the states want you to know you can come wind down and party like the star you are at our place anytime!  Come on back to Seattle we will take good care of your needs...as no matter what we think you are AMAZING! 

2008 Emmy Host Sucked Big Time!
Jeff and Howie bite!!!!

Did these guys suck hard and not the good hard on Sunday night or what?  I felt so uncomfortable watching it and then the whole blitz on how bad it was came out like a firestorm!  Heidi and Tom were fine but talk about working my last nerve when it came to the other 2 bozos!  They both seemed like they snorted some coke or no-doze or something? Jeff Probst can be cute but he was motor mouth city-- and the main motor mouth Howie Mandell is already hard to stomach and take on his game show but this was TORTURE!  Bad call Emmy people!   

Monday, September 22, 2008

At Home with the Kids Today
I stayed home sick today--I felt I needed some R and R as I just  I felt worn out and decided to take a personal day off to get some rest.   The kids were sure happy as one  of the daddy's was home today so they had a bonus day after the weekend.  Here they are are on the back patio sitting in the sun after a bath this afternoon--I quickly ran and got the camera just in time to capture this cute moment....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Childhood FLASHBACK!
A good one!
You ever see a lad and its brings back a very fond memory of a boy you had a very special relationship with when you were young? I was kinda fortunate as I didn't have a hard time growing up much as I wasn't picked on for being a sissy and such. I hear all the time on boys who had a horrendous time in high school growing up gay -- for me it was sometimes mentioned but mostly I believed it was because I had so many "Barbie" girlfriends and they were jealous and wondered how this boy got all this fine tail. Thank god for the Barbies though, as they attracted the prime boys and we all know how horny those boys can be! I was a good alternative when they didn't get star cheerleader to give them a blow job! HA! All was ok in high school until I came out at 18 right after graduation--it was not my decision but due to a girlfriend that blabbered about my private conversation we had when I stupidly confided in her on how I thought I may like boys more than girls....stupid drunk me....My life changed so fast with this forced outing after her gossip spread through our community/town like wildfire. So the whole town went crazy with rumors ....did you HEAR? HE IS GAY!! OMG!!! I then lost my posse of friends and friendships very fast- and especially the guys.... So I packed up and ran off to the big city "Seattle" and left all my burb Buddy's behind and started fresh--if you can call "Fresh" submerging myself into the gay ghetto/culture in 1985 at the Monastery discotheque- But believe it or not at 18 and a 1/2 I didn't know about gay people and was surprised to find them when I went on my own... I simply could not believe that there were THAT many people like me....gay people?.....but this is a whole other story and post....

So yes I had my fair share of guys and a few girls that I had relationships with back in my HS days and I hear ( I have 2 sisters back in the old stomping grounds) about some of them every now and then. Most of them got married and nowadays they are mostly divorced or on a second or third marriage with children and grandchildren. But we wont go into the details on who and what happened back in those days But this pic did bring about a memory about one boy in particular that held my heart for about a year before I became a sorta male tramp in high school..Boy we sure shared a lot of sessions.... if you know what I mean.....

I was the new 9th grader- I had just moved to the state from Hawaii and was starting high school in a new town and he was the neighbor boy in the 7 grade from the nice Christian family down the way. He looked much older than me for being 2 years younger as he was built due to he being very athletic and into every sport--we would ride our bikes to his soccer and baseball practices and go play in the woods alot.....and he LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE THIS BOY ABOVE!! He really was my first for real kisses with a boy and we pretty much taught each other how to kiss-Im sure I was his first as well..... it was hot and heavy frenching and cuddling and all that--among other things. Our hot and heavy encounters lasted for about a year until his mother found a letter between us and we were forever then shamed and our friendship and relationship came to a screaming halt. I was sad but more ashamed as I was very close to his whole family as I joined them in church and Sunday school for that year and was part of the family and I felt I had let him, god and his family down- They were a strong Christian family with good faith and we had made a big mistake. At the same time during this year long boy affair I also saw a girl for a few months that 9th grade year but never did anything more than peek her cheek.

A few years later he became a football star when he entered high school and ended up having a torrid romance with a girl-- now get this---the EXACT girl I was dating in the 9th grade! They ended up going out for many years and all through high school---He was the star linebacker and she was the head cheerleader---- it was perfect for them and images. He and I ended up talking in the halls of school every now and then but never became friends or close again and pretty much avoided each other.......oh the shame......But our secret was always that........ a secret that was safe and guarded........ well that is until I just posted it on this blog........ but I don't think any of these folks read blogs or mine in particular so I think I am ok.......at least I hope so......I consider him to be my first true love......He was my star athlete boyfriend and all I can think of when I look at this model above is how much I loved it when he paraded around in our rooms or at the fort we built in the woodsor isn his garage (winter months fort).... in his jock strap and tube socks! What fine memories INDEED!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Gadzooks!  I think I found our HALLOWEEN OUFITS!

So a group of us have been talking about Halloween and what we are going to do this year.  We thought we should all go with a group theme though our friends also told us that the hubby and I should go as Chips which would be fricken hilarious!  I think doing this Priscilla Queen Of The Dessert get up would be a big hit too for a group of 4 or 6........Ok so Im off to Micheal's craft this weekend to buy 6000 fake flowers as I better get to crafting the head wear now!!!

Fall Yard CLEAN UP
For the last three afternoons I get home form work and bust my ass in our yard.....Yard work can be such a pain sometimes but I do get alot of satisfaction of having a nice looking landscaped yard.  Plus I get exercise and it is therapeutic.  Most of my friends have yard people which is-mainly a nice Mexican or Asian landscape guy that does all the yard work for them---they also all have dog sitters but that's a whole other story.  I think the hubby and I are the last of the Mohican's to not have either.  I'm the Hawaiian yard guy and sitter at a good rate!  But if could have someone to do my yard--I would like to hire these young college twinks please.
Baseball Hats on a sexy man!
Here is another pic of that sexy man Benjamin Godfre in my hat!  Hubby and I picked up a few Ed Hardy caps a few years ago while vacationing in Hawaii..... for awhile every straight boy asked us about them and now we see them on sale EVERYWHERE....We are weekend cap kinda guys as who wants to do your hair on the weekends and it just easy to put it on and run out the door and do errands and such...plus a baseball cap is pure sexy on the right guy eh?  Anyhow now the hubby wants a GUCCI hat for the weekends--I wonder what I should get...
Survey says.....HOT!!!
Ran across this man and had to share....Another one to add to the fantasy file!  Oh my!

Happy Birthday 
Mr James Marsden

I heart you!  I wish you a wonderful b-day!  I have your present so please stop by anytime to pick it up!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

 A Basic Boy
White V neck and Jeans--This is MY TYPE!  

Monday, September 15, 2008

Benjamin Godfre
Needed something sassy this Monday morning to get me up and going....This should do the trick.
SNL Season Opener
Forget the DVRs, on-demand TV, YouTube, or firing up your WiFi connection. All across America, people were parked in front of their TV sets late Saturday night. Included me! The skit with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler was top notch and started off the show with a bang and a promise for a show to remember with so many viewers tuned in....sadly it quickly turned sour with Micheal Phelps-- Poor guy wasn't very good and the skits were lackluster-I was so disappointed in the humdrum skits ( and I guess I wasnt the only one disappointed due to the many reviews I checked out over the weekend) Except for a few highlights that made me giggle in the Weekly News Update with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyer- and Bobby Moynihan's pepper guy-- the show was a real disappointment indeed. Tina and Amy should of just did the whole show- One long skit would of been better then what was delivered.
See Video and more HERE- If you havent seen it

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Weekends Here...

Time to Play!

Whatever you have planned may your weekend.... be as thrilling as I find this picture....HOT!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 Year Anniversay of 9-11

We will always remember this day in our lives. In 7 years our nation has really changed hasnt it?

Some News Blips I have been reading this am-

Barack Obama and John McCain will put their presidential ambitions on hold today to make an unprecedented joint appearance at a commemoration marking the seventh anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil.
With no speeches and little fanfare, the two candidates will walk together down a ramp into the pit where the World Trade Center towers once loomed over lower Manhattan and lay a wreath at Ground Zero for the Sept. 11 attacks.
In the seven years since the terrorist strike that killed almost 3,000 people in New York, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania, Sept. 11 has been a tool and a trap for U.S. politicians. Yet the day itself has remained sacred.

The nation's first major Sept. 11 memorial is being unveiled today at the Pentagon to mark the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people in Virginia, New York and Pennsylvania.
The two-acre site features 184 steel benches, one for each of the people who died when a plane crashed into the Pentagon.
After today's dedication for family members, the memorial will be open to the public.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whats Shaking Bacon?

Happy hump day! So we are at our 1/2 way point for the week. I hope your week is going well. I have been busy with everyday stuff and all in all things are going quite well. We are enjoying some nice weather in the Pacific Northwest-nice cool evenings and 70 plus degree days with sunshine-its perfect end of summer weather and it keeps your mood happy. I am gearing up to do my first of many end of summer yard clean ups which consist of cutting back some of the plants and perennials. It will be fallish in a few weeks which will then be an overflow of leaves. Spring and fall is alot of work in the yard with all the leaves and cutting back of stuff but I love it! I noticed the Japanese maples are slowly turning and close to changing for the show they give us each fall. They do a explosion of fall color which is beautiful! We didn't have that back home in Hawaii or California so its a treat for us to see all the orange and red hues. I may go and get some mums for fall color to add to the pots on the patio this weekend. The yard and gardens are looking good due to the mild summer we have enjoyed as most of the flowers and fauna look more like they would in July so its a nice year to enjoy all the plants. I even have oriental lilly's that are still blooming! Our tomato's and peppers are pumping out a bunch of fruit right now so we have been using it to cook, add to salads and make some fresh salsa. We took some over to a get together this last weekend and it was a big hit! The hubby does a fantastic job on making some fresh spicy salsa! He is my Rachel Ray/Barefoot Contessa rolled into a husband....He is also much more handsome then they are too! Hes a keeper.

So tomorrow is my follow up appointment with a orthopedic foot doctor to see how my ankle/foot injury is doing. It seems to be doing well as I can now walk and not hobble around so I am back in the world of the walking which is nice- no pain anymore so I am hoping this is a good sign. Will see how it really is doing after they do an x ray on it is my guess. I am crossing my toes, fingers and eyes that all is well with it. It was a first for me in all my life to have a injury that affected my mobility. I will forever be careful from now on- I guess I am not the super hero I used to be.

Hubby and I are a little antsy these days and a bit depressed as we usually go on a trip this time of year but with my new job I have no vacation allotment yet so we are stuck with no fall getaway this year. Last year we were in Hawaii at this time and I am so homesick right now! God we need a beach!!!!! Oh well, at least staying home will save us some $ and with winter bills around the corner I will be happy we didn't splurge on a fall trip this year, but its still hard to not be going anywheres on a getaway this fall. We will just have to make up for it next year in our travels! We plan to do a Mexico Sea of Cortez cruise in January or February and then London next fall to connect with friends in the UK...With the way time is moving these days we will be leaving for London before we know it even if its a year away! I cant believe its Sept 10th already- where has the year gone?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Dark Night
Can you BELIEVE I havent seen it yet?

I swear I am the only bloke that hasn't seen this movie yet.  Have you see it? Now if he looked a
as HOT as this dude above I would of probaly already saw it! HA!  But in all seriousness I can not believe that I have not got my tush into a theater all summer!  Fall and winters knocking on the door and that's movie house time for me......It was STILL the number 2 movie this last weekend at the box office so I think we still have time....
3 1/2 Months
Lola had her first haircut yesterday.....This was taken right before-- it was a little trim--Will try to get one posted soon of her new do.... I cant believe she is almost 4 months old! We have had her for 2 months already....I wish I could bring her to work with me!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Thrilling Isnt It?
To me white briefs will always rule.....
Bad Hair Day

Im having a bad hair day--Woke up with some big ass hair this morning!! You ever wonder when you look in the mirror when you wake and think WTF!  How did  I manage to get my hair in this tsunami swirl dew? 

It must of had something to do with the cosmos last night and passing out....The higher the hair the closer to god....

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wanna be my friend? Ok...so I finally gave in and built a facebook profile--Just like myspace I was just not into it..I was being stubborn, plus with a blog that take up what little time I have to spare---I was reluctant....I hope I don't abandon the blog and become a facebook fella...nah!!!.....though  I still refuse to do the myspace thing--- but lets see how this facebook pans out...Many friends wanted me to start on so I gave in to the pressure......I would like to keep the blog separate from this as believe it or not--many of my friends don't even know about my blog which is ok with me.....So blogger buds and gals are any of you in there? Drop in and be my friend!!!!  I need some of your hotness to spice it up!  Look for Errol Tim :-)

The Boys from Million Dollar Listing
A Guilty Pleasure

Chad, Madison and Josh......
My Guilty Pleasure-- the boys from Million Dollar Listing- Chad Rodgers, Madison Hildebrand and Josh Flagg are fun and very entertaining to watch-Do you happen to watch it? You should! They also make me super jealous as they make so much fricken $ and I know most of us could really do exactly what these boys are doing- the difference is they had the connections to start off with so viola.... Chad does sorta get on my last nerve most of the time when I watch the show and this is due to the way he is portrayed and that crazy hair or maybe its his monotone voice? But after checking out his blog--He is actually growing on me and I like him.....I bet out of all 3 fellas he would actually be the best to have a a friend, as you can tell he is a nice young man. Now Madison Hildebrand in my opinion is quite HOT and on the show he comes across as a very nice fella too... He seems to be all confused about his sexuality...Oh I remember those days!!! He is one of those guys that will most likely end up with a husband but will always need a female close at hand. He like alot of us gay boys that need constant female companionship and then the companionship and sex with a guy as well. Its a easy fix and once he finds that balance he will be set! Now Josh Flagg is a total HOT MESS...young, pretty, bitchy, rich, and in trouble with the law... oh dear!!! We all know one.....How can you not like Josh Flagg?

Cute Chad and Hot Madison

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Monday, September 01, 2008

May God Bless America

My thoughts and prayers are with all who may be impacted by Hurricane Gustav today. This is all so scary for those that are in its path and I hope its goes as best as it can after this sucker rumbles it way thorough our country today.

It is also scary to think of the economic impact it will have on ALL OF US in this country to endure after all is said and done.  This is a the storm before the storm and we all need to brace ourselves.  May God Bless America- More than ever during these times.