Tuesday, September 23, 2008

2008 Emmy Host Sucked Big Time!
Jeff and Howie bite!!!!

Did these guys suck hard and not the good hard on Sunday night or what?  I felt so uncomfortable watching it and then the whole blitz on how bad it was came out like a firestorm!  Heidi and Tom were fine but talk about working my last nerve when it came to the other 2 bozos!  They both seemed like they snorted some coke or no-doze or something? Jeff Probst can be cute but he was motor mouth city-- and the main motor mouth Howie Mandell is already hard to stomach and take on his game show but this was TORTURE!  Bad call Emmy people!   


Greg said...

Absolutely no chemistry, though I thought Heidi and Tom tried their best. Tom's kinda cute, anyway.

CJ said...

Yeah it was hard to watch and I didn't for any length of time. I can't get a handle on Jimmy Kimmel either.