Friday, July 31, 2009


The weekends here and I am super happy to say thank god its FRIDAY-- the weather has cooled to the high 80's and I'm ready to start our weekend. Going to meet this fine fella-- From Spirit of St Lewis for some dinner tonite as he has a evening lay over in Seattle. I know he does yoga and eats well so I am going to drill him on all that as I want to get into a healthier lifestyle too. We cant wait to hang out with him! Do you think he will strike a pose for me like this yoga dude above? I have a feeling he will....I am hoping! He can show us some moves! :-)

Not much else going on this weekend...Its Seafair weekend here so its big celebrations all over with Hydro races on the lake--Blue Angels flying over head....Its going to be a mad house all over...thousands of people out everywhere.......We usually head out on the boat for Seafair and party like rock stars on the lake...but this year we are going to take it easy and play our weekend by ear and just chill. it is suppose to be wonderful and sunny and not too hot...In the 80's. I have to take my mom out for her b day as today is her actual birthday. Other than that a chill weekend which is cool. Well folks not much else to report so I am going to make like a berry and jam.....I know silly but it is that time of year for berry picking and jamming and jellying! I love a good jam! Have a good weekend lovers!! xo
More Jessie Gooderz
AKA Meat Head
Mr Meat Head...Just thought we needed more of our big bro meat head. Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jessie Godderz
Anyone watching Big Brother? Here is Jessie Godderz-- or as I like to call him "Meat Head". He is back on the show this season and right now he seems be in charge being HOH twice but of course that will change. Is it just me or does he ring your gay dar alarm big time? I have a feeling the dude is one of those that swing both ways kinda guys! Lucky for us I guess as I think he would be some fun....those big guns alone.....Wow! Now whats up with his gal pal Natalie? Doesn't she set off your alarms as a total lezbomb? She is also NOTHING to look at poor thing...Talk about an ugly beard! He can do better than that cant he?.....Anyhow when nothing is on the tele we watch BB.....We put it on the DVR and then we can fast forward all the crap and just watch the meaty parts....Sorry Julie Chen-- your parts are the crap. I wonder how long Jessie will go? Speaking of MEATS....Lets talk about that Russell too.
Design Star!
Another TV Guilty Pleasure
Another one of my guilty pleasure that gets on the DVR Que! Design Star! I love this show and it makes me wish I was able to go on and rock it.... I so know I would be able to do well....Better than some of the yahoos they pick to go on that's for sure. Love the judges this year too! Love Candice a new judge. So far this year I am a little underwhelmed. Lets hope they do better this next Sunday with the individual white room challenge comes up...We should be able to weed out the yucks and who's all talk and no game!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time To Hit The Beaches Man!
Time to hit the beach! Thank god we have a ton of water surrounding us here! And they are all busy with some hot men and boys!- Eyegasims! Its 7am and its already a hot one! It reminds me of being back home in Hawaii as we even have that humidity which is very rare for the Northwest. Today will be the hottest day ever recorded in Seattle. Its like someone turned on the oven and we are baking. A few of us are waiting to rise still.....he he....I am keeping cool with our AC and the hardest part is making sure the doggies and plants are ok. I cant imagine not having forced air in our home for this. Some of my plants are taking a beating and I had to move as much as I can to shade and have been watering like crazy.... I need to take a picture though as the some flowers are exploding as its like they are all in a hot house! Best year ever for my lilly's and some other plants-- I have a banana tree that has gotten HUGE and our veggie garden is also going bonkers! Tomato mania and such but we need it to cool down or my plants may not make it. They need a break for sure and they say a cool down may happen this Fridayish-- It will be in the 80's..... The 80's? Hey that's like the new flannel weather for Seattle after this fricken heatwave.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Its Getting HOT In Here
Lets Take Off All Our Clothes
Im am serious! Looks like we may beat out our all time record of 100 in Seattle.

That's all I can say. This pattern is unlike perhaps any other in Western Washington history. Upper-level high pressure -- incredibly strong -- is basically sitting right on top of us. That alone would make us quite warm. But throw in an offshore wind that will develop today... and you have the recipe for the hottest 3-day stretch of weather ever in the Seattle area.

Time to get nakkid folks!! I love this weather!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mondays Meat

Another week to start, another hot day to sizzle and another hot guy to ogle and ahh! I just love a guy in basic white briefs don't you? But you all should already know that about me. I also love a day that will be hotter than Satan's ass.... but I also thank god for central air at work and home! I think today will be in the 90's around here as we are in the middle of a major heatwave. It will be in the hi 90's and close to 100 the next few days around here and the Seattle folks are melting.....dyiing....and of course freaking out! Its not so bad really as we are surrounded by lots of water with all the lakes, rivers and the ocean and such. So its easy to cool off if you want too. Its just the homes don't have AC's or central air ( well I do-- he he he) ....So it can be tough for alot of folks here indeed. Oh.... gotta run as I have to skedaddle to the break room and catch the news--- They are in a frenzy with all this shit......All of them are all "SEATTLE HEATWAVE 2009!!!!" So funny!!

Can my heatwave just be this gent above please? phew!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Whats going on with you this weekend?
Do you remember your cut off denim shorts?
So remember the days of cut off denim shorts? Well maybe you don't...Some of you are too young anyhow.....or some of you may not want to remember it.....I will admit I had a pair of cutoff Levis that I wore up until about the year 2000... I wore them EVERY year at gay pride....It always seemed to get me the attention I liked if you know what I mean and the comments were always favorable...he he.....I guess I had the legs and crotch for them....anyhow this dude is a prime example on the plus a nice denim cut off short can do for a man! mmmmm mmmmm...

So I am so ready for the weekend. Hard week...Yesterday was crazy at work....They let go a co worker and now I am the last one in my position-- they told me they looked at our experience and that was how they based it and I have a lot of pluses and good background on based on how they want to restructure the sales staff they kept me as an asset....So my new title is sales and market coordinator--- My 3rd title/position in a year...... I am sad, happy, scared, excited and shocked....So I am in a strange place today....I will need this weekend to recharge and think about this crazy place. Hubby says to not worry... I try not too..... So do you think denim cut off shorts will ever come back for men? Or any denim shorts?....Like Wham used to wear? Those were fun too!
Madge Greatest Hits Collection

I guess this is the official cover! I didn't even know this was happening anyhow I hope she adds a few new releases on this great hit collection--Sorry not to sure on release date...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fur Lova
Somehow--I guess with age I have become one that enjoys fur...I think its very hot and very sexy and very hot.....did I already say hot? Anyhow...I still do enjoy a smooth criminal and a well managed body-- I am quite versatile with my taste in men as you can tell from my postings....but there is something about a furry hot gent too....I really like like like....this pic is a prime example....Man is HHHHHOOOOOTTTT! I say to just manage your fur... don't get rid of it all! Happy Summer FUR to you!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesdays Wank
No explanation needed

Miami Social
Another Reality Show Guilty Pleasure
I am hooked....I am loving this show and in the landscape of summer TV blahs its nice to have a show packing some heat! In more ways than one.....The guys are hot except Ariel and after just 2 episodes I have a feeling this is going to be a real winner.....Love the cast! Check it out or at least put it on your DVR to catch it! Maybe it gets big like the Housewife's franchise? Hey Bravo......Can I be on Seattle Social please? I promise to bring the drama and maybe even show skin!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spread your self out...
Another weekend...Lots to do so spread yourself out...taking mon to a Hawaiian festival today-
 Island style plate lunches, Hawaiian Music and dance groups, Fresh Flower Leis, Waikiki Marketplace and much more - Bring your family for this fun event
Aloha 'O Na Kupuna Festival 
140 S 140th St
Burien, WA 98168
Sat July 19, 2008 ~ 10:00 AM - 10:00 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Snapshot
Just because.....
Slowing Down
Running on Hawaiian Time

So work has been so busy and also home life still super busy for me.....The weather is still awesome as we are having yet another nice day in Seattle today--sunny and 80's!!! The weeks are flying by since I am so hectic and most weekend have been jammed with stuff and events to do. Cant seem to catch a breather....But we will be slowing down for the next 2 weeks as my dad is going home for a few weeks--Hawaii-- he has a class reunion which he is totally excited about-- his 45th- I believe.....he will get to spend time with my sisters and other family members back home in the islands. Hubby and I got a bunch of stuff for dad to take home--Trader Joe goodies ( they don't have these stores in Hawaii yet) and lots of Seattle Best,Tully and Starfucks Coffee...They love it and can getthe coffee...but its much more expensive back in Hawaii All of us here will be pulling together to help take care of mom while dad is away.......It will be good for dad as he needs a break.......So mom is doing better these days as she is home now and still recovering from a nasty bought of phenomena that she developed after her chemo and radiation treatments....She has to be on alot of oxygen and still has trouble getting around so she needs someone 24/7 .... so we all will have shifts and such to stay with her for the next 2 weeks....My sister works for the school district so she is day shift...My moms best friend is staying with her at nights and hubby and I have the weekends and are on call....I am hoping Mom gets better so I can at least take her home in the fall....Hubby and I want to take her home to the islands for one last time....I know and hope to god she gets well enough for us to take her back soon......So our vacation plans for fall has been canceled and is up in the air.... we were suppose to go to London.......and we have been invited to go on a Mexico Cruise......NYC vacation.......etc etc.....but its all on hold as I think its best to take mom home when she is able. It wil be nice for her and us.
So we will be running on Hawaiian time the next 2 weekends for sure......we are taking it easy bra on the weekends with my wonderful momma!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kellan Lutz is
Mondays Meat

I haven't posted a Mondays Meat post in sometime....I don't know why but it just sorta fizzled and after while I just stop doing it......but I think I am going to bring it back....and this pic of Mr Lutz is a perfect return of Mondays Meat postings....I'm sure most of you wont even mind-- infact most of you will really enjoy the return of Mondays meat is my guess!! I hope you all had a good weekend!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Its going to be another
Sunshiny Weekend!

Summer time fun! Its so nice to be able to enjoy warm temps and hang outside and do all kinds of outdoorsy stuff this time of year. Plus we get to see all kinds of boys like this if we are lucky! I cant believe its Friday! The week has flown by...well it did for me.....which is good! I have been so busy which is pretty normal for this time of year in travel. You have people gearing up for 2010-- setting up groups and all the early birds that book early as we release 2010 product. And then this year we have the late lookers and bookers for 2009......the ones all looking for a last minute major vacation deal.......some of them are ok......most of them are royal pains in the ass.......those cheap bastards!

There is a bunch of festivals around the Seattle area this weekend so we are planning to head out to enjoy a few over the weekend. We are headed to the Kent Cornucopia tomorrow. We took a few years off and then went last year and enjoyed all the crafts and booths a its really big so its nice to walk around. We will put our tanks and some shorts and slip on some slippahs ( flip flops) --maybe take the dogs and then go and catch some rays as we browse the festivals....We love it.......We will most likely be passing on the West Seattle Festival this year as this one has gotten super bunk as its the same old same old every year and the booths suck big time---Avon and Windows and it is more home show than craft.....BUNK!! We may try to hit up a few we haven't been too in while .....Like the Mercer Island festival.....This is the area that alot of the rich folks reside ( like Bill Gates) We went a few times and it was small but the food and crafts were top notch! They have a nice firework show tomorrow night which may be cool to go check out as well...... My co worker just told me the International Festival is going on as well......HOLY SMOKES!!! its festival O rama in Seattle--- it will be like this every weekend to the end of August....

So we will put in some festivals into play...maybe do a little touch up housework inside..The hubby and I are very clean so we usually clean house (dust, mop vacuum) at least once a week...With 3 dogs it is imperative to us that we keep the house looking and smelling nice....We were both raised the same so its great as I am so happy hubby isn't the type to horde, pile, and stack....It all about minimalism for us that's for sure.. I look forward to hanging out with some friends tonite and tomorrow to have some summertime cocktails in the nice evening air too...I love summertime evenings! I did all my yard work last night after work so I only need to water over the weekend so no yard work!! Yippee!! Its getting easier as we don't water the lawn....So most of Seattle is DRY AS HECK! We don't water our lawn in the summer and most everywhere you look lawns are golden and like hay! A burn ban is in effect to the end of September too! Its been a very DRY early summer for us.....we have had very little rain...Who said it rains all the time in Seattle-- Guess what? That isn't really true! Now y'all have a wonderful weekend! I gotta set my festival schedule...later....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Happy Hump Day!
Too busy to blog these days but wanted to say I am alive and hope to be back soon....wanted to say happy hump day to you wih this nice slab of beef.....a whole lotta man beef here! Ruff!!
Goodbye Michael
Thanks for all the great music you will live on forever and ever...I will always Rock with You!!! Rest In Peace MJ!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Happy 4th of JULY Weekend!
Hope you have a BIG BANG of a weekend! Now go put on your blue star spangled speedos and have a good time would ya!!!! Firecracker firecraker--boom boom boom!!!

Goodbye Farrah
The cover of the memorial program for actress Farrah Fawcett's funeral is pictured at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels in Los Angeles June 30, 2009.Hundreds of mourners paid tribute to Farrah Fawcett as the "Charlie's Angels" star was laid to rest in a private ceremony in Los Angeles. I didn't get to post about her but we all knew and loved Farrah...Goodbye sweet angel!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pride 2009
We are still recouping from the long pride weekend.....had so much fun all weekend at all the pride events-- I am a little pickled from all the alcohol I consumed...but I lived! Had a super time at the parade and BBQ with this boy too......he is a riot! Love ya Derek baby! he posted all sorts of pics on his facebook..... So now we have the next long weekend is upon us and we are off this Friday!!! Whoo Hoo! We are having our annual July 4th Picnic Potluck at the house....Wanna come? If your in Seattle please do!!!! Just e mail me and I will send you over the directions! So not much time to blog this week! I haven't even had time to go to my fave blogs! I am so behind with all of you.....Sorry! I PROMISE to make it up......really....Tell me what you want ok? But I do hope all is well out there!! Seattle weather is super stellar!!! Sunny and warm! Tomorrow and Friday we should hoover around 86 degrees-- a bit too warm for us but I am ready... We were invited to Wild Waves on Friday and if we can get all our errands done in preparation for the BBQ on Saturday then I am so at the water slides on Friday.... Watch out! Big Beluga Whale is at the top of the slide! Bombs away!!! Swoosh!

Me and the honey on Sun night-- we were whiped out-- After all the events on Friday and Saturday....Phew!