Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pride 2009
We are still recouping from the long pride weekend.....had so much fun all weekend at all the pride events-- I am a little pickled from all the alcohol I consumed...but I lived! Had a super time at the parade and BBQ with this boy too......he is a riot! Love ya Derek baby! he posted all sorts of pics on his facebook..... So now we have the next long weekend is upon us and we are off this Friday!!! Whoo Hoo! We are having our annual July 4th Picnic Potluck at the house....Wanna come? If your in Seattle please do!!!! Just e mail me and I will send you over the directions! So not much time to blog this week! I haven't even had time to go to my fave blogs! I am so behind with all of you.....Sorry! I PROMISE to make it up......really....Tell me what you want ok? But I do hope all is well out there!! Seattle weather is super stellar!!! Sunny and warm! Tomorrow and Friday we should hoover around 86 degrees-- a bit too warm for us but I am ready... We were invited to Wild Waves on Friday and if we can get all our errands done in preparation for the BBQ on Saturday then I am so at the water slides on Friday.... Watch out! Big Beluga Whale is at the top of the slide! Bombs away!!! Swoosh!

Me and the honey on Sun night-- we were whiped out-- After all the events on Friday and Saturday....Phew!

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Mark in DE said...

Happy Pride! Glad you survived it. :-)