Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday
How u doing? I have been busy! I so didn't want to get out of bed this am but decided I better get this day started and got up....Then noticed the furnace didn't fire up and so it must of went out again! Had a guy come check it last week and it had some clogging of oil or something to that effect and he tuned it up and fixed it.....Well I thought he did....anyhow it went off again and I am pissed. Unexpected shit like this is not needed when money is tight but we can only take a deep breath and well you know just swallow....LOL! Grrrrr!!!

Got alot going on this weekend.....One of my BFF's is having her citizenship party tonite. She became a US citizen about a month ago. She is from Sweden and I just adore her. We met a few years ago and hit it off from he moment we met. She has developed into a very close dear heart and I am so happy for her....So she and her hubby Shawn are having the shindig at a place in Belltown to celebrate....The Rendezvous- The Grotto........Should be a blast! And the guest list is good! Will be nice to see alot old friends and colleagues..... woot woot! I am sure we will have a marvy time! I wanted to go get a haircut and a new outfit...but now maybe not with the furnace eating up the extra cash! DAMMMIT! Oh well I am sure I can figure something out. Rads wardrobe closet is vast and I m sure I can dig up something cute....sigh....I have to be a recession unemployed fashionista I guess....

Tomorrow night we have another B day party to attend---Her name is Juku and she is a havenese.....Its a dog party! She is best buds with our kids.....I helped our gal pals find her years ago so I am kinda a god parent! It should be entertaining.

Well hope all is well with you and hope our weekends nice! Catch ya soon! xo Rad

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to me...

Today is my tiny little blogs 5th birthday/anniversary! Hard to believe that 5 years ago today I thought it would be fun to start a blog for some fun...Didn't know I would be here 5 years later still blogging. It started as The Adventures of a Rad Ass Homo...I thought it would be fun to post and keep track of my adventures...back then most fellow blog mates and I referred myself as RAH and it was much more media related....It has changed over the years and now its just A Rad Homo and I use RAD instead of RAH and the content has changed a bit but it has also stayed true to me. Its still my online diary of sorts and I have come to think of it as my online scrapbook---nothing to major or deep....well sometimes it is..... It has been fun and so well worth it. I love to go back and see what I was up too in years past and look at my likes-dislikes and how I change....oh and how I have such fine taste in men! he he.....

The best part of my blog is the friends and people I have been able to connect with due to blogging... All across the world even....I have been able to meet allot of fine folks and some have become very good friends! Its just incredible the support I get when times are tough and cheers when times are good...its so damm cool and heartwarming and so many of you can be considered family in my heart....I love you guys! You know who you are! :-)

Well looks like I get to go get a cupcake or something today to celebrate this! 5 Years! WOW!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Pic from the latest issue of W mag....So we just watched The Social Network last week....It was good right! I haven't watched the Golden Globes from last night as its still on the DVR...but I heard The Social Network picked up 4 awards including best drama movie.... Kudos!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week started with need for new tires....
What a week....Started with a blow out on interstate 5 last Saturday.....We were on our way in pouring rain up north and then wham! Anyhow had to get towed to the nearest place which was Firestone and had to get some new tires. Car is only 3 years old but it was time to replace them anyhow. Times a really tough right now since we are unemployed so I wasn't very happy with the sitch of an unexpected added expense but what can you do? The Firestone guy did not look like this in anyway but if we had we would of maybe negotiated a deal....LOL! We did however get one free tire though as they were running a special. I called my dealership buddy and he assured me it was a ok deal--even though he lost the sale to us....Nice chap he is.....

Been a long week.....Gearing up for the new year and all the craft fairs and such we will be dong come spring and summer for the jewelry biz....Been busy helping friends with a opening of a new venture....New storefront with painting and such....Got to decorate and shop for a lobby waiting area and that was fun.. Also had a few job interviews and people calling about jobs I applied for and I hate to say but I have not been interested in ANY of the jobs. Is it weird to say I am being picky...very picky! I rather hold out or suffer then go to a job just to get one or just make money. Times have changed and I want to be happy. Hubster and I have decided that we can totally be ok and happy without going back to corporate America. If we lost everything--our home etc.... as long as we have each other and the dogs we are we know we will survive....Living within our means has been ok.... Only thing that worries me these days is getting some sort of health insurance.....That maybe the only reason I have to go back to a corp job....YUCK!

Well time to go job search online....Gotta pay off them tires! damm how I hate how it eats up my fun Internet time! Oh well....Maybe that dream job is right around the can only hope and pray....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Show it off.....
Happy Nude Year!
Well as we heard we have had snow in 49 states! I know most of us are bundled up...But lets make sure to show off a bit....Nothing like a good flash to someone you love or are hot for! Remember it is Happy Nude Year so show it off!
Brad Majors is HOT!
Was watching Rocky Horror yesterday as I came across it while flipping through the channels....This movie is still one of my faves of all time and I thought I had to post a tidbit on how even as a young lad how I thought how very hot Peter as Rocky was and Barry as Steve Majors....It was one of those movies that kinda shaped me and kinda alerted me to having "those" kinda feelings for men....I still love Brad in his underwear......SO MY TYPE!! I know big BVDS man! But I loved it!! And still do!! :-)...

What a great classic!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy Nude Year!
Wow! Welcome to 2011 folks! Its going to be a good one!