Friday, March 24, 2006

Nap Time

This a nice pic no?...Im going crazy posting today--so enjoy it...Its kinda random but try to enjoy anyway...

So its Friday--thank god! Im ready for the weekend---I think I may bail out early from work today and run about town and do some b day shopping for myself..I need something to look decent in for my B day bash tomorrow. I wont be getting the jeans below---maybe a fun shirt...Hmm will see what I come across-

So I better get to my day----have a good one to all as well and a wonderful weekend---this really really cute man resting makes me want to go back to bed and spend the day naked in bed all dang day....

Go Go Jeans...

Ok Boys!! This is for all you boys that want to be the hit of the nightclub this weekend.....thats a whole lottta ass to fill those jeans..Very very nice ass and bod on this fella no?


Sorry me NO LIKE this...Maybe if he was nude but it just goes to show you us boys have a thing for visuals--- I think we need to strip this one and get rid of those horrible undies--but hey to each its own..I can see some straight man wanting to get all over this...I dont know why but that would be hot...ha ha..Im in a mood today...

Favorite 2006 Calendar..

WOW! I really hope I get this calendar for my birthday..

So Many Magazines--So little time....

Jeff and I get Instinct and OUT....So many others out there!!!..Its hard to believe it...I depend on the BLOGS to let me know which ones to weed out...They all have so many hot men its hard to choose...This boy I like--he looks like a normal everyday good looking stud--not all airbrushed and such..


I hope my hubby got these boys an invite to my B day bash tomorrow night..

American Idol Ace..

I DISLIKE this guy--hes VERY chessey--You all know what I mean if you watch AI.......I really think he is not that swell as a singer.. I believe its all about his dreamy image--makes me personally want to slap him when he does that dreamy stare into the camera---Its all about a bunch of girls who have the screaming thigh sweats for him.... Ill pass....but I bet if he sang naked and shaved his head I would like him much better...

Dolce and Gabanna

I Like this ad....


Thursday, March 23, 2006

janelle and Milt--

Talked to janelle yesterday--they are some good friends Jeff and I made when they moved to Seattle from St Thomas to run away from the hurricanes. While they were here we had many good times together--We miss them alot! It was nice to touch base with them yesterday- we need to visit them one of these days--They moved back to Florida as they missed the warm weather a few years ago- Here they are with all the grandchildren...Just kidding janelle --they are in the back row with the one grandchild--janelle is one hot babe and so is Milt...They just got back from St Thomas on vacation and I guess Milt was being all surfer boy like in his youth...I don't even think I would attempt that and Im going to be 40--Milts a stud...Miss them!!!

~Chelsea Clinton is the dingo looking baby. Such a smarty pants.

~Cody Coco is the hundsome man with the under bite. Poor thing. He has tooth that catches his lip. Such the attitude this one, you will fall in
in love with this one FAST..Look at that face....

Chelsea Clinton

- Work is still a HELL ZONE...Im not sure if taking a new position with so much to clean up and learn at the same time was smart----I feel like I have inherited a sinking ship....Well its a challenge and heck I am always up to a challenge--and I ALWAYS prevail....but geez this is taking alot out of me! I hope to come out smelling like a rose--oh wait.... Im Hawaiian---how about come out smelling like a ginger lei....nice!!!

-Worst Thing about the new job---THE PEOPLE!!! my co workers are a bunch of boar hogs!!! That's a nice term as I could say alot more!!! I have never worked in an environment like this before--its so foreign...I hope they all quit or get fired and we get some better people in here that have
some personality at the very least..These people are as much fun as a pile of shit..

- HAWAII is confimred--Only 29 days till we are back home in a beach house enjoying the islands, the beach, the sun, the food, the pakalolo and and and and...

-My best buddy Craig and I talk on occasion and we have made sure to keep in contact through the years--We have known each other since 1980!! He was 13 I was 15..Anyhow we have been though alot--School, dating, comming out, drugs, bars, party's, boys, men, gardening, house decor, the list goes on and on---lots of fabulous times I tell you...I could do a whole blog just on our adventures alone- anyhow he and his partner Kevin live in Arizona and just moved into a new home.....Craig been riding my skirt (his words! ha ha) for sometime to get us over to visit--so Jeff and I plan to go over and spend a few days with them for the July 4th holiday... I am really excited about it and I cant wait!

- Craig sent over pics of his kids...CodyCoCo and Chelsea Clinton...They are above---darlings! He needs to send me one of himself and Kevin--- so we can all enjoy them---I think you all would agree---THEY ARE HOT!!! Hint hint Craig!!!

--Jeff is having a big B day bash for my 40th this Saturday--it was suppose to be a surprise--but he knew I would not be happy with a surprise and 30-40 people our house..I hate B days and don't like big party's to advertise it but since it is the dreaded 40, I guess I will compromise--- 40 next Wednesday 3/29.....No comment ....well one will due---FUCK!!!

- Got together with the girls last weekend and I have to say Val and I discovered something--our duet skills are a surprise!!! Suddenly came on the POD by one of my IDOLS Olivia Newton John--shes singing with Cliff Richards in this duet---We had Starla and Jeff in stitches! We both nailed it and so very soon we will be bringing it to a karioke bar near you...At least I think we nailed much were we drinking? Cheers!

Peace to all my peeps!! xoxoxoxox

Monday, March 20, 2006

Kandis and Scott--

Here the kids at the wedding a few weeks ago--I will need to post more but wantee to at least add one while I can---so cute! They are in Europe right onow on a two week honey lets fuck and suck moon...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

HAPPY 8th Honey!

So my Robin and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday-- Gosh how times flys...I am glad that we found each other...he is my buddy, lover and best friend...I look forward to growing old with you....What did I just say? I meant I look forward to growing old and FABULOUS with you-- I love you Jeff! Love Always your Batman....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


More tan then usual---with my hubby Jeff and my sis Kimmy--who is back home in Hawaii....Jeff and I are planning on trying to get to Hawaii in April--I think we got it all final just today! We will be overlapping a trip with our good friends Starla and Val!!! Yipeee!! I could just burst!!! I need a vacation soooooo bad.....We will be back under this umbrella at the Royal Hawaiian drinking Tropical Itches and Blue Hawaiians soon it seems !!!YAHOO!!!

David Arquette?

This actually reminds me of my 10th grade tolo picture--I was going through my punk stage---it was all about The Clash, Haircut 100 and groups like that...Looks like he went wild on the brows...

Well this is fun....


This actually looks like my 8th grade picture..LOL

Freddie? Nah... I dont see it.....maybe the nose and hair color....hes a nice looking fellow but i dont think this one is me at all......maybe back in my drug days--anyone have some MDA or Crystal? Or a hit of Acid? opps TMI!!!!

Fabio Cannavarro

So this is my profile match? Nuh uh! Hes quite cute actually ---but gosh those big brows....anyhow lets check on a few other matches...

Profile Yourself!
Pretty Cool!

This link takes you to a site that lets you upload a photo, and it will match the face in the photo to a celebrity!!!!!!

Ok so my celeb matches were quite an assortment-

Fabio Cannavarro
Adam Boody
Freddie Prince
Clive Owen
Robin Williams
Tom Cruise
Matthew McConaughey--No shit!

Then I did the pic below of Kandis and I from New Years---very cool as you can do a pic with two people and it does both!

Kandis got-
Jenifer Lopez
Janet Leigh
Kate Winslet
Adrianna Lima
Jenifer Love Hewitt
Michelle Phieffer

I got-
Jason Biggs
David Arquette
Jessica Alba
Andy Macdowell
Alicia Silverstone
Tom Cruise

Ok so I have a some fem characteristics.....I would be Jessica Alba any day though as I would work that!

Then of course I had to do my sweetie..

Jeff got--
Jessie Metcafe
Bruce Willis
Brad Pitt

thats it the turd....
I love my turd....

TODAY IS OUR 8th Anniversary!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Boys and Toys

This is what I used to do with my GI JOE--my favorite thing was to take off his clothes and bath him in a mud puddle outside...So you still think we are not born GAY? Get a clue--the clue phone is ringing for some of you and you need to pick it up...Anyhow I hate to say it but this toy thing is HOT...Toy and it!!

I Like Him #2

Nick Lachey--love love love him and even more so now that he and that air head bubble brain is out of his life--I hope he finds happiness and most of all lots of stardom with out the Simpson family--most importantly her gross out dad Joe Simpson--yikes! I dont like her or her family much.....they remind me of people who hide who they really are behind religion--you know the type! I know you all do.. I think she is pretty but I dont like her much anymore...I pick Nick...who do you pick? Boys rule....

like him #1

Saw Jarhead over the weekend--good movie...I have to say I love Jake more and more... He is one of those that has grown on me/us dont you think? Anyhow...I like him alot....

Back in January --My mom even mentioned that she thought he would be the one I mention in a contest we played at our candle party for favorite male star...I said Brad Pitt at the time--Mothers know best she knew what I liked before I did...

Friday, March 10, 2006

I leave you with Toms Bulge...

Ok ...this is real it is a still from a video downloaded from an episode of Smallville of Tom Welling running along while his shlong goes to and fro...Its one of many pics that show our boy Tom to have a big o pee pee...ha! I am sorry to those that visit daily and have notice how slow I am to blog daily--I am busy with work and some other things at home and just have been bombarded with shit..I feel like a drone...Anyhow I will blog if and when I can for the next few weeks--please bear with me during this time--I promise to be up and running soon--with my daily crap whats going on my view and so on and on ---and of course men that make you wannna well you know.... Till then--- keep on trucking!!!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Good Times...

Heres my buddy Eric--from Skoooozle---he is Tuesdays hot man...Check out more of him alot more at

I would have him on my blog roll if I knew how to do it!! ha! Cheers!


Communicated with a fine fellow--Eric from over at Skooozle/Therapy for A Gay Exhibitionist--Very nice guy!!...He added RAH to his blog roll and had some words of encouragement...Happy me as I don't know what the hell Im doing most of the time...Here is a nice pic of Eric and his partner Jeff...Anyhow good to read and get into someone's world and for me it hit home on a few issues--I know for some of us boys we have that special type of childhood--we just have these types of things happen in our youth -- more on that later... He is honest and direct and I enjoyed it alot... He is an exhibitionist so nudity is his thing...Hes a looker so its worth it-- I will make sure to post some hot pics of Eric real soon...Cheers to Eric--Visit him at -----
Seven Reasons Why Gay People Are Better Than Straight People
You know you think it all the time. Now we justify it for you.
EDITOR’S NOTE: We do not think all gay people are better than all straight people. We, in fact, do not think all gay people are anything. (Or all straight people, for that matter.) These are just some general observations. So please, lighten up

from OUT....

) When we have kids it’s because we really want them.Goodness knows we all hear about those silly “breeders” who practice unsafe sex and then get a “surprise” one day. Gay people don’t have it so easy. When we want to have children there’s always a third party (be it a test-tube, a surrogate, an adoption agency, etc.), adding to the already great challenge of deciding to become a mother or a father. We’re not saying it makes us better parents, but… OK, that’s what we’re saying.

2) We have better style.If we didn’t, would there have been a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? We think not. And given that most celebrated male fashion designers bat for our team, we rest our case.

3) We set the trends.How else can you explain us wearing $500 designer jeans years before they were popular? And where would metrosexuality be if we hadn’t been getting ourselves plucked and waxed for eons? These may not be good things, but still, we were there first.

4) We take better care of ourselves.You know you walked into your 10-year high school reunion with more hair, fewer wrinkles, less fat, and better fashion than any other guy in your class. Be proud.

5) When it comes to partying, we do it up right.Every straight gal pal of yours (and some of your hetero guy friends too) tells you they have more fun at a gay club than they do at a straight club. And naturally most of the hottest party planners are queer. It’s because we’re more fun. No really, we are.

6) We are devoted.Be good to us, we’ll be good to you. No matter the generation, we stick with our divas (see Judy, Barbra, Bette, Madonna). And, hey, we’re brand loyal too!

7) Watch out for our wit.Growing up as outsiders (to one degree or another) forces us to be verbally fast on our feet. So be nice, or a cutting remark will slice you down to size.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


So I wanted to do a little spring cleaning and changed my blog background template etc..little did I know I would lose my site meter and Bush Count down...SHUCKS! I am pissed..Oh well now I know! So I think I have had about 600 visits since I started this thing and it has been fun...Now I start all over again.....Not many comments though--that would be fun to get...So If you are reading this how about comment on something whether its good or bad and or say hello...Oh shit..I just noticed I lost My Frapper map too! oh golly lets see if I can get that back as well...

NEW James Bond---Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is looking to be my favorite James Bond.... I do like all the Bonds--My favs were Sean Connery and then Rodger Moore---

From these pics I cant wait to see this new Bond flick Casino Royale!!!