Thursday, March 23, 2006

janelle and Milt--

Talked to janelle yesterday--they are some good friends Jeff and I made when they moved to Seattle from St Thomas to run away from the hurricanes. While they were here we had many good times together--We miss them alot! It was nice to touch base with them yesterday- we need to visit them one of these days--They moved back to Florida as they missed the warm weather a few years ago- Here they are with all the grandchildren...Just kidding janelle --they are in the back row with the one grandchild--janelle is one hot babe and so is Milt...They just got back from St Thomas on vacation and I guess Milt was being all surfer boy like in his youth...I don't even think I would attempt that and Im going to be 40--Milts a stud...Miss them!!!


MiKell said...

I know that scene.

I've been IN that picture. Just not THAT picture.

It's a great ride. I remember before they built it.

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