Thursday, June 29, 2006

Off To Phoenix...

Jeff and I are headed out of town to Arizona for the holiday!!--Yippee!! It will be so nice to Get the hell out of here and not work and have a nice time together away from it all...We will miss the dogs for sure--we always do!!! But that's about it --Going over to see and spend sometime with old friends that just bought a new home and pretty much just relax-shop and go to the lake--Looking so forward to July 4th--we will be on a yacht that evening watching the fireworks go off...I gots to run but will make sure to blog tomorrow..have some gossip for you...


Talk about friken HILARIOUS!!! You have to check it out... I was going through some blogs today and came across this one...This chick is so RAD! Shes like a mix of your favorite chick and gay gay!!! Humor De Jour!!
Check her out!! Its nice to come across a gal that has some balls to speak it like it is and not be all well you know girlie!! next....! She cuts like the best of them-- I see a bright future for her....

This Rad Ass Homo LOVES it!!!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sao Paolo-one of Brazil's most populous city celebrates Pride last week!!!

Now its our turn in the Emerald City in Seattle! See ya at Pride all you Seattle bitches! I know alot of you are going to celebrate in your city too!! Im on my way home!! Ready to poor myself a stiff drink...

HAPPY PRIDE to all!!! From one rad ass homo to another!

Thursday, June 22, 2006



So Its GAY pride and alot going on in our lovely city...The whole weekend is going to be a blast as the fun starts on Friday and it is the biggest year yet as it has been moved to the Seattle Center--home of most of Seattles festivals and that's impressive!!! Looks like it will be the place to be with tea dances, disco, live music, vendors, speakers, workshops and so much more-- I provided a Link so you all can check it out....Jody Watley too! She was one of my first concerts--- Story ran in the stranger last week on how they wanted to put a rainbow flag on the space needle....They declined I have attached the story in a link below--bunch of dumbasses... Gay is the way!!! xoxoxox Errol

Seattle Out & Proud, the group that's holding the gay pride festival on June 23, 24, & 25, wanted the Space Needle to fly the rainbow pride flag during the festival---- an e-mail to Dale Kershner, President of Seattle Out and Proud, last Friday, the Space Needle turned down the request to fly the raibow flag.........

More here

Seattle Pride Link

The Hunks of DNA Magazine..

So DNA magazine is just so much fun..for many many reasons-Jeff has brought home a couple issues in the past and we have enjoed them... It is kinda pricey and with the amount of mags we already get (one of our addictions...magazine whores we are) I swear we need a room just to store all of them----its one of those things--hard to part with them---I save em all --Even my Sunset magazines....anyhow thank god you can now go online and enjoy it too--Rusty Joiner is one of my all time faves so I had to put him here for our enjoyment--have you ever seen his ass? eye chihuahua!! The hottie in the Blue is this months cover....Oh my!!! I think they make a cute couple..HOT!!!

check out so much more at

Ryan From DNA

I have to say I just had to show you this man-again!- A while back I put the cover of the DNA issue Ryan was a cover boy is a pic from the inside...Doesnt he kinda remind you of a modern day Christopher Atkins? Boy was that a big time crush I had in my teen years--just like all the boys that wanted Brooke Sheilds--forget that crotch I wanted Mr Atkins....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Steven Sandvoss

Not much to say except--Love its!!

Great site to check out this hunk of burning love...

Monday, June 19, 2006

I need a Naked Man and a drink !!!!

Today has been one fucked up Monday--not fair as its the start of pride week here in Seattle....

It can only get better huh? Saw this Fire Island Special on Logo over the weekend--very very cool and interesting---Looks like thats the fall vacation destination....

Im going home to drink now--I am hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Cheers- yank- gulp- spurt.... xoxoxoxoxo


This is alot of fun check it out

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Decided to change format a bit and I like the orange header so what the heck...You like?....I am hoping to get to post a bit more in the next few weeks as I have some time---Looking forward to a small vacation for the 4th of July... Going to see my buddy Craig and his partner Kevin--Jeff and I have not been to Arizona so it will be nice and most importanly to see Craig....I could write a whole blog of our comming out adventures in the late 80's ---but I think Ill save it for the book or screenplay.. Work still sucks my left nut and I hate it...I need to think of a way to go into my own business already...I know we can do it....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


yum yum yum...had to go back to the site to check out my new like like like... I got Jeff some of these undies and I love love love.. Ill never forget my friends reaction---$28 and $34 UNDERWEAR!!! Geez Louise---Now this was last year so now we are getting all the rip offs and all of us are back in our underoos again...

Its about time we boys have some fun!!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Ginch Gonch Wedgie Contest--

See all the fun here-

Now that we know the leaders of the wedgie pack - the finalists will all be pulled together for a final wedgie stand off !! Each finalist will have the option to wedge out something even more original if they choose to. Then unfortunately the excitement of Ginch Gonch's Wedgies contest will come to an end and the winner shall be announced to the world in all their wedgie fame !!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Big Weinner

Thanks for all your support you big weinnys!! I trully appreciate the folks that e mail me and say hello--even those of you that stop in for a minute just to see if this blog is full of big weinners--figure out it isnt one of those types of blogs and head back over to big weinny land...I am out of here for the weekend--I think we are going to work in the yard and maybe go to a flower and garden show--or Waterfront festival-- our freinds want to go to Snohomish to do some antique shopping as well..Sounds like a GAY ol weekend huh? Good way to start Gay Pride month....Have a wonderful weekend you fabulous people!