Friday, February 29, 2008

Justin Timberlake
In The Love Guru

I just had to post this pic-- for so many reasons.....I am sure you can think of at least 2.......What a clown.....this is in Mike Meyers’ new flick, The Love Guru.....

Oscar 2008 Dog Fashions
For the your Pooch~

Some Emmy Wear anyone?

I just love it.....Check it all out-- Celebrity pet stylists, designers, and co-creators of Little Lily, Lara Alameddine and Daniel Dubiecki, launched this high fashion, lifestyle brand inspired by their Yorkshire Terrier, Lily. Lara and Daniel's vision for the company is to create a lifestyle company that is based on the concept that “ your dog is an extension of you”. at Little Lilly- People Fashion for dogs! Check it out....

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama Ads
He Wants YOUR Vote

I'm sure you have seen this....Looks like Obama and his people are after the gay backing they don't have yet as a lot of us are Hillary Cintonitte supporters-

I know you also saw or read that Ellen had endorsed Hills the other day on her show .... Its Ellen vs Oprah Winfrey ... But seriously......Its now a race to get the pink vote!

I will say its a very cool ad...thanks for the Dignity and Respect....Now can I please have EQUAL treatment as well?

What Comes Around Goes Around
Lets Hope So For These 2 Scumbags

Alot going on in the world huh? Makes a gay boy think and wonder WTF! .....all this anti gay hate and bashing's in Ft. Lauderdale for one. I firmly believe it is really all due to that stupid ass mayor Tim Naugle who has been publicly demonizing gays for months. Why should the people of Ft. Lauderdale care how they treat anyone in the gay community when they have a moron in power like this stupid ass Naugle. He is influencing people to have and practice hate- sugar coated and wrapped with gods word of course---he has surely contributed to these problems we now see in Florida.

Now I hear today Big Brother's bigoted bigmouth Adam Jasinski has open his big gaping sewer or as I like to call his mouth. I guess he refers to another contestant who happen to be gay-Joshuah as a "faggot" who should "go back to the gay bar." I guess he has made other remarks- one which referred to autistic children as "retards". This remark I guess prompted a advertiser to pull out its ads and Autism United asked that he be kicked off the show immediately. It will be interesting to see if they air the remark....Now I'm one outspoken fella as well- So don't get me wrong.....So I just hope this white trash yahoo goes away and back to the pig pen he came from.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

David Archuleta
American Idol A Way Early Front Runner!

I think we should give him the win and the rest can just beef it out for the rest of the season.....No ......But really ....I'm excited to see him get better and better too!...Its going to be awesome to watch.....I just hope we have a few people on the show that keeps the challenge up.......I guess will see after the gals have a go at it this evening huh?

American Idol Men-

Yes I am one of those- a Idol fan.....I'm not religious about watching it but I did catch last nights episode..... Here's my take on the singing and of course a little more.....

Michael Johns was a little flat on the high notes. At least they showed him playing tennis! That was nice..good looking guy...beefy!!! .He must be Australian as he kinda reminds me of Heath Ledger for some reason.

Jason Castro performed “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” by Andy Gibb- I like this guys smooth voice and the song is one of my personal faves-just catch me on a Saturday night after a few cocktails and my i pod gets to the Andy Gibb/Bee Gees play list! I'm a hot mess.......Jason's HAIR has to go! I think he would be very Zac Efron without it...he has that twinkle eye action!

Luke Menard performed “Killer Queen” and boy has a high voice! He sings very well. Luke is my pick if I was able to choose one to be my new husband/boy friend/boy toy/sex slave etc...What a looker! Handsome devil this one!! I hope they keep him so I can enjoy the "eye gasims". Totally MY TYPE! ...

Robbie Carrico performed “Hot Blooded” Robbie likes to drag race. I wasn’t at all impressed by his singing and what is up with all this nonsense about Robbie being a rocker. Next........

Danny Noriega performed “Superstar” I liked it. Simon said the camera loves him...oh my Mr Cowell-- didn't know you like em young but I guess you did break in Ryan.......This little twink needs more time on Idol......I hope America keeps him on-- he is a cute outgoing happy little fem bot....

David Hernandez performed “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” He was a gymnast when he was a boy and I guess can do a mean cartwheel. Va va va voom! He also told a story on wearing tights.....oh my! Go David! You have my vote! Great job last night....
Jason Yeager performed “Long Train Running’” - He reminds me of one my ex flings...He plays a lot of instruments-- My ex was the same....My ex played my instrument well too! Jason sucked hard....My ex did that too.....Good byes are in order for Jason I believe.....

Chikezie performed “I Believe To My Soul” - It was good- he sings well and seems like a nice guy---But to me personally he is as appealing and interesting as a bag of rocks.....Sorry Chikezie....

David Cook performed "All Right Now” David played his guitar and gave a super performance. I think he has a chance to be on idol for awhile too!!! David is one of those cute sexy nerds....hes my next choice next to Luke for an adventure- In bed!

David Archuleta performed “Imagine” By John Lennon--I think we have the winner already! God this boy can sing! Gives a person Chicken Skin! Or as you might say-- Goose Pimples!
What a amazing voice! Hes got the voice and aura and he is super cute-nice- wholesome-just a nice young man.... Who doesn't like a young perfect Mormon boy?....I really think he is going to go all the way and winning it....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Oscar Goes To-

I have decided to come out of the closet and admit ENCHANTED was my favorite movie of the year. My Oscar would go to this superb movie. All around it was my favorite and best movie of the year hands down! The acting and humor was brilliant thanks to the awesome performances of Amy Adams and James Marsden. Amy Adams really makes you love the character of Giselle. Not only is she funny, she hits the emotion in the movie really well and just charms the hell out of you. Patrick Dempsey and Susan Sarrandon also do a wonderful job in the movie. I loved and adored all the characters so much- even the animated ones! Of course the costumes and production design in this movie were perfect and beautiful.

I also truly adored the love story as well---There's a scene right towards the end where Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey dance with each other which is just so beautiful and perfect! It made me cry and thus made it one of my favorite movie scene of the year if not ever! It all came back to me the other night as I was watching the performances on the Oscars. All the music from the movie was so good and now I need to go download it. Frankly, I'm surprised at myself as I hadn't done this yet!!! I guess I lost time during the holidays and it slipped further down the to do list in my head..... Its hard to choose a favorite song as I love all the music in the movie but if I had to choose one it would be "That's How You Know".....I already see myself with my swifter duster this weekend cleaning away to the soundtrack....I am sooo gay!

So why is it my favorite movie of the year? I think its the mere fact that I wanted to watch the movie over again immediately after seeing it and that speaks volumes on how much I enjoyed it. Its a feel good love story that they just don't make anymore and of course I'm just a boy that's a sucker for a prince and a love story..... A boy can dream cant he?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Temperature Rises Of the Week
Johnny Lee Miller and Robert Buckley

Johnny Lee Miller as Eli Stone- This show reminds me of Ali McBeal. Great show and Johnny Lee Miller is such the hunk .

Robert Buckley aka Kirby Atwood in new show Lipstick Jungle ... So I mentioned him when he was on Fashion House....Yum! Click to enlarge....

The Oscars were JUNK! Ok... so how boring was the 80th? I only really appreciated all the old footage-- that was super great....Few highlights was Jon Mclauglins performance....The Enchanted performances.... love that movie....and super cool Tilda Swinton winning best supporting actress.. The rest of it was really kinda BORING eh???
Jon McLaughlin

The only thing that caused any excitement for me really at last nights Oscars was this young man...Great singer and very good all about him this am-or rather stalked him online...Watch out Elton John & Billy Joel, this new kid on the block is poised to become the pop piano man for our young Century.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sexy Sexy Sexy
Mr McCain!
Ok so last week I posted pics of Hills and Obammer-- and I said I would dance with Oba and smoke a nice fat joint with Hills.... Now check out McCain in his younger days......what a stud! I think hes rather hot...

Guess its my life story...I party and hang with the liberals and democrats and love to fool around and do the nasty with conservative republicans--its true you know...they are wild ones!
Season 4

4 Episodes into Season 4 of LOST and I am loving it....It was kinda losing me fast last season. Well it is back on track and has gotten really good! I love the new flash forwards- and they do kinda a pop up video on the bottom..nice......You now get a glimpse of whom may survive and live AFTER the rescue off the island.....but who knows....LOST tends to jack you around with shit like this,
The best part was the end of last nights episode-- Kate has a baby after her rescue off the island...That's all I'm going to say......If you are or were a LOST fan -- you need to fire up the tivo and start checking it out again....
Chris Rockwell
DNA Mag #98

Porn star Chris Rockway this month. ....check out this quote from him.....
"I’m mainly attracted to women. But sex with men can be fun. Guys get so hung up on labels and what people will think of them that they miss out on a lot. Once you get rid of the anxiety of doing something you don’t believe you are supposed to do you can enjoy it for what it is.
While I’m not attracted to the guys I’ve been with, a lot of us have become friends and we approach it like some guys would see a game of touch football, wrestling or horsing around. Guys being guys – just in a different way."
Ok Chris ....Whatever floats your boat. Now shut up and just suck it!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Its not over till the Fat Lady Sings!
Obama and Clinton.....

Some GREAT words below from Patrick at Patsy's Words- Gives me lots of hope!

20,901,725 people in this country have voted for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
While the number is virtually split down the middle with a slight edge to Obama, this is a clear message in Presidential politics and time for all of us and the news media to start paying attention.
This country is making a statement about who they want to lead our country...and I think it is both of them. How can people imply that Hillary Clinton's campaign is over when 10 million + people in this country have voted for her?
While Barack's string of victories is very impressive, let's start looking at the movement that both of their campaigns have caused in this country. So, I think a firm congratulations is in order for both candidates, hopefully, the two of them will realize that together, they are unstoppable.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hula Dancing
in the Cook Islands

Here we are shaking our junk in our trunks as the Cook islanders get a kick out of us! Jeff and I have thought about taking hula classes alot ( my grandfather and aunts all teach it) but we just never commit. 2 days a week traveling 45 minute each way on a weeknight is too much of a comitment for us right now... Shake it dont break it....

Hump Day Hotness
Levi Poulter
I get at least a few if not a bunch of hits to my blog daily looking for/at previous Levi pics I have posted. Man is he one popular fella! Thought we needed a mid week pic me up for our eyes ....among other here he is....I got a tip from someone that sent me a link of Levi at Island House as they thought I might enjoy....I think you would do the same. NSFW

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Project Runway 4
Fashion Week Collections

Fashion Weeks Collections- Dont look if you want to wait to see it on next weeks finale show instead...But its nice to see what they designed..... I will say this for now-- Chritian and Jillians is HOT! But I think Christain may have a slightly better edge...they both went with BLACK....Rami and Chris looks are just ok....Both went with RED and BLACK....

Monday, February 18, 2008

Prez Day
Have a good holiday.....Seattle- Sunny and 60 degrees..we are defrosting..
My Project Runway

On this weeks Project Runway.... Christian won this week's challenge and that important spot to Bryant Park....Was there any doubt on this?...He is major talented!!!! His garment (or in this case 3 garments-pants, blouse, and a vest ) was again made with his talent for incredible attention to detail and great craftmanship. I firmly think Christian will be the overall winner and so deserving of it. It will be a shock if he doesn't go all the way to win it but Jillian may be a strong force in the show too!

Jillian made this gold metallic dress with short jacket which was praised by the judges. The jacket was nice-- very well made-as all her jackets seem to be. She is the jacket maker.....Like Rami is the drapers maker...They are both great at what they do but I need to see other shit they can make already. I'm a little surprised no one mentioned the skirt wasn't hemmed. She is number 2 to go to Bryant park....

Ok back to the draper..That's right, Rami made ANOTHER drape dress! The judges were not happy to see him produce yet another draped dress. As always wonderful work but as Nina said -- get out of the box! He is on the fence for Bryant....

Chris got a little lip action from the judges because his gown was very similar to another gown he and Christain designed together in a earlier competition...There were some similarities, but at least it wasn't his 5th draped dress or his 4th Jacket! Guest judge Roberto Cavalli relayed it was the best garment of them all! Of course he did -- have you bought any Robert Cavalli designs lately?...he he he.. Chirs is on the fence for Bryant park as well....
Sweet P got eliminated this week! Goodbye Sweet Sweet P! Her inspiration was a painting of a peacock and this was the outcome dress. This dress is very ready to wear but not fashon....I love Sweet P-- she will have a future as she does design items that people REALLY WOULD WEAR....She will have a nice bright future.... I see a Target collection...
So Christian and Jillian get to design a collection and show at Bryant Park for sure......In a new twist...Rami and Chris get to design a collection also-- They will then present the top 3 of what they think is the best in the collection they create and the judges will nominate the 3rd person to show at Bryant....
Chirs is going to go over the top....How exciting! Drag queen show!!!
Rami will desing too many drapers-- I just know it.
Jillian will look 5 tmes as old as she will have to be working round the clock to finish a collection as she is a snail in making clothes and she is going to stress herself out to the max to finish on time....
Christian- Speedy sew wonder will win it all....
Everyone's coming back for a big "tell all" show this week...
Fan Favorite? I have no idea -- But my vote is Sweet P.....

A Gay Surfer Love Story
Trailers for the upcoming Brad Rowe movie Shelter is popping up all over the place this week huh? The trailers make it look really good-- they always do and I hope it suceeds...This is one the to see list thats for sure!
For those not familiar with Shelter, it tells the story of Zach (Trevor Wright), a young man who has to give up his dreams of becoming an artist in order to help his unmarried sister take care of her son. Zach's world gets turned upside down when Shaun (Rowe), the older brother of his best friend, returns to their beachside town of San Pedro, CA. The two become surfing buddies and eventually lovers.
Most gay guys will remember Rowe from his turn in Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss where he played the sexually ambiguous Gabriel opposite Sean Hayes' Billy Collier.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Some People Are GAY
Get over it....
Stonewall Scotland launched the most provocative advertising campaign aimed at tackling homophobic abuse and hate crime in Scotland. (SH) Using the sexy John Barrowman as a spokesman...With the number of crap like this taking place lately in the states....I wish someone would do the same here....awesome!