Thursday, February 21, 2008

Its not over till the Fat Lady Sings!
Obama and Clinton.....

Some GREAT words below from Patrick at Patsy's Words- Gives me lots of hope!

20,901,725 people in this country have voted for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.
While the number is virtually split down the middle with a slight edge to Obama, this is a clear message in Presidential politics and time for all of us and the news media to start paying attention.
This country is making a statement about who they want to lead our country...and I think it is both of them. How can people imply that Hillary Clinton's campaign is over when 10 million + people in this country have voted for her?
While Barack's string of victories is very impressive, let's start looking at the movement that both of their campaigns have caused in this country. So, I think a firm congratulations is in order for both candidates, hopefully, the two of them will realize that together, they are unstoppable.


CJ said...

Like a Sherman tank!

Mark in DE said...

I've got a preference, but I think we'll do pretty well with either of them. Both have many good ideas.

Mark :-)

patrick said...

Thannks for posting this story, I want people to realize how close this race is!!!!!