Friday, May 30, 2008

Need a Lift?
Do you need a lift? I surely do and I think a weekend off from the new job will be a perfect solution.....Now a lift from this gentleman would be super too! BTW.....job is 50/50 right now and I am hoping the bad 50 changes soon.....More on that later......

So no big plans for the weekend.....A cocktail party this evening which will be a perfect way to start the weekend.....Sex in the City movie tomorrow "yippee" as I am in need of some comic relief ....and then maybe some afternoon yard work if the weather co-ops.....Sunday plan is R and R.....maybe gallivant over to go see the folks.....My mother is having a cow right now as her PC has been in the shop for 2 weeks so she is over the moon about it---she is so cute! Mom is such a tech gal now! How is she suppose to do her bills as it the end of the month! She went on and on about it the other night....A visit to see her and dad will be good.

So last night I was weed whacking after I got home form the new job from hell and was going for broke on this brushy ivy area in our back yard ( we live on a double lot and one section is forest like with evergreens and lots of ivy) so the weed whacker bottom thingy flew apart about 1/2 way into it and the weed whacker itself started smoking! YIKES! I looked everywhere for that thingy with spring and wire coils deal but could not find it.....It may have flown into the neighbors ghetto yard (we call him Jeppers Creepers-I will need a post about that whole scary mess soon) Well it was too much work for the poor thing so I need to get a new one over the weekend........bugger! The old weed wack lasted us for about 7 years so its time to get a new one I guess......not that I want to buy another yard tool as yard tools and such are so expensive! I need to make more money and get a couple of yard boys......cute ones too......Wish I could find one like the dude on top....He pulls up in his truck with the mower in back....I suddenly faint......I now need CPR........Good times....

Oh my.....My back is killing me today due to my workout last evening....Excuse me while I go take a nice happy pain pill...Now this should make work more fun today......
Goodbye Harvey Korman

Harvey Korman you will be missed- I have such fond memories of watching you on one of my fave shows of ALL TIME- The Carol Burnett Show. Another goodbye to ones of our awesome and great old school comics.
Harvey with Lyle Waggoner on Carol Burnett show....I was already crushing on guys like Lyle in grade school so I am sure we are born gay.....Great pic..I love it!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex In The City
Premiere Weekend!

Sex in the Seattle City Mania-- So most downtown movie houses here are selling tickets like hotcakes and believe it or not they are SELLING out!--WTF! Good luck with a Friday or Saturday night ticket....In fact.... It was even on the local news here! Its even on sale on craigslist-- So Crazy! We are not going to the 1201am showing tonite that's for sure so we are going to see it on Saturday in the burbs with the country lgbt crowd....Now that should be as entertaining as the movie eh? all know what I mean!!!!.....So are you going to see it? I really think its going to have a big giant opening weekend man! I also noticed that not many other movies open this weekend........hmm.......I wonder why huh?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Living Lohans ONLY STAR
NANA Lohan

Meet Nana Lohan (Anne Sullivan) - The Lohan matriarch and the star of "Living Lohan." The only only star of this new show in my opinion! Ok..... so this long weekends R and R was done yesterday as we layed around all day long-- just ran off to the grocery store for a quick trip for this weeks lunches and dinners in the morning and then we settled in for the day with the dogs and watched TV all day long....Movies all day and catching up what was on the DVR---Evening time saw 2 premiere's Living Lohan and the new Denise Richards show.....The Denise show was ok....but then again a show with 10 dogs and 3 pigs is always ok to me...I will keep watching this one....Denise is very likable too.....But Living Lohan was REALLY BAD! It seems all they do is go online to gossip sites and magazines and bitch about it..... or was it about Ali Lohans singing career? I'm not sure what the flippin show is about and I don't really like that Ali much---she reminds me of that Ashley Simpson.....its strange how they are similar considering they both have that older famous sister thing.... they are both those kinda raspy voiced chicks that work my last nerve........If either was suddenly hit by a bus I wouldn't be too sad......anyhow I think Nana Lohan is the best of that show- Don't we boys just love our Grannys! She rocks!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lucky You!
Its a Holiday Weekend!
Whatever your plans may be...hope you have a wonderful weekend! No big plans for me really.... I was going to get in action and get a yard sale going for tomorrow...But I'm not in the mood to prepare for it tonite....It will be allot of work so its on the back burner for another weekend....We are having a little BBQ tomorrow and that should be festive....Get some of the gang over for drinks, pupus and play some boccie....that's about it for the weekend so maybe we can get some stuff done around the abode and maybe squeeze in some R and R.....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Funny Site!!!
Check it Out!

Fricken Hilarious!!! Don't Tweeze To Please......I almost fell off my chair! Check it out for some giggles.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We got tickets! Vancouver 10/30......11th row baby!!! OMG...It is so exciting! Cost of tickets is like a mini weekend trip--Im sure her concert will be a trip of a lifetime so its worth it for sure! Its going to be super duper flippin cool!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Madonna's HARD Candy
Love it!!!

Ok....I am so LOVING this! I love all of Madge but this new release of music is super duper!....I think I have listened to her for 3 weeks solid in the car and on the bus and in the shower etc etc.. Its a great accomplishment and kudos to JT and Timberland for input-- the music is so good and its fresh and yet so Madonna! Every song on is awesome and its hard to choose a favorite....You Madonna fans know what I mean......and for those that don't like it....Don't be a hater.....What is wrong with you?

Monday, May 19, 2008


Same sex ruling last week on marriage in California makes me happy! I am closer to getting my dream wedding one day! I have always wanted a traditional Hawaiian wedding!!!! But I don't think Jeff nor I will be in a holoku ( gown). We will both be in tradtional Hawaiian grooms wear which is white long sleeve shirts and white pants with a sash....I want my sash to red and he can be red or any color of the Hawaiian chain....then a few leis and barefoot....on the beach......I will make sure you are invited! Its going to be great! I looked for a example picture online to no avail.....I see some of you are thinking a sash? WTF? Heres is the best example I could find.
A Rad Homo Hits 100,000 Visits!

OMG...So busy and didnt notice my little blog hit 100,000---- while Im not one of the big guys in the blog world I think its alot of fun and a good outlet for me indeed...Plus I meet so many nice folks like you!!! As they doest matter how big is is but how you use it....

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gets The Honors.....
How appropriate to me to post Mr Lopes as my first hot man with my new apple macs first bloggie post.........He is so deserving of this honor as he is one fricken SEXY BEAST!!! Though I'm still trying to get the hand of this new laptop.  It is both fun and frustrating all rolled into one man---doesn't Juliano look so at ease and kinda comfortable? In a way and I am as well it was a ordeal to get the new wireless connection installed and now its time to play and get all my stuff transferred over from the old gigantic PC.  Oh such good times indeed! NOT!  But it is good to be back and able to stalk my fave blogs again.  I surely missed you fellas! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Back! Well Sort Of…..
Did you miss me? I was out for a little over a week and got caught up with life and did get some rest too! I did manage to get a good amount of stuff done around the house and such. Cleaned out the closets and organizing-A good spring cleaning!! I was also outside a lot and also got the yard spring planting done and my planters are looking pretty good…..but more on all that hot mess later….

So I started the new job yesterday! And so far so good... I am now a Hotel Sales Manager at a nice downtown hotel….So if any of you out there have a need a hotel in beautiful Seattle for your company, business etc or just for your vaca-----I would like to be your new best friend so E- mail me folks!!! It’s a great hotel and I would love to elaborate more with you if hotel stays are something that is one of your needs!!!!

We did manage to get out of town to Portland and did some much needed tax free retail shopping therapy……We bought a NEW MAC Laptop last week too!!!!! So I am getting that all in order so I can get back online soon ….so hang tight... In the meantime enjoy some Kerry Degman—have you seen the skateboarder pics of him yet? Wowza……So I will be back in a jiffy…. ON MY NEW MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW...I missed you!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

TIME OUT! I will be on a blog vacation for awhile. Will be out next week with no access and then I start the new job on Monday 5-12. I will try to get back to this hot mess and all of you as soon as I can......

Be good now, eat your veggies and I will catch up with all real soon! xoxox
Robert Buckley
Looking Hot In Hawaii
But We Already Knew That!

Ok.... didn't I establish Robert Buckley as a hot to heck man back in Sept of 2006? When he was on Fashion House..... I totally called it and had a nice man crush on him....back then you couldn't find anything on him at all! I posted this about him back on 9/14/06....Oh dear.... I even said he would be on his way once he showed some SKIN....Now isn't that what he did on Lipstick Jungle a few months ago that seems to have started this frenzy? So if anyone is looking for a good talent scout or agent? I am available! Well most of us gay boys are good at this are we not? Picking hot men....Looks like our taste is right on target again and we pick em before the explosion of mainstream popularity once again......Seems now the rest are catching up....He is getting lots of press and posting these days....damm fine looking and handsome in Hawaii with "Sammy Jo" Heather Locklear filming some movie.....