Thursday, May 01, 2008

Robert Buckley
Looking Hot In Hawaii
But We Already Knew That!

Ok.... didn't I establish Robert Buckley as a hot to heck man back in Sept of 2006? When he was on Fashion House..... I totally called it and had a nice man crush on him....back then you couldn't find anything on him at all! I posted this about him back on 9/14/06....Oh dear.... I even said he would be on his way once he showed some SKIN....Now isn't that what he did on Lipstick Jungle a few months ago that seems to have started this frenzy? So if anyone is looking for a good talent scout or agent? I am available! Well most of us gay boys are good at this are we not? Picking hot men....Looks like our taste is right on target again and we pick em before the explosion of mainstream popularity once again......Seems now the rest are catching up....He is getting lots of press and posting these days....damm fine looking and handsome in Hawaii with "Sammy Jo" Heather Locklear filming some movie.....


Mark in DE said...

Yep, you called it!

Mark :-)

Anonymous Blogger said...

you are so right, that jesse guy from desperate housewives i soo ccalled him, back in the days when he was in the soap opera Passions.....and your blog makes me sexually frustrated. haha.

My ¨Pic Server said...

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