Friday, December 21, 2007

James Marsden
In GQ--My Last Post of the Year...

Ok -- I know I have already said my goodbyes and well wishes for the year...But I just got news that my current big time crush James is in next months issue of GQ....Great way to end the year! I LOVE the black and white with him grabbing his crotch! I am crushing so bad on this man right now.....Ok..... Im really on hiatus now....
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Mele Kalikimaka!
From Your Rad Homo
Jeff and I wanted to wish each and everyone one of you a wonderful holiday! I will be taking a hiatus from the blog world till the new year...We just found out yesterday that we are set to go on a 2 week trip to the South Pacific in late January!!!! More details on that later but what a great gift for x- mas! I think Im going to burst! I will catch up with all you bitches in about a weeks time.......Now you go and have yourselves a merry big CHRISTMAS! I will miss ya!! xoxoxo
Merry Christmas
Kisses to you!!!!!!

Hey Fella ---Nice Jingle Bells......

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Christmas Pussy

One pussy I will admit that is super adorable....
Naughty Or Nice?

Santas gearing up his sleigh and soon will be on his way....Are you Ho Ho Hos Ready?
Jamie Lynn Spears
Im Prego y'all!

Jamie Lynn is now 16....Not that I give hoot as we all are so damm over the Train wreck we all call the Spears family...But I thought I would post a few pics of the fella that did the deed to Jamie....he is rather cute....

Boar Hog
aka Denise Martin Apologizes..

Ok-- I got some e mails about how HARSH I was in yesterday post about Denise...I know I tend to sometimes go over the top but I really didn't like her much and the vibe I got was a good one.....I apologize for being a bit to harsh on her but its the way I felt and so too flipping bad to all those Denise supporters that sent me the messages of distaste...

But if you read the story on it today....she apologizes but then starts back in on her pity me waaa waaa crap again...

Denise Martin, the former lunch lady who claimed she had been demoted to janitor after appearing on “Survivor: China,” acknowledged today that the hard-luck story she told in the reality show finale was not true. It was not my intention to be misleading," Martin said from studio in Los Angeles. "Nancy has been outstanding to me. She has done everything possible. She has given me the leave of absences to be on the show."
"I'm sorry," Martin continued, sounding as though she was near tears. "And I apologize to everybody. Believe me, I wish none of this had happened. I couldn't say I’m sorry enough."
During the live broadcast of the show's finale Sunday, Martin told viewers she had been demoted from her $7-an-hour job as a lunch lady because she had become too popular at Douglas Intermediate Elementary School.
"They didn't give me my job back," said Martin, 40, who finished fourth in the reality show and missed the $1 million grand prize. "I'm a janitor now. I clean toilets. I wash the floors in the bathroom. I vacuum the kids' rugs."

Full Story here-

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Denise Martin is a

If you are a survivor fan you know who this whiny bitch is....I didn't like her and her fat ass on the show or after it. I had this vibe about her..She has this "poor me waaaa waaaa waaaa" attitude and they even gave her 50 grand after the show due to her welfare sadness....I love it that Coutney was the only one to say it like it is on the show. I loved it.... lets recap her words-

Courtney says that the game isn’t welfare, and Denise doesn’t deserve to win just because her life sucks. She then laughs that she (Courtney) is the biggest bitch on the planet!

Courtney bitches are the best and I love ya! Now a scandals out and Denise is in the spotlight for being a whinny lying buffalo butt.....I love it...I had to post about it - Just because I don't like her...ha ha ha to you Denise you dumb boar hog!
Last Minute Shopping
How Bunk!

I am a little behind this year-- DAMM! I did manage to get my Christmas cards out and did a fast holiday letter.....phew!....And I did mange to get some shopping done but by no means am I done YET! This means we will have to either go out on an evening this week- which I personally feel would be best or go and fight the insane amounts of people over the weekend.....Which will most likely be the thing we end up doing- The only part that is sorta fun about it is getting to see the people that come out of the woods, mountains and trailer parks and such...I like to take a break between fighting the crowds to sit back and eat my mall pretzel and observe the animals-- I mean people.....This is the one time of year you get to see those folks that only shop when they have too...My mom calls them the hillbilly' know what I mean......I know you all see them at the store this time of year.....Screaming at each other or looking like they are lost in some foreign new world-- some are in dire need of a bath or at least a fricken hairbrush... I also don't know if this is a Seattle trend but we have noticed lately that we see a large amount of people in pajamas! They are mostly in Pj pants and alot of people in house slippers shopping! I ask you when did it become appropriate to shop in your Sponge Bob, Star Trek and Strawberry Shortcake Pj's? And house booties? We see a allot of folks in this attire out and about these days.....even in grocery stores!
Could you at least put on a pair of active wear sweats Billy Bob and Suzy Sue for heavens sake!! And please wear a Bra Suzy Sue!...You need that boulder holder! I can only condone a really cute Billy Bob....He can just wear his Justice League Pj's pants with no underwear....I am so ok with that look....
James Marsden
More More More!

James Marsden has one of those faces that need to be kissed ALL over! His wife is one lucky lady....I am having trouble these last few weeks getting him out of my head....Totally my forte...

Rough Christmas

Christmas looks to be a ruff and tumble one with this elf.....Thats alot of tatts! Im in the mood for love and.......
A Christmas Wish
A Prince!

Honey...Can I get my very own Prince for Christmas? Prince Harry would be perfect! I think he is such a handsome devil!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Meow Christmas
Only 1 week to go....

Friday, December 14, 2007

Saleisha Stowers Is Not AT ALL a Top Model..
But Sure Looks Like Tootie!

Here's Saleisha Stowers. She's America's Next Top Model, according to Tyra Banks. She's a pretty girl, but not a top model...I was so disappointed in this cycle... There were so many other girls that would of made a better top model.......Who thinks Saleisha looks like Tootie from the Fact of Life show circa 1982? I do I do...her hair is also so fake looking....not good AT ALL! So Sorry.... but bad bad choice people...Yuck!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

James Marsden
In New Movie 27 Dresses

Just saw this commercial last night and I just adore Kat and I have a major thing for ANYTHING Hot as heck James Marsden does..I simply love Mr Marsden and he looks sexy with his shaggy hair in this flick- Just saw him in fav film of the season and I could watch him for hours on the big screen....I'm a love sick sap sometimes....
Katherine Heigl's romantic comedy "27 Dresses" co-starring hunky James Marsden open in Jan!!!
Time to visit

We all remember going to see Santa...When I was a young lad in the 70's my favorite Santa was the Santa at Sears at Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu....He gave you those large fat jumbo candy canes...I loved those!!!..of course I did...Nowadays they give you a little toy or something like that as they don't want top promote tooth decay.....hogwash...Anyhow came across these funny Santa photos and I just HAD to share and coment......

High Santa- He snorted a few no doze before his shift!!!These girls feel the high vibe and want off this druggies lap!
Spooky Santa- He looks like a fake Santa huh? The one little lesbian girl wants to beat him up....The gay bro wants to stay on his lap forever...

Get Me Out Of Here Santa- This kid just cried so hard that it forced out a big smelly dump as well...This Santa wants to beeline out of there!

Drag Queen Santa- No Comment except this is my favorite one! Lots of blush man! Santa by day -- Drag queen by night!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hot Couple Alert
Jack Mackenroth and Dale Levitski

I'm sure you all have seen this new couple alert as it is all over the news and such....I'm a fan of both of them ...Jeff and I think they make a very handsome couple! I hope its true and not a publicity stunt-- though I have my doubts that this may just be a I'm so HOT for you and your so HOT for me moment...We all know those times...Good times indeed! The entertainment world may be the boss in this one though and pretty much rule how this relationship plays out.... but I hope it works out... We saw Dale in Hawaii while we were visiting back in September....he works with a few chefs in the islands....hes seems like a super nice fella....Best regards to these boys...I hope they can make our community proud....Good luck guys...Hard shoes to be in.....
Daniel Craig
To The Rescue

When I'm feeling down..all I need to do is to google Daniel Craig and I get warm and happy all over again....That's all I'm going to say as I may end up sounding like a sappy teenage girl.....Lets just say I worship this man!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

07 Starbucks
Pass The Cheer Campaign

Tis the season...and amidst all those holiday ads and commercial campaign's and such -- I think Starbucks is my fave-- Pass the Cheer! I love the animals in each one and I love the big bear hug...have you seen it? So darn cute..... I bet its on you tube...