Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Denise Martin is a

If you are a survivor fan you know who this whiny bitch is....I didn't like her and her fat ass on the show or after it. I had this vibe about her..She has this "poor me waaaa waaaa waaaa" attitude and they even gave her 50 grand after the show due to her welfare sadness....I love it that Coutney was the only one to say it like it is on the show. I loved it.... lets recap her words-

Courtney says that the game isn’t welfare, and Denise doesn’t deserve to win just because her life sucks. She then laughs that she (Courtney) is the biggest bitch on the planet!

Courtney bitches are the best and I love ya! Now a scandals out and Denise is in the spotlight for being a whinny lying buffalo butt.....I love it...I had to post about it - Just because I don't like her...ha ha ha to you Denise you dumb boar hog!


Mark in DE said...

Don't beat around the bush, tell us how you REALLY feel about her! LOL!

Mark :-)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stand her on the show. And those thighs, where's the pixelation dude when you want him?

FitnessNerd said...

Didn't you hear? She lied. The janitor job was actually a promotion that she applied for before she was granted leave for Survivor. The principal of the school is not pleased!

FitnessNerd said...
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Christopher said...

What a pretty lady!