Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Halloween Cards

Halloween Baking
With the Gay Hawaiian Barefoot Contessa

Last night decided to do some baking...So I made some pumpkin cakes to bring into work today and then some cupcakes as we have hubbys aunts and nephew coming over tonite to carve pumpkins for Halloween. They look pretty good huh? I sampled a cupcake this morning and it was yummy--It should of been as they are yellow BUTTER cakes. You cant go wrong with Butta! Well I should really try one of those pumpkin cakes---nah....its for work anyhow and I hope a few of them choke on it! Just kidding!! Well not really......

Happy Halloween from the Gay Hawaiian Barefoot Contessa!

My Sugar is RAW!
I am going to get Sticky and Sweet tomorrow night!
Its finally here-- tickets bought so long ago it seems! I wasn't to excited about it until this last week or so but I'm pretty excited now. Bonus 4 day weekend as well! We head out tomorrow morn and hit the road to Vancouver BC.... Stopping at Seattle Premium Outlets on the way up to do some light shopping at reasonable rates to get some new duds to add to the wardrobe for the winter season. It has some great stores and since we need to make a penny scream.... the outlet mall here we come.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Would You Hit it?

So I wouldn't say no....Wow...hes come along way from those days of wearing loads of cover up....He was in Hawaii this last weekend....I cut out his beard so we can just enjoy him....
Madonna Count Down-
Only 3 More Sleeps!
Weekend Recap-
Halloween Haunted Tours- And Dog Parades

Friday night was the Haunted History Tour which was fun and quite educational. The Georgetown area is rich with Seattle history so it was a good time and we all learned alot. They all put in alot of hard work and were all so passionate about it all and so it was very cool. It was sorta a long trek so I am very happy I wore the boot--which BTW is going well. I am suppose to be wearing it to 11-13 which is the date for my next follow up on the fracture leg/ankle. Last update was on 10-9 and the x rays looked good and it is healing well.... but ever so slowly. Docs wants me in the boot for another 5 weeks or so. We had our sippy cups and drank grape vodka ( instead of hot cocoa) as we went through the tour which was perfect. At the end of the tour I was glad I wore the boot as my leg was a bit tired and sore but I think it was due from me having to heave that heavy boot thing around more than walking on it! After the tour we went over to some friends for a late dinner and appletini cocktails--- ( I kinda wished we had the opportunity to have stayed at the brewhouse to mingle more with the Georgetown tour folk myself as they were a fun bunch but......) we then got home at about 1030-- had a nice buzz which was well deserved after the long week we had and then fell fast asleep with the doggies who was happy to have us home...

Saturday morning got up early and hubby pressed some Tully coffee-- My favorite! It was going to be a beautiful day! So decided we would be going to the Boo Festival in our town and partaking in the Doggie Costume Parade. We ran around and did some errands and went out looking for dog costumes and found skeleton outfits for the Shih Tzus and a pumpkin T for Lola (who just turned 5 months). At the last moment I remembered I had my skeleton outfit from last Halloween and decided to wear it in the parade walk with the dogs and then we would all match! It wasn't a plan at all at the time we got the outfits but I'm glad I thought of it. The parade was only about 2 blocks long and you went up and down once in a circle-- there was about 100-150 dogs or so and the street was lined with kids in costumes as they were having a trick o treat with all the shops that afternoon as well-- It was super fun to be in the parade and alot of them got a big kick out of us.... so the skeletons were a hit. Or maybe it was the skin tight Skeleton outfit? Anyhow Im glad my ass was able to fit it! Does my ass look fat in this? LOL....We had our picture taken a bunch that's for sure! This is a few we got on our camera.....and I was willing to post as they were not great--I did notice I am in need of a tan and to start a crash diet looking at most of them! Anyhow........ . I hope to get some others pics as I am awaiting ones our friends took and I will post them as well as they took a few more as they sat at the MARK restaurant sipping cosmos as everyone went by....I should of marched with a cosmo in hand. It was a great afternoon and a beautiful sunny fall day with the wind blowing autumn leaves all around. Had a few rounds of cosmos and enjoyed the afternoon and all the kids and dogs that were dressed up...Later we went home and we did a nice dinner and drinks with our friends and had a lovely fall evening. Had Creme Brulee for dessert too....MMMMMM!

Sunday-- Cleaned the house, did some laundry and a few errands....and had a relaxing afternoon. Now I am back at work....its a 3 day work week! hope it goes fast....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another Busy WeekendLots going on this weekend! We have the Haunted History Tour tonite...see post below this one....then tomorrow we are off the the Boo In Burien....We are going as long as the weather cooperates--last year was sunny and we were judges for the costume pet is so much fun seeing all the dogs dressed up...I think we are going to dress up the kids and put them in this years parade... for sure the little one Lola.......But if its rainy I think not so I pray for nice weather.....Or I will be sitting in the Mark Restaurant along the parade route and maybe judging it again while I sip a cocktail...We live in Burien and the festivities is about 4 blocks from our home.....its a lovely area....A friend just sent me this Bark for Obama- from Metro Dog.....all this is all so dang Seattle!
Tonites Plans
A Haunted History Tour
We are off to the Georgetowns Haunted History Tour this evening! We have good friends that have been putting this thing on for years and each year it has grown and grown.....Last time I checked they were sold out for many of the times tonite so they are doing well with this event! I'm going to fill a sippy cup ( you know one of those 7-11 to go coke things ) full of vodka and some juice and drink along the way.....One of those super cups should be a good start for tonite ....I need a good night hell weekend of heavy drinking as its been one of those weeks! We are going with the usual suspects-- Kandis, Scott, Starla and Val.....I hope it scares the panties off the girls....oh and the jock strap off Scott...oh wait he goes commando-- then scare the pants off him....the brewhouse looks super spooky!!! More here...
More Nick Younquest

My current MAJOR crush a rama-- those thighs alone make me go bananas! Some great pics of his DNA spread in case you havent seen already are below......can you pass me that cool towel please--Im overheated....these are soooooooooo HOT!

Fridays Fly Boy
Sometimes you need a smooth, young and pretty one on the menu..... so hot! Click on him for the full hotness!
Madge In 6 DAYS!
And my countdown begins!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Homo Horror
I am such a fan!

If you're into campy horror films like I am.... then this is the time of year! I ran across this movie today -The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror and it looks to fit my like for this genre indeed! I have confessed many times in previous postings my love for shows like Dantes Cove and The Liar and all those cheesy horror homo type films and shows. Oh hush.... all you haters!! I know the acting isn't all that great most of the time but we all can easily agree that the men in them are quite easy on the eyes! I love me a good horror flick with naked men dont you? Here is a good pic of the cast below.While checking out the website for this thriller I read that it was or looks like had played at the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and then I see that the festival is going on right now! Gosh.... I am so out of the loop I guess! I am so ashamed! So I took a peek at the line up and now I see so many flicks I want to check out! damm! usual we are so busy on our weekends so we will have a hard time trying to squeeze any of this in. I think we may try to check out Scab tomorrow night if the moon and stars line up correctly as its playing close to home but kinda late at 945pm- it is way past my bedtime as we wake at 445am each day for work.....A afternoon nap will most definitely be in order tomorrow if we do this for sure.
So here is a few pics of the movie SCAB as well....I now know after looking further into it that this is a old movie that was made in 2005? Wow....I think I may have to find it on Amazon or TLA or something to that effect....Looks like a true homo horror--- and I know allot of you would call it soft porn...I call it right up my alley then! Bring it on!

and again there is nothing like a man in his white briefs!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mondays Meat
Kris Kranz
Haven't had a Mondays Meat for sometime so thought one was in order! I ran across model Kris Kranz this morning and thought now this is perfect! Kris is a new model for Energie and I found a few photo profiles online and most of them were so so. For some reason he looked totally different in most photos as compared to this shoot for Energie. He looks smoking hot in this set! These are a few of my faves of the set.... The first photo is my personal fave and so adorable...Enjoy!

Blogrolling Is Still Down whom I use to update my blog roll has been down for about a week and its driving me bananas! It has been a good system and not given me any probs in the 2 1/2 years I have used it but someone I guess hacked it last week? Anyhow... I don't update my roll too much but last week I ran across a few blogs that I have been following and so went to add them and haven't been able todo so..... Oh well...I hope they get this all resolved soon. Or I may have to use the blogger one and that will take me a few hours to transfer it all over.....Yuck!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Off to a Candle Party tonight..

We are off to a candle party/cocktail/Halloween swaray tonite--Its candle burning season with fall and the start of winter and I burn a lot of candles from now till spring time so this should be a fun night to party and also buy some candles!   We usually have a party every fall but this time we took the year off.  Its fun to have a party as you get a % of sales so if you do well you can get a bunch of candles to last the year if you get a good turn out.  We love Party Lite candles too as they burn so nice and clean...We try others but they cost more and seem to smoke more than anything else.  So we are off to spend some money at our friends party and next fall we will have the fall candle party---we take turns.  It reminds me of my mother and her Tupperware parties....but instead its unisex and lots of food and drinks and the music pumps later so people start dancing!  I will try to take some pics and maybe post them...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Friday!

TOMMY HERD shot by ARNALDO ANAYA-LUCCA.... quite a handsome fella this Tommy Heard.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love Linus.....I too used too also carry around a blanket and a comfy as a kid so they used to raz me around and tell me I was just like Linus from Peanuts....I also used to do the tongue action when I was doing something that needed allot of concentration or I was writing....I still do it....In fact I bet I am doing it as I write this post!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Madge in 16 Days!!!!!
We see her in 16 days!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!! I love that she is rippin McDead and Pain-in!! God I love her!

Madonna Throws Condoms To New York Fans In Jibe At Sarah Palin
Madonna continued her onslaught on Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin during a show at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday night (October 11).
After performing her smash song 'Express Yourself' in front of the sell-out crowd, Madge said “I'd like to express myself to Sarah Palin right now" before she threw condoms into the crowd apparently emblazoned with images of Palin.
The condoms were undoubtedly a swipe at Palin's 17-year-old daughter Bristol who is pregnant. Madonna added that the condoms would promote safe sex as they had a picture of Sarah Palin on them.

Earlier in the night, when Madonna's guitar made a loud screeching sound, she joked: "This is the sound of Sarah Palin thinking."
This episode is just the latest of a string of attacks from Madonna. Last week she told her US fans that Palin was banned from attending any of her shows. She also launched a ditty at the Republican singing: “I'm gonna kick her ass if she don't get off of my street!”
Madonna was also criticised for bracketing an image of presidential hopeful John McCain with Adolf Hitler and Robert Mugabe on the opening night of her world tour.
A spokesperson for Mr McCain's campaign said Madonna's actions were “outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time.”

Monday, October 13, 2008

Time to REALLY Recycle Folks!

If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Delta Airlines one year ago,you will have $49.00 today.
If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in AIG one year ago, you will have$33.00 today.

If you had purchased $1,000 of shares in Lehman Brothers one year ago,you will have $0.00 today.

But, if you had purchased $1,000 worth of beer one year ago, drank all the beer, then turned in the aluminum cans for recycling refund, you will have received $214.00.

So based on the above, the best current investment plan is to drink heavily& recycle.It is called the 401-Keg... Does vodka come in cans yet?

Haunted Houses, Pumpkin Patches, Turkeys, Candy Apples
It Must Be Fall...

So another busy weekend so again I am a bit worn out today. But first off I had a wireLESS weekend from Friday afternoon to this morning. I had the cell phone off and the PC.... it was strange but nice too! I think I need to do this more often....though today I feel like I need to catch up with the world.

Friday we went to Fright Fest and had a great time but got home at 1am! Way late for a old bird like me these days as I am usually in bed at 9 on weeknights and 11 on weekends--I know lame....We went with the hubbys aunts and a few friends of theirs and the nephew and we would of got home earlier than 1am but they all kinda walk like slugs as they all have to stop and rest alot and also take a bunch of restroom breaks and then also eat everything in sight so it was a long night. It was good fun though! They had 2 haunted venues- The Scream Factory Haunted house and the Haunted Trail- which was outdoor trail you go through...both were well done and fun and scary. Then we got to ride the midway all night and it was cool to be on a roller coaster at night-- it was chilly but super fun. I was surprised on the nephew-Dustin as he is 11 and a rough and tumble guy/kid but man he was super sacred of the haunted stuff and hid his face in both haunted houses! I of course was made to go first in the Scream Factory and pretty much yelled and jumped like a school gal. There was a ton of teenagers milling about and it was fun to see all the young boys giving the hubby and I "the eye" We chuckled as most of them were with girls.....Oh high school and the days when you had a beard.

Saturday- Headed out mid morning and went running around town getting our shopping done at the market and errands. Got home by 1pm and had some lunch and then got out in the yard to do some clean up-mowed the lawn and hubby did the gutters. Had a dinner date with our gal pals that evening and had some Chinese take out from Mr Lees- YUM! Had some strong cocktails which totally hit the spot and then carved a few pumpkins. They are having a party this next Saturday so we helped pump out a few pumpkins for decor....these are them above....Dogs were happy to go along and had a good time too! We got home by 9 but was so tired from Friday night that both the hubby and I and the 3 dogs fell fast asleep in the parlor on our sectional in front of the TV within minutes. We put on Ugly Betty but I think I saw maybe the first 10 minutes and then was off to la la land....

Sunday- The morning was busy as we cleaned the house and then gave the dogs a bath. By noon we were out the door to meet hubbys Aunts, grandma and Dustin as they had asked if we would take Gram and Dustin out to the pumpkin patches as they had never been. So we did the whole pumpkin patch,sling shot pumpkins, corn maze, farm animal fall thing.... We saw the biggest meanest turkey ever but boy was he beautiful! We ate candy apples and kettle corn and all that....It was a great fall was a great fall weekend! I am going to need one of those Monday afternoon naps today after I get home from work that for sure.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wild Waves
Fright Fest!

We are off to the Halloween Fright Fest tonite....Taking the nephew and some friends- Looks to be a super good time- 2 haunted houses and all kinds of scary stuff....right up all our alleys so we are excited! Its suppose to be a dry weekend in Seattle so we have to get out and about before the Seattle rain monsoons hit-- its a bit chilly though its low 50's hi 40's...the cold came in a few days ago and everyone's complaining about the chilly cold already! Will dress really warm tonite that's for sure...Will hit the pumpkin patches this weekend as well--I have never been on a roller coaster at night so you may hear me screaming from where you are! Hope I don't wet my panties! Have a good weekend all! Happy Fall!
Preston Lee

from Top Design is fridays very hot number.....

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Top Design- Season 2

Resident Hottie- Preston Lee
Winner- Nathan Thomas
Whiner- Eddie Ross

Love love love this show! but lets talk about these judges first. Did our adorable Todd Oldman get demoted this season or what? And is it just me or does his replacement India Hicks remind you of a tranny or is my trannydar on the blink? ...maybe I just need some new batteries. Now can I just have that adorable Margaret Russell to be my new fag hag!-I just love her!Now lets move on to that Kelly Wearstler.....and that HAIR! ---the hair itself needs its own flipping show! And finally what the heck is going on with Jonathan Adler? All that rolling of his eyes this season and his funny looks? Raising his brows and shit all the time? His face looks like he has the smell of of rotten egg under his nose all the time..... I love ya Jonathan but you are just a master potter so get over yourself!

Resident Hottie-- Preston Lee....did you see the guns on this boy? Great demeanor and style and if I had to choose a designer to do my place he would be the one no questions asked...his style is exactly what I like.....Very hot and talented indeed...Check out his work....

Resident Whiner-- Eddie Ross... Sorry Eddie but you kinda remind me of one of those gay boys that I would have to bitch slap... He is handsome but man so many irritating things about him! But maybe its the editing they are doing on the show? I sure hope so... for one he needs to glue his mouth shut- its too loud and it seems he needs to go on Ritalin... two... he needs to bring it down a notch.... and three he needs to get over himself big time....Or go back to hide under Martha Stewart's skirt....other than that he is alright...isn't this wreath he did below spectacular though?

The WINNER- Nathan Thomas...My prediction is this nice fellow will take it all...he is the best when it come to this show and what it is looking for. You can just tell how nice he is and I think hes the best....his tight jeans are cute too! Go Nathan go!!!

Final note-- I have nothing nada to say about the women...they all get on my nerves and bite big time.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Autumn....The trees are changing in a rainbow of colors and it is getting more and more chilly each night. It is a beautiful season! I think we will head out to some fall festivals and go to the pumpkin patches this weekend! It is suppose to be quite nice this weekend too! I want to get out before the rain hits and then we wont be able too go as I am not one to tromp in mud. Unless of course its indoor male mud wrestling...then maybe....
A Nick Youngquest
Encore / Hana Hou

Wow! Yesterday I had a little traffic jam on this blog when I posted a Tuesday treat of Mr. Youngquest!~ Seems I'm not the only one smitten with this man! Thought why don't we go that extra mile today and do a encore on this handsome devil or as they say back home in Hawaii HANA HOU! So here is our Wednesday Hump...

Click on it too! It gets bigga and better!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Our View From The Back Porch...

My mom was the youngest of 6 children- Jane, Gilbert, Sandra, Mel, Beverly and then my mom Diane and her mom was my wonderful Granny.  Granny's parents migrated to work in Hawaii from Portugal like many other Portuguese families and they settled on the big island of Hawaii in Hilo. Granny was one of 4 children- Tony, Alice, Olivia and Belle.....she being the third child Olivia. They all had to take care of each other when they lost there parents when Granny was about 12 or 13 and then  granny ended up married at a young at 16 to a much older Portuguese man "Grandpa Morrea" .  After they married he took her to Honolulu on Oahu and they had my auntie Jane. She divorced G Morrea when my auntie Jane was very young and though Granny never married again she did have 5 other children with my Grandpa Paulos. Then when my moms oldest sister Jane got married and there were still the 5 of them in the house my Granny decided it would be better for her to go on her own with her other 5 kids and left. She was indeed a strong willed and independent women for these times and something you really didn't see but Granny was an exception. She rented a 2 bedroom apartment right out of Waikiki on Date Street (2816 apt # 5) and then got a job with the Spencliff Restaurants Corporation as a waitress at the first Tops Waikiki.-Later Tops moved and was called Tops Beachwalk. The Spencliff Corp had a lot of restaurants in those days and most were concentrated in Waikiki area (this alone could be a whole other post about the Spencliff Restaurants Corporation- Its so quite sad that I could find much information on this Hawaii institution online---I guess it is one of those things that will just fade away with time) These restaurants were very popular and with the way tourism was during this era of the 50's 60's and 70's- Granny met and hung out with the "in" crowds--tourist and entertainers that had the money and fame and all that--In fact Chubby Checker played for one of her surprise b day bashes. Also if you watch the opening theme of Hawaii 5-0 you can see the orange neon TOPS signage that was a signature in Waikiki in the 50's and 60's flash a few times. Every time I catch that show I still to this day as I did as a kid yell "there is Granny's Work!" My mother did admit later in years that she and her siblings sometimes felt that Granny's real family was her friends in Waikiki that she spent time with everyday and hung out with on the weekends---her party gals pals, her gays and tourist friends....I can see why they saw it that way but to her credit she lived a busy eventful life in Waikiki and raised all 5 children on that life being a waitress, a job she had for over 25 years before she retired!

Granny had dreams for my mom and since mom was the youngest baby she was spoiled a bit and so she had a little more than the other 5 kids and got away with more...She was the last one at home in the apartment and all the other kids had moved on and were now married- (to full blooded Portuguese spouses of course) and some had children and some would have more later. Mom was 17 and a senior at Kaimiki High School. Granny wanted mom to be the first to go to college but instead mom got pregnant with me at 17. She also was pregnant by a boy of non Portuguese decent! He had a Hawaiian mother and a Chinese father! OH NO! It wasn't a scandal but very close. I was the first Hapa Boy born into our pure blooded Portuguese family (but soon to be followed by my sisters and many many more in our family tree later and through the years). My Mom and I ended up living with my Granny till I was about 2 years of age and so Granny was really my Aunty Mame--- as she taught and influenced me in so many ways. After mom remarried and we moved I still spent every break with her- summer, winter and fall and she took me everywhere and exposed me to a different world if you know what I mean. She let me meet her friends who she called Misses Alice's-- which was her term for her gay boys and men she had as her dear friends, took me shopping and out to eat and though she spoiled me a bit she also gave me a view of life that I would never change for anything as I am who I am because of her.

So I was raised till I was 2 years old in that old apartment in Waikiki by my Mom and my Granny and spent allot of my school breaks there as well- that is until Granny left and moved to Seattle to be close to us in the early 90s'-- The apartment we left behind after so many years was small---the building had  3 apts on top and 2 on the bottom- The corner unit we lived in had a small kitchen, a small living room and 2 bedrooms and one bath. Below us was our landlords Mr. and Mrs. Mirashiro. At one time the building was surrounded by old time Hawaiian plantation homes and then in the 60's and 70's homes were demolished and other apartment buildings would go up. Granny and I would go out on her back porch and she would complain each time a new apartment would go up around us... She didn't want to lose her nice neighbors and hated the dust it would stir up the most. We would also watch the downtown Waikiki skyline grow from that porch on the left side and as another crane would go up Granny would say "Oh there goes up another one of those damm high rises in Waikiki!!" Through the years on that back porch Granny and I would watch Waikiki grow and change and not for the better if you ask me. So allot of growing up on that back porch took place- we would spend so many evenings after dinner on the porch talking story to the neighbors.

So a few years ago I went back and had the opportunity to get in the apartment and while the apartment was so much smaller then I had ever remembered it was nice to see. When I stepped out to that back porch I saw what was left of the view from the old porch.... on the left was the skyline of Waikiki but it was now hard to see through the tall trees that had grown in and on the right side was this home-----one old plantation house stood. This was always the home to 2 older Japanese sisters that I was told both ended up living well into there 90's and it looked exactly the same except now it is surrounded by other buildings and the right hand side of the house looked bare as it used to have a huge mango tree that shaded the whole area. Sometimes I wish I could get in a time machine and travel back in time. I guess my time machine will have to exist is in my head along with wonderful memories of looking out from this back porch through the years.

Some Tuesday Treats-
Nick Youngquest and Matt Cooper

Thought we all needed a pick me up for the day and these Aussie gents are a perfect solution! Mr Nick Youngquest above make me weak in the knees among other things, he actually gives my other husband Derrick Davenport a run for the money with those thighs!!! Mr Matt Cooper below isn't to shabby either! More here- Gods of Foootball

Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Recap
Family Obligations, Exhaustion, And Dogs Are Sad!

I need a weekend to recoup from my weekend....
Hubbys "aunts" -- His moms sister and her lover of 100 years or something- actually more like like 20 years which is really only 10 in Lezbo years.... moved to Seattle a year ago from California to start a new life in the Pacific Northwest and they recently bought a house with grandmas help and so grandma is moving in with them now that she has also moved over to Seattle as well. It was good deal but a TOTAL fixer and a repo house.... so ALOT of work was needed and most of the construction to get it even decent enough to make it livable has just finished after a few months of work. There is a zillion things that still need to get done which also includes painting the inside and outside and so they decided to have a painting party on Saturday. The hubby and I had another obligation for a long time in place to attend a Hawaiian Hoolauliea ( A festival/luau type thing) with my parents and alot of our friends so we had to tell them that we would not be able to make it on the day they had picked. I suggested to the hubby to ask them if we can paint on Friday night? They gladly accepted and asked if we would not mind tape prepping for it so it can be ready for the party. This was the start to an EXHAUSTING weekend.

Friday Night- Went over to the Aunts new house to prep and tape the house so it can be ready for the painting party they were having on Saturday. Got home at 1100. Dogs are pissed off--Daddies gone all day and night and Lola the new pup gave us a payback and pee'd on the couch when we got home.... yikes!

Saturday- Up early and had some coffee and spent sometime on the PC and visit with the dogs. We left about 1130 and ran over a few painting utensils that would come in handy and some old paint we had we never used for our kitchen and such to the Aunts new pad. They were all ready for the painting party with munchies and drinks. We went to our Hawaiian Festival at about 1230 and had a great time and saw everyone we wanted to see and had so much fun--Hula, shopping and eating our way through the festival! We left quite early at about 400 and headed home to let the dogs out and feed them some dinner. Then took a quick ride over to the aunts pad to see how they had progressed. They had done one room- the small dinning room (and half of it) and a little bit of the living room! It seemed no one had showed up to help!!!!!!!! So we stayed and help paint all night to about 1100......when we got home dogs were even more sad that we have been gone all day and night again and Lola the new pup again gave us a payback and pee'd on the bed when we got home! Super yikes!

Sunday- Cleaned up around OUR house and had loads of laundry to do and gave the dogs a bath. Got out and we mowed the lawn and used the blower as a big wind and rain storm on blew in on Saturday and so had a messy mess to get cleaned up....Put out the giant pumpkin on the front porch and got some Halloween luminaries in the windows......cute!!! Did some other chores and then left about 2pm to go check in on the Aunts progress....Hey no one around and where is everyone? ANYHOW.....we paint for a few more hours and get dining room, living room, front hall/hall and Grandmas room totally DONE. We get home at about 600pm and WE ARE EXHAUSTED!---we shower, have take out for dinner and finally settled in at about 630ish and watch Sunday night TV and spent time with the kids and relax before we pass out! I had to put toothpicks in my eyes for Desperate Housewife's- Hubby was sawing wood already!
So the new house is VERY far from being over and since they don't have many people that can help-- I wish they would just hire some labor ready guys as the house is a mess! They still have a lot of painting and then the cleaning!! Hubby and I look at each other in horror as we would just die! But we are different people from most we know and we both have a much higher set of standards compared to a lot of people when it comes to a home and yard. So this is a saving grace as they are not particularly picky with cleanliness, design and things that seem to important to they should be able to accept it partially done and quite dirty. But we wanted to make sure its at least half way decent for Grandma as we wanted her main living area done and so that is what we concentrated on all weekend. I do bet however if we go over and check in on it that it will be exactly as we left it yesterday....but lets hope not!!!

It wont be for a few days though as the dogs- especially Lola needs some daddy time.....and I need a nap!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Can I just be Frank
with y'all today?

this guy makes me want to strip naked and attack.. what more can I say......scorching HOT!