Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Autumn....The trees are changing in a rainbow of colors and it is getting more and more chilly each night. It is a beautiful season! I think we will head out to some fall festivals and go to the pumpkin patches this weekend! It is suppose to be quite nice this weekend too! I want to get out before the rain hits and then we wont be able too go as I am not one to tromp in mud. Unless of course its indoor male mud wrestling...then maybe....


CJ said...

I love this time of year. Well as a child and young man but I'm afraid there's not much of a hint of fall here. We cool off for a night or two but the Gulf waters and air is just too warm and powerful and always win out.:(

Mark in DE said...

That's a beautiful photo.

It doesn't feel like fall here yet. The trees haven't changed color and its going to be about 80 degrees today. I have a feeling it will hit all at once, and we will have a short fall.

Mark :-0