Thursday, October 09, 2008

Top Design- Season 2

Resident Hottie- Preston Lee
Winner- Nathan Thomas
Whiner- Eddie Ross

Love love love this show! but lets talk about these judges first. Did our adorable Todd Oldman get demoted this season or what? And is it just me or does his replacement India Hicks remind you of a tranny or is my trannydar on the blink? ...maybe I just need some new batteries. Now can I just have that adorable Margaret Russell to be my new fag hag!-I just love her!Now lets move on to that Kelly Wearstler.....and that HAIR! ---the hair itself needs its own flipping show! And finally what the heck is going on with Jonathan Adler? All that rolling of his eyes this season and his funny looks? Raising his brows and shit all the time? His face looks like he has the smell of of rotten egg under his nose all the time..... I love ya Jonathan but you are just a master potter so get over yourself!

Resident Hottie-- Preston Lee....did you see the guns on this boy? Great demeanor and style and if I had to choose a designer to do my place he would be the one no questions asked...his style is exactly what I like.....Very hot and talented indeed...Check out his work....

Resident Whiner-- Eddie Ross... Sorry Eddie but you kinda remind me of one of those gay boys that I would have to bitch slap... He is handsome but man so many irritating things about him! But maybe its the editing they are doing on the show? I sure hope so... for one he needs to glue his mouth shut- its too loud and it seems he needs to go on Ritalin... two... he needs to bring it down a notch.... and three he needs to get over himself big time....Or go back to hide under Martha Stewart's skirt....other than that he is alright...isn't this wreath he did below spectacular though?

The WINNER- Nathan Thomas...My prediction is this nice fellow will take it all...he is the best when it come to this show and what it is looking for. You can just tell how nice he is and I think hes the best....his tight jeans are cute too! Go Nathan go!!!

Final note-- I have nothing nada to say about the women...they all get on my nerves and bite big time.

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Mark in DE said...

I love all of Kelly's crazy hair styles AND her crazy outfits! She's a lady who's not afraid to stand out from the rest.

Agree with you about Preston. He's simply dreamy.

I met Nathan on the streets of the W Village last week. I totally geeked out and pointed to him and said "You're Nathan from Top Design!" He was very nice to us and thanked us for watching the show. He's handsome but VERY thin.

Mark :-)