Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Christopher Chace Crawford
born July 18, 1985 these Hollywood teen hearthrobs get better or what?
Dang...... Giddy up cowboy!
Jesse McCartney

Old cute Jessie who had the original boy Hollywood hair that now Chance Crawford and the Jonas Brothers and the rest of them now sport.... Jessie had it a few years ago!

and now Jesse McCartney arriving at the Hollywood Life Magazines Young Hollywood Awards this last Sunday.... What the heck happen to him? Not sure I am into his new look....

Jason Priestley and Chace Crawford
Teen heart throbbers collided when blast from the past 90210 hunk Jason Priestley posed with Gossip Girl's hotness Chace Crawford this weekend at Nintendo’s block party in NYC. Jason still scored high on my throbo meter. Do you think Chace crushed on Jason any in his youth? I bet he did...
Brian Kinney's
Going to Wisteria Lane
Queer as Folk's Brian Kinney- actor Gale Harold, who recently guest spotted on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and canceled abduction thriller "Vanished" will be joining "Desperate Housewives" in the May 18 finale! According to a TV Guide report, Harold will play a "quick-witted, charming and buttoned-down suburbanite" along the lines of a young Jack Lemmon who "could return next season in a recurring capacity." hmmmmm.....
Wednesdays Catch

Went fishing this morning and pulled this up...thought I would share my catch....
American Idol
Final 5 Thoughts and Orgasms

Is it me or is AI pretty boring? Last nights episode was uneventful unless you count Paula's confusion when she thought Jason had already sang his 2 songs..... Imagine only 4 more idol hearts to thrash before we have the final battle of the David's which is what everyone predicts ......or wants.......Here are my thoughts on the final 5--

Syesha Mercado- Syesha is a great performer and gets better and better-- I think she did very well last night and even though she has been in the bottom 3 times already! I really enjoy her.....She recently has been showing more of her personality and is a very fine singer with lots of personality! She gives a good theatrical performance as well. Syesha will have a good career after AI hands down! She is Broadway bound and more for sure! This is a great jump start to her career!

Jason Castro- Castro's does a dreamy version of every song he does and drives girls into a pre and post orgasms. Nothing he's done has really has made a big impact to me....Well......except the one performance a few weeks ago when he played his ukulele to Hawaiian artist Israel Kamakawiwo's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow....that gave me a orgasm! I know how all those girls sorta feel......well sorta.........You can tell hes really super nice and sweet by his "aww shucks" attitude and really he has a fine voice-- his voice is very David Cassidy "ish"-- real lite and airy and poppish from the 70's-----I think Mr. Nice Dread locked Folkie Boy isn't our idol but I think he would be great as a lead in a boy band! Or maybe on a beach singing tunes with a nice back up band in Waikiki.....He still reminds me of a Zac Efron.......he has those wonderful twinkle eyes....uh oh.... I think I feel another wave between the thighs.....

Brooke White- Brooke does a granola version of every song she does and America just loves this sweet blonde. She's like a ray of sweet Blondie sunshine..... but lately its seems she is slowly losing her sunny disposition eh? Sorry but to me personally she's a nightmare! Sorry folks! I'm just not into that hippie folksy, granola, nasal, chipmunk sounding thing she does.....To me she is no idol and should of went home long ago.....there are many singers that should of stayed so we could of enjoyed their singing ability a little longer.......but this is a popularity contest as much as a singer contest these days and she is for sure the most sunny! Do you really think she will have a big career when this is all over? Me says nada.....We have enough singing hippy chipmunks already.

David Archuleta- David does a Broadway Clay Aiken and Sam Harris version of every song he does. Super cute and adorable little boy perfect or as many called him last night again boy prodigy- Or as my hunny called him last night "the hobbit" Archuleta is still "the one to beat." No doubt he has that wonderful gift with that voice but can I be honest? Would you really buy his cd? I mean a whole cd of him singing tunes?.......I really don't think I would.....I think hes one of those that will end up being a super duper big time star on B Way..... ala Sam Harris from Star Search and Clay Aiken AI Alum style......Know what I mean Vern?

David Cook- David always does a raspy rocker version of every song he does. Davis does put on a good rock show, he sings well and is pretty much consistently perfect every week. He really is a strong vocalist and a actual artist with the ability to make other peoples' songs sound like his own. Total idol material. and similar to alum AI Dautry...he will have a huge career after all is said and done. He will sell lots cds and play out to many sold out concerts. Oh and a quick fashion note from last night.....David, really nice extentions in your hair last night! A great cut and look! We all know you boys use extentions so you have that Hollywood hair that is so in right now.... (Ala Gossip Girls Chance Crawford).....there is no way your bangs grew that much in just one week...

In conclusion to me they all sound the same weekly and its kinda borino!!!! Jason is Folksy/Brooke is Hippie/David A is Broadway and David Cook is Rocker-- they only one that really changes it up is Sayesha-- so kudos to her!
So this populartiy contest is winding down and it may be the battle of the David's.....David Cook may prevail with a win but no matter what the outcome both will be winners! America will have a new Rock Star and Broadway star to have orgasms about.....

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Funny-

So at lunch today, as most days I was talking with the girls in the lunchroom...My pals Starla and Michelle.....We go through alot of crazy subjects during our daily ritual and some of the subjects would make your hair curl.....Today we concluded that we all agree that big bush is coming back-- and we all think the bare and scaped look is getting old.....Trims will be ok......but hairless is on its way out.....We watched this one dude at the salad bar who is rumored to have a real big dick and decided his new name nickname is now"club". Observed the girl from accounting who had hair today that was so big it sorta looks like a giant mushroom.....well you know we just sorta gossip and comment like old ladies through our lunch......Anyhow we got on the subject of gloves somehow and I mentioned to Starla how I always envied the girls back in Hawaii as for proms and dances they all wear those nice evening gowns with long gloves....I always wanted to wear long gloves...and how gay is that?

Anyhow she sends me this after out return from lunch today....

For you Errol - it may not be as good as what you could do but it makes the point. : -) Starla

Fricken Hilarity... This dress is crazy and I look so goofy faced! I do however like the black gloves!

Thank god its FRIDAY...
Weekend thoughts....A decent weekend forecast here--sunny and in the 60's. some of you this would be chilly but for us here in the Pacific Northwest that's a spring heatwave! We will see all sorts of white flesh this weekend-- Or as we called it in Hawaii "shark bait". I liked this pic of Reichen Lehmkuhl....he is very handsome that Reichen.....I love orange-- its one of my fave colors and Reichen looks nice in his orange shorts for sure....I wondered what he has bundle up in his arms? It looks to be a blanket? Anyhow..... no real big plans for the weekend-- Try to get some R and R, maybe do a little shopping and also get out in the yard and do some gardening.....I'm going to plant some new stuff and I think some orange poppies might be nice!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun Quick Getaway or Lap Top?
That is the question....

Last day at the job is next Thursday May 1, and the first day at the new job is Monday May 12..... I was a smart cookie and got some much needed time off in between. Husband got the time off as well! So we are poking around and looking for a last minute quick getaway from Seattle without having to spend lots of cash.

We looked into San Diego, San Fran, NYC, Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Rome, Japan -- Ha!...well you all know we searhed all over the damm creation.... but last minute air is a bit pricey to most destinations right now.......So we found a good price to LA (183RT).. and thought we could head over to Palm Springs and stay a few days there and then a few days in San Diego....But the problem is I also want a lap top.....

Or sunny Palm Springs Vacation?

I want both damm it!! I know...... maybe I cut the trip to a 4 day trip so I can have both? Any other ideas folks?

Or .....I guess we could always do a real mini trip and drive to Vancouver BC. and do a spa trip.......Or maybe even drive over to Portland, Oregon and then take the kids, our doggies-- They can have there own heavenly dog bed at the Westin... and we can shop tax free for the lap top......

Hmmm................I'm in pickle...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day 2008
Earth Day and every day is a time to act to protect our planet! So make sure to do your part. No matter how big or little it all helps!
80's Neon Green
Its back?

Noticed alot of the 80's green coming back...Not sure about how I feel about it? Well I know the color looked good on me and went well with black....I wonder if I still have those bicycle shorts I had that were the exact green as this guys?.......hmmm.....not that my butt would fit in them...well maybe they would but it would be like skin on a grape! yikes!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Just Thinking.....

Ok.... so I just need to THINK POSITIVE.......I know all is well with the new ventures I am about to tackle but I still tend to worry like a crazy person. I am so much the worry wart.

"Everything is going to be alright" is what I have to keep telling myself over and over. Changing jobs is sooo scary and I haven't done this in awhile so I am freaking out a bit....... I think If I don't start to relax, I may give myself an fricken ulcer.... I know take deep breaths! Looking at this boy makes it a bit better...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Whats going on with my LIFE? Why have I been so busy? And little out of it maybe.....Well......Where should I start............

I lost my step dad that raised me... though I never called him "step" dad as he was just daddy....(he married my mom when I was 2- they divorced when I was 19) Alot of who I am today is due to this man-- He was a cop- Honolulu and Seattle and was pretty strict but fun too and in all a good dad that contributed alot to who I am as an individual...and I love him for that as I think I am a pretty good boy if I do say so myself.....Dad had great morals and always wanted the best of everything...when I was young I was afraid of him a bit as he was very authoritive but thorough our later years we got closer and I saw more of what he was really about and loved him alot.... Dad passed in Hawaii on March 13th. He was only 62.....

Lost my Uncle Mel.......Uncle Mel was my godfather....He passed away on Feb 29 back home in Hawaii as well. He was my mothers favorite brother and he is the first of 6 siblings to pass on...I will always remember how he would come by on my b days and give me the coolest gifts...My fave was a chemistry set! Not a fave of my mother....She dreaded me cooking up stink gas and such in test tubes! It had a burner and everything! I love ya Uncle Mel and will miss you!!!!

One of my best buddies- Kim (he is from Denmark)... Lost his wife 2 weeks ago....She leaves behind 2 lovely boys-- Tage and Sebastian...They are 10 and 8....We are having a boys night on Saturday-- We invited my hunny's nephew- Dustin who is we are going to have the 3 boys and us 3 men for a boys night to eat, drink and play! This should be fun for all of us and a good time to let ourselves forget some of the dramas going on for a night of fun!

My biological dad had surgery yesterday....He is here in Seattle.....He has/had lung cancer....he did really well yesterday and is recovering well.....He is such a strong man and I know he will be out of the hospital by the weekend where he can recoup at home....I am hopeful and confident that he will be ok......Tomorrow I plan to spend the day with him--he is in a private room so it should be nice to hang out and take care of him and watch Jerry Springer and eat jello...Dad is one good times,all out, lets party kind of guy and I know he will be back in top shape in no time!

So besides all this going on----I have also been interviewing for a new job since early March-- 4 interviews and 4 weeks later....I found out last Friday I GOT THE JOB!!!! Its another sales job similar to what I do now but for a different company. I have been at my current job for 10 years this August (my longest job ever) but I think it is time to move on.... It would be a new challenge and a new opportunity and a little more $ and also something I always wanted to do..........So after much thought and looking around at my life and whats going on around me....... I just did it .......I gave my notice to my current job yesterday.....right before heading out to the hospital to be there when my dad when he came out of surgery.........YES I am scared a bit....scared shitless actually......its a big step! My last day at my current job will be April 30....I start the new on May 5......

Ok friends...could you just do a little prayer for me that all goes well-- or whatever you may do for some good ju ju to happen my way........Light up some sage etc........what a crazy start to the first part of the year! I am hoping it can only get better!
Hope all is well out there...I have been busy so I really have been a bit neglectful on posting on my blog- well the postings been there- but its just a bit here and there with pictures- Not that we all don't enjoy the pictures and eye candy! Hubba Hubba.....Like that Ronnie Kerr :-)

I just don't get to writing a whole lot about my day or weekend or what I may think of life greatest mysteries and most of the blogs I truly enjoy reading or take a great liking to read and visit myself...Check out my Blog Roll....You really get a glimpse into that person and who they may be--know what I mean?.....Anyhow I enjoy writing but its not my strength at all and thus takes me forever to put something into words......but I do hope for what little I do I write that it is enough to give you a small inkling of who I am and you enjoy this blog..... I truly enjoy that a handful of you keep in touch on a regular thanks!

xoxo Lova ya....smooch smooch.......

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ronnie Kerr

This is high on the meter on my type...Hot! Thanks to Mark at Tales of a Sissy- who has the same incredible taste as I....and bringing him to my attention!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chop Salad

Anyone still on doing well on the your new year resolution to keep healthy and eat well? Here's a incentive to jump start it if you need it...

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hey There Tiger....
Now you have a splendid weekend! I will catch up with you all next week....Im out of here...
Weekend Forecast
Seattle Speedo Weather- I wish...

Hi Temps 60's close to 70!

Which in Seattle means time to bust out the swim trunks- speedos and bikinis--

Friday: Morning clouds and patchy fog,clearing to mostly sunny skies. Highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s. Saturday: Mostly sunny, increasing clouds late. Warm in the 60s to low 70s.

Saturday will be the warmest day of the year, so far. A combination of offshore winds, a weak thermal trough and the high pressure will take highs to the low 70s for the Cascade foothills, southern beaches and south sound.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clay Aiken
Ok...I know this is mean to say someone is very scary....But come on! Isn't anyone available to help this man with his look? I am sure Clay Aiken can look better than this!!!!!......Poor guy looks super creepy!!!..
Into The Wild
A Brilliant Movie

Into The Wild based on the classic book of the same name by Jon Krakauer. Made into a movie by Sean Penn....I FINALLY got to see it over the weekend and I loved it for so many reasons... what a story and message eh? And Emile Hirsch is one hot actor right now! I loved him in Alpha Dog......He and Ben Foster so hot...Emile's coming up in Speed Racer and Milk....Very good things to looks forward to seeing him in....hes a great actor ...

Milk (2008) (post-production) .... Cleve Jones
Speed Racer (2008)
Into the Wild (2007) ....
The Air I Breathe (2007) ....

I think we need to take a trip over to the sin city to see Cher this fall......I love her......Ok... so am I like the only gay man that hasn't seen her in concert ever? I know GASP! You would think with like 5 farewell tours I would of caught her at least once when she came to town for her last time at least 5 times!

On a side note am I the only one that thought Carly sounded a bit Cher"ish" on this weeks American Idol? I dug it.....I hope she isnt sent home...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So Busy!
I am just sooooo sleepy!

My apologies for the little amount of action these days on the blog....I have been super busy and I am so tired-- what free time I have is spent sleeping it seems.....I am so drained....I think I am mentally stressed out from all the goings on....( more on that later).... thus I am sleepy all the time.....Will try to catch up with you all real soon.....
Gulity Pleasure
Chelsea Lately

So this show is one of my fave shows to watch these days-Have you caught it yet? Chelsea Lately airs every night, Monday-Friday at 6:30 and 11:30 pm. I usually catch the 630 -- Im in la la land at 1130....This show has totally grown on me --Chelsea usually has a panel of three people (a rotating panel of stars, bloggers, editors, reporter etc).... who talk/dish with her about celebrities and goings on in pop culture-- Chelsea and her panelists sit at a round table and dish the hell out of today events and such.....It is hilarious! She often has celebrity guests that she interviews after her round table- She also does the occasional skit with her sidekick Chuy....Check it out if you haven't already--She is coming to Seattle in May-- I think we need to get tickets to see her......Laughter is such good medicine.....

Her sidekick and assistant named "Chuy" So funny!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Just Because...
Thougt we all needed some beefcake to start our weekend off right

Congrats Holly Kiser!
Make Me A Supermodel WINNER!

Congrats to squirrel gravy gal Holly! She was the last woman standing and ended up being the first winner in Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel". My predictions were so wrong.....I thought for sure it would be Ben or Perry or cutie Ronnie...But we all know they all will all do well in the industry with this show as a launch pad..


Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Oasis
My Back Patio Garden

The weathers been splendid in Seattle...This also means for the last 2 nights after work me getting my ass "okole" out in the yard! 3 hours for the front 3 hours for the back yard to mow and get the lawn in order..We live on a double lot so we have ALOT of yard! So its a major workout! As I work out front cars whiz by and honk...Its all our wonderful neighbors. I think our neighbors adore us as we keep out house and landscape tidy and such. I think we are the only gays in the hood so I'm happy they like us. Of course I would never put in a huge water fountain eyesore thingy like the gays on Desperate Housewife's! Ha! So that may help the approval level! What therapy it is for the soul and mind to get out and work with the earth huh? It really is one of my joys....

Pics are from our back area patio/lanai-- these were taken last May I do believe....It doesn't look like this now...but will.....It really doesn't have all my flowers that usually are in bloom.....Summertime it is even more showy and in full bloom! I will need to snap a few pics then. So I also got out and worked in this area as well the last few evenings and got it ready for it 2008 premiere. All my perennials are coming up! The Lilly's and Cannas are coming in strong! Yippee! So very exciting! It really is our little oasis and cocktail party spot in the summer...When you all coming by? You know your invited! Cocktails will be ready when you arrive!


We have had some wonderful weather this week-- sunny and cool....They say today's our last day of it.....New forecast says we will have partly cloudy with a chance of rain tomorrow through the weekend- oh well... We take what we can get around here.....I should of called in sick today..... The sunshine makes everyone happy around these parts....Time to come out of hibernation for us and

go to the Pikes Market to get a nice bouquet of flowers and some nice veggies and fruit....

Pikes Place Market Tulips..... Brilliant!!!

And time to take a drive up North and check out La Conner-- as its time for the Tulip Festival....Its like a mini Holland! Click on this pic for full effect!
So whats better than roses on a piano? Tulips on my organ...wha wha whaaaa!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Thought I would have a quiet b day.......But I was tricked! ......Thinking I was going over to have a quiet b day dinner to celebrate with just the four of us, Jeff and I and then our gal pals Starla and Val.... Starla's B day is in April but they are going to be in London so hence the b day dinner.....Anyhow....of course Jeff and Val invited some of our friends and family over so it was a little surprise party.

I have to admit I had a great time even if I am a b day party pooper of sorts.....I don't think you can tell much though as I look trashed in all the pics as I was having a grand time once I had a few vodka cocktails....I wasn't sure I should post any of them....Yikes! I think I look 42 years old in all of them as so I retract my statement from the other day that I look 32.....I know I am a critical SOB....

So it snowed all afternoon and evening on Saturday and I cant remember any birthdays in Seattle that it snowed right on my b day so that was special indeed! I must of had a good time as I got up on Sunday morning with a cold that I am currently trying to get rid off.

Lots of hugs and kisses for all the b day wishes posted over the weekend to all ...So sweet!!! They made me super happy and also made me think to be more positive about my b day... will make sure to try next year for sure! Also.... the drinking helped just like it was advised by many of you too! xoxoxoxox

The evil Host and Hostess of B day event- Val and Jeff.....
Birthday Hawaiian Guava Cake and the drunks....Starla and Errol turn 42!