Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol
Final 5 Thoughts and Orgasms

Is it me or is AI pretty boring? Last nights episode was uneventful unless you count Paula's confusion when she thought Jason had already sang his 2 songs..... Imagine only 4 more idol hearts to thrash before we have the final battle of the David's which is what everyone predicts ......or wants.......Here are my thoughts on the final 5--

Syesha Mercado- Syesha is a great performer and gets better and better-- I think she did very well last night and even though she has been in the bottom 3 times already! I really enjoy her.....She recently has been showing more of her personality and is a very fine singer with lots of personality! She gives a good theatrical performance as well. Syesha will have a good career after AI hands down! She is Broadway bound and more for sure! This is a great jump start to her career!

Jason Castro- Castro's does a dreamy version of every song he does and drives girls into a pre and post orgasms. Nothing he's done has really has made a big impact to me....Well......except the one performance a few weeks ago when he played his ukulele to Hawaiian artist Israel Kamakawiwo's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow....that gave me a orgasm! I know how all those girls sorta feel......well sorta.........You can tell hes really super nice and sweet by his "aww shucks" attitude and really he has a fine voice-- his voice is very David Cassidy "ish"-- real lite and airy and poppish from the 70's-----I think Mr. Nice Dread locked Folkie Boy isn't our idol but I think he would be great as a lead in a boy band! Or maybe on a beach singing tunes with a nice back up band in Waikiki.....He still reminds me of a Zac Efron.......he has those wonderful twinkle eyes....uh oh.... I think I feel another wave between the thighs.....

Brooke White- Brooke does a granola version of every song she does and America just loves this sweet blonde. She's like a ray of sweet Blondie sunshine..... but lately its seems she is slowly losing her sunny disposition eh? Sorry but to me personally she's a nightmare! Sorry folks! I'm just not into that hippie folksy, granola, nasal, chipmunk sounding thing she does.....To me she is no idol and should of went home long ago.....there are many singers that should of stayed so we could of enjoyed their singing ability a little longer.......but this is a popularity contest as much as a singer contest these days and she is for sure the most sunny! Do you really think she will have a big career when this is all over? Me says nada.....We have enough singing hippy chipmunks already.

David Archuleta- David does a Broadway Clay Aiken and Sam Harris version of every song he does. Super cute and adorable little boy perfect or as many called him last night again boy prodigy- Or as my hunny called him last night "the hobbit" Archuleta is still "the one to beat." No doubt he has that wonderful gift with that voice but can I be honest? Would you really buy his cd? I mean a whole cd of him singing tunes?.......I really don't think I would.....I think hes one of those that will end up being a super duper big time star on B Way..... ala Sam Harris from Star Search and Clay Aiken AI Alum style......Know what I mean Vern?

David Cook- David always does a raspy rocker version of every song he does. Davis does put on a good rock show, he sings well and is pretty much consistently perfect every week. He really is a strong vocalist and a actual artist with the ability to make other peoples' songs sound like his own. Total idol material. and similar to alum AI Dautry...he will have a huge career after all is said and done. He will sell lots cds and play out to many sold out concerts. Oh and a quick fashion note from last night.....David, really nice extentions in your hair last night! A great cut and look! We all know you boys use extentions so you have that Hollywood hair that is so in right now.... (Ala Gossip Girls Chance Crawford).....there is no way your bangs grew that much in just one week...

In conclusion to me they all sound the same weekly and its kinda borino!!!! Jason is Folksy/Brooke is Hippie/David A is Broadway and David Cook is Rocker-- they only one that really changes it up is Sayesha-- so kudos to her!
So this populartiy contest is winding down and it may be the battle of the David's.....David Cook may prevail with a win but no matter what the outcome both will be winners! America will have a new Rock Star and Broadway star to have orgasms about.....


fx said...

you so nailed it.

thanks for your excellent commentary on the boring 2008 AI. What up with Neil Diamond??? I don't get it... need an artist with a big songbook... can anyone say Madonna?

This year has been full of bad music... Mariah, Dolly and Neil? What are they thinking>>>>

Mark in DE said...

I can't believe that lame, milk-toast Jason Castro is still on! He drives me crazy with his breathy songs.

I like Syesha too, but I think 1 of the 2 Davids will win. You're right; this season has been sort of boring.

Mark :-)