Friday, February 26, 2010

DNA Magazine #122 newest cover model Gregory Verdoes
Happy Friday...What a perfect guy for the end of our week and a start of our weekend....DNA always does a good job pickin em eh?....This Gregory Verdoes boy is quite a fine fine young man. I dig it! You can see his full spread here. I will be laying low for the weekend even lower if Gregory shows up....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jet and Cord McCoy
The Hot Cowboy brothers from the Amazing Race
Is anyone still a fan of the Amazing Race? Hubby and I watch every season and enjoy it so much...Folks say we should try to get on it one day...yeah right....The new season started a few weeks ago and I JUST HAD TOO post a pic of this these hot cowboys! GIDDY UP!! Brothers Jet and Cord McCoy are well as they would say "Good Gravy!" Nothing like a set of handsome cowboy bros that seem to be as sweet and wholesome as they come across....Such nice fellas....Check out the bios here.

And speaking of nice fellas....we also have the cute couple of Jordan and Jeff who I just adore....They are now a couple after they were on Big Brother.....Love them!!! and Jeff is also so EASY on the eyes! Bios here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

High and Tight
Things haven't changed much in my neck of the woods ....but it has not gotten worst so I can kinda see a light at the end of the tunnel...I just hope the light keeps inching towards me.

I love this mans eyes...I have a weakness for blue and green eyed men....And I love his hair-- high and tight! Happy Hump to all my chumps...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mondays Suck
Guys like this make it better
Benjamin Noah by Liem Pham. Another Monday and another week starts....Weekend was nice but to short. Lots going on in this world of mine and its all too much to even start to touch upon. But I am alive and I am a survivor and I can get through all of it. Its going to be a long road. I will blog about it when the times right and its appropriate and I have the damm time...Right now so much other crap to get taken care of so I may have to neglect my bloggin a bit....

Friday, February 19, 2010

I am in a DAZE.....
Happy Friday....Thought this dude while hot-- god I love those thighs! Looks just like I feel today... in a total daze....the last few days have been shall we say very challenging....I cant really elaborate to much....yet.....but I will when I am able.... Oh bugger my head hurts!

Work is insane....Mom has and is battling a bad cold.... and life is just a bit messy right now in many ways.... I think a weekend is much needed for my sanity at this point so thank god its here....And a good tall drink is in order for tonite....or maybe a bunch of good tall drinks!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Hump Day!
A Furry Edition

Happy hump day! Don't you just love today's furry edition? I know it makes me happy! HOT!!

Well had a nice 4 day is a short recap ...Friday night went out with a couple of nice gents for dinner and then went to a drag show which was one of the best I have seen in a long time. Had dinner at Julias and then stayed for the drag show Le Faux. It stars Shannel from RuPauls drag race and it was hightly entertaining and fun. You may have saw our facebook photo with Shannel this weekend....anyhow he is a great guy and does a VERY good drag! I guess he will be in Vegas in March doing hosting duties for the show there...We plan to go back very soon with some other friends as they will get a big hoot and love this kinda stuff! We popped into a friends b day party on the way home from the show...... Was really suppose to just be a drop in Happy B day but we ended up partying to 330am! OMG! I cant recall the last time I was up that late!!! Got home at 4am..yes 4am!! so we pretty much just relaxed and slept all day Saturday.....Saturday night we went to a Valentines party and got to see lots of friends and that was a ton of fun....Sunday we took the nephew to see Wolfman....It was pretty good and he enjoyed it as he picked the movie.... Went to lunch and then watched movies all Sunday night....Monday was some quick errands and a trip to Costco...then we relaxed and hung out at home.....So a nice weekend some R and R but it went by too fast....Now back at work....Nothing going on other than work and the daily stuff.....Mom has a bad cold and we are praying she kicks it......Dogs are well.....They love the weather we have right now.....Now if I can just get through this work week......Well furry men like this sure do help.....Hope your week is going well....Meet you on the other side of it real soon! Peace. Love and Fur man.....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Look at cupid ....Looks like he is after you heart his weekend......Or maybe your......your call!

So off to dinner and drinks tonite with a nice couple of boys---its boys night on the hill! then a Valentines Party Potluck with all friends tomorrow night. Man 4 day weekends ROCK!

Sending my love to all my fave boys out there......I love ya!! Have a nice VALENTINES weekend! xx Rad

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mmmm Cupcakes!
Made some cupcakes for the office today---My desk area smells so delish this a cupcake bakery! I know Im not the best froster as you can tell but its the thought the counts right? Red Velvet with butter cream frosting.....everyone will have red lips from the red velvet my hands are red from trying to frost these fuckers this am.......LOL.... I am so ready to start my 4 day weekend already.....
More Valentine Wishes to you...
Thanks Unzipped-- More here NSFW

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valentines Week
Wont you be mine? Happy Hump day everyone....More to come....See more here NSFW

Thanks Unzipped!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Received the new issue of Unzipped yesterday....Can I just say how happy I am that we got the subscription......

Monday, February 08, 2010


So wheres the beef? Apparently right here.....Wowzaa eh? Beefy Beefy Beefy.....I dig it man! So Happy Monday dogs! So how was your weekend? It was a pretty busy eventful weekend and it went by much to fast. Saturday was all business in the day and we got all our errands done- Supermarket, Costco and then cleaned the house and worked in the yard and then even gave the kiddums baths.....Phew! We then headed out to dinner and had a few was nice to get out of the house and the kids enjoyed it.....

Yesterday was a better day and we spent the day with my mom and dad and snacked and visited our way through the day and then had a nice dinner and watched the Superbowl. Hubby won the football pool which was cool.

Back at work today and the daily grid...whoopie doo dah....I hope this week moves fast.....Took Friday off and have Monday off due to Prez day.....So I am looking at a 4 day weekend this next weekend.....that is something to look forward too indeed...

Hope all is well.. Hope you have a swell week! :-)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Recession 101
Its a TEST not a FINAL
Seeing these billboards spring up all over town.....I like the message! Lets hope we all do well or at least ok on the test....

Friday, February 05, 2010

Paul Vandervort
by Noel Daganta
One of my favorite pretty boys of all time Paul Vandervort for our TGI FRIDAY pleasure!! His looks are changing a bit these days dont you think? So I am all better and that wicked cold is gone....that Zycam stuff I took rocks and it sure killed it quick! So we have had the warmest Jan of all time in the Seattle area and it has continued to be spring like here and they are saying we should have this into the end of next week with these mild temps! No complaints here that's for dang sure! We are averaging about 50 degrees as our daytime highs and next week we should creep into the mid 50's.....Its almost like we skipped winter man and all the plants and trees are budding and its kind of strange....It looks and feels so much like spring here. I did see that most of the east is preparing for a whopper of a snow job today and through the weekend---Yikers! To all of you in that area I hope it all goes ok....looks to be a real big scary storm!

So been watching the boob tube this week and I have to comment on a few shows..Sorry but I am not impressed by Project Runway yet----at all!!! Most of the clothes they are making are butt ugly and I am going to call it...The Old Betty Boop chick with the bangs is going to win it all Genius started and is it me or are the stylist all kind of creepy looking? Maybe its due to all the hair chemicals they ingest on a daily basis but they are all kind of butta faced....I know its about haircuts but geez Its TV can I get some pretty and handsome....and please don't get me started on the freak show of judges...Freaky Ken Vo and that blow out Antin guy.....can he be anymore of a asshole and why is he so puffy nowadays? He has sure blew up! I think this show is going to tank without the old host and lovely Jackie Smith....

So I am ready for my weekend and really not too much going on ......have alot of errands to do... Costco on the way home tonite and then some other errands tomorrow and maybe get some yard work in as well.....then on Sunday we will head over to the families big SUPERBOWL party and eat drink and watch the game..... Food family and tight football pants...should be a good afternoon.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Under the Weather...
I have been sick as a dog......Little bit better today and came into work....Much rather be home with the kids.....They love it when I stay home on the couch all day....Taking Zycam...Anyone know any cute make nurses? Send them my way please...