Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jet and Cord McCoy
The Hot Cowboy brothers from the Amazing Race
Is anyone still a fan of the Amazing Race? Hubby and I watch every season and enjoy it so much...Folks say we should try to get on it one day...yeah right....The new season started a few weeks ago and I JUST HAD TOO post a pic of this these hot cowboys! GIDDY UP!! Brothers Jet and Cord McCoy are well as they would say "Good Gravy!" Nothing like a set of handsome cowboy bros that seem to be as sweet and wholesome as they come across....Such nice fellas....Check out the bios here.

And speaking of nice fellas....we also have the cute couple of Jordan and Jeff who I just adore....They are now a couple after they were on Big Brother.....Love them!!! and Jeff is also so EASY on the eyes! Bios here.


A Lewis said...


WannabeVirginia W. said...

Aww, I have not seen the Amazing race, and so want to enter that contest. But like always, canadians are oppressed. just kidding!

There are cute...

Bet they can't quit each other? K. I am leaving.

Stephen said...

We LOVE The Amazing Race! We DVR-ed the first one & watched 2 on Sunday night. It is the best & the Emmy winning-est reality show.
The Cowboys were a complete surprise in episode 2! They are cute, sly, smart & funny. I pegging them for the top 3.

Bob said...

We also love the Race, and were pleased by the Cowboys streak of good luck last week.

And you're right about eye candy Jeff!

robertga99 said...

I haven't watched The Amazing Race.
I always mean to watch it but I don't even know when it comes on and I must be missing the promos

behrmark said...

I was so happy they won the last leg. I like them a lot and not just cuz they're cute!

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