Monday, November 30, 2009

Forget Turkey I Have Had Enough!
I Need A Burger and Fries!
How was your Thanksgiving holiday weekend? Mines was good and busy... I don't know about you but I have had my fill of turkey leftovers--Turkey sandwiches, soup and such.... Don't get me wrong as I love turkey but you can only get creative with turkey in so many ways-- though this fine fella mentioned how he made some turkey enchiladas and that sparked some interest in me.....something I am going to try next time for sure as we had turkey leftovers up to our eyeballs! I am so ready for a burger and some fries...Served by a fine gent too please!

I had to take a break from the blog world over the holiday weekend as I was so very busy! Here is my cliff note version of my weekend.... Wednesday night we went out for a few drinks at Madison Pub and then and shaked our tail feathers at the Cuff.....Great fun! Ran into many friends which was funny with as many bars there are in Seattle as we don't go out to often (actually ever) but it was a good way to start the holiday weekend. Thanksgiving was quiet and relaxing and spent the entire day and evening with my family and had a nice dinner and visit. Friday morning the hubby and I braved the world and hit black Friday....Went to Target first to get a new digital camera (the old one ate it on our last trip) and a small camcorder! We were after those good deals!....Well the store was insane! It was Target close to Southcenter Mall and it was SUPER packed... the line alone to pay was with about 100 cartfulls long or longer and it wrapped all the way around the store...this was 715am in the am! So we hightailed out of there in shock and headed over to the AT and T store.....Picked up our shiny and new iPhones!! Woot woot! Then hubby drove me over to our neighborhood was busy but not a madhouse and we were able to pick up the camera and camcorder. We were home by 10am and played with our new toys all day and evening. Saturday I took down all the Thanksgiving stuff and got up on the roof and cleaned all the gutters and then did yard work ...that was a major job!.....Had to take major Tylenol later as my body isn't as young as it used to be...Saturday night went to dinner at our friends. Yesterday we decorated the outside with Christmas lights and did some errands-- Costco- Pet Store- Grocery's etc....then watched Up on DVD..... So Phew...we did get alot done...just didn't get the inside Christmas done yet... Only 8 storage bins to unpack for that task!

So last night after dinner the kitchen sink went off-- no water...We think ( hope) its just the faucet....Today we will need to work on that when we get home.....Please pray for us boys-- we are handy but when it come to plumbing and electrical...well not so much..I don't want to have to call a plumber! Wish us luck!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Magazine Worth Checking Out!
Aden and Jordan Jaric are a hot couple...all sorts of cute huh? Didn't know about these boys until yesterday as hubby has ordered Unzipped and it arrived yesterday. Unzipped is in this new format---its a mix of hot nakked men and news and features...its pretty cool.....I think we should enjoy this subscription. Indeed! This months cover...
Chris Rockwell-- swoon

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Attire
and Thoughts...
Who knew just a plain white dress shirt can be so hot! So are you old school T day? I remember the days when we used to get dressed up for Thanksgiving. It was a bit more formal when I was younger and I suppose it is still a very formal dinner for some. You know..... dress to the nines....set the dinning room...table linens...using your best china and such... Excuse me Arnie but could you pass the me the Waterford gravy boat please? I do wish we had a formal dining room in our home as I would be doing this every year and it would be all so traditional and gay!!! I don't think I have to elaborate do I .... Just call me Rad Homo Dean or Stewart please.....Anyways of course it has become much more casual through the least for our family it has. I do look forward to the holiday as I love the camaraderie of it all...the eating, drinking, visiting and such...its like the opening event party to the season of many gatherings and get togethers. This year I find it more important than ever with my moms sickness and with the recession which seems to have everyone on edge.

I am just hoping my newly single sister brings some hot guy to our T-day festivities. Preferably one that looks like this above.....He can wear his dress shirt and forget the pants....phew! It getting hot in here!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bum Tastic

Happy Monday! and how was your weekend? After seeing Levi Johnsons bum all over the place this weekend from his Playgirl feature....I thought we needed a replacement bum....Now in my book this is a bum! Its Bumtastic! Sorry Levi ...not to be all negative about your bum as your a very handsome boy and for many a very appealing man but your bum was a little of a disappointment...I did however post one of your front shots below which is kudos for that....You are definitely a normal everyday dude and that alone is very hot!

Hot damm! Its a short week guys! My Monday morning is already busy as heck.....So are you ready for SPANKSgiving? Or as I heard someone call it SLAPSgiving this weekend....I am.... so bring it on!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Weekends Here- Yippee!
and its only 5 Days till Spankgiving!
TGIF! Week went by fairly quickly and I am ready for the weekend....are you? My Plans? None really...Well I do need to get some shopping done, pick up the house, maybe haul out a few Christmas items, pick up the garage and if the weather co-ops I will do the gutters. The weather has been wind and rain and more wind and has been crazy as all week we have had storm after storm blow in. It has been very wet! I hope we maybe get a break this weekend which would be nice. Can you believe Thanksgiving is only 5 days away? I am looking forward to it this year...spending time with family and making it special for my mom.... and then I am hoping to also get a good spankin as well! :-)

So hubby just asked me on how I feel as he is in the mood to have some people over for cocktails tonite.....So looks like we need to round up some friends today and see if anyone would like to come over to hang out....have cocktails, play some wii, snack/munch and sing and dance to some tunes.......Wanna come over too? Shoot me a e mail!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Double Date Night
Friday the 13th
Some pics from this past weekend....This was on Friday night when we went to that B day party-- the girls snapped some shots....good times!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Spanksgiving Season
Time to Stuff it!
So Spanksgiving is 9 days away.....I wish this was already Spanksgiving week as then this would already be our short week of work.....Oh well.... I just hope this week goes by quickly. How was your weekend? We had a nice long weekend. Went to a nice 40th birthday for a nice gent we know on Friday night. Met a bunch of nice people and saw some old acquittance's as well. But there was one group of boys that flipped hubby and I attitude......they also did this last week at the bar we went too after another b day we attended (which BTW we never do--I think the last time we went to a gay bar was maybe last winter) Anyhow I loathe mean guys......I always wonder why there are pockets or a gaggles of gays that pick on others. You know the type-- bitchy, mean, spiteful, very crass....They look and snicker at ya and eye roll ya.....anyhow it takes everything in me to not go over and slap the shit out of them.....But hubby told me to be nice so I did. We just ignored them...Maybe I should post of pic of them and see what you think of them? I saw one this am in the party pics.....Now they are not special to look at..AT ALL...
Maybe that's why they are bitter queens? They are kinda ugly? ANYHOW.....

Saturday I cleaned up the yard-- which was a major workout with all the fall leaves...The leaves are beautiful but I cant wait for all of them to fly away or fall so I can do one last major cleaning of the yard....I still have to do the gutters too....YUCK! That's always no fun but I hope to get that done this next weekend or maybe the long Thanksgiving weekend. Went and got a Turkey yesterday...19.76 pounds. Jeff and I will be doing T-day at our house or my moms-- depending on how she feels--Spent time with mom all day yesterday and did a quick trip over to Costco....Mom is doing ok...she is off Oxy and now on old school methadone ....seems to help with her pain better......she still suffers but she is such a tough cookie...I wish I could just hang out with her and not work..... So its back to the daily grind today.....I was out on Friday so my workload should be fun today.....busy!!.....So I better get to it... Catch you all soon...XO

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today is my FRIDAY!!! Woot woot.....Now what should I do?
More GLEE Mania-
DNA MAG and Mark Salling
Mark Salling-- Our mohawked jock dude Puck in Glee is sure getting around..First Wendy and now he has talked to DNA Magazine for the November Issue #118.

DNA: How are you finding Australia?
Mark: It's great.

Most Americans say that but when we spoke to Margaret Cho she said it's like flying halfway across the world to go to Houston.
[Laughs] Houston's miserable, so I don't know about that.

When you signed up for Glee did you expect it to become as big as it has?
I knew it was a great script and I was excited to be a part of it but you never know how people are going to react. But I'm stoked people have taken to it the way they have.

Why do you think it has taken off?
There's nothing like it on TV. It's original. People like musicals and shows where they can follow the plotlines. It's well written and there are so many different people it can appeal to.

Since it's started have you been recognized on the street?
Not al all. Never.

Not even with the hair?

Is the haircut you have for the show?
It's for the show.

Do you like it?
I like it on doses. I liked it for a while then it started to haunt me.

Tell us about the character you play.
I play a guy named Puck. His full name is Noah Puckerman and he's a jerk at the beginning of the series. He gives his friend Finn at hard time for being in the glee club but eventually joins himself. Hopefully he'll be somewhat more likeable and accessible as the series goes on, instead of such a douche bag.

Where you as mean as your character in school?
I was worse. Even worse ... No, I was a nice guy.

Do you get to sing and dance?
I do.

How is that for you?
The dancing is a bit of a stretch. I'm not a dancer and never have been but our choreographer really walks us through it. The singing is fun but the dancing is hard.

Have you done any training?
No, never.

So there's a bit of autotune going on?
Oh, I had singing training but not dancing. But there's autotune for everybody - some more than others.

What's the best song you've performed?
Probably Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

Did you realise you were going to get gay fans because of Glee?
I didn't, but its a musical so I guess it's to be expected.

How do you feel being named one of DNA's Sexiest Men Alive 2009?
Oh, wow. Well, I'm not going to argue. I'm flattered. That's great.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov 11 2009
Day to HONOR All Our Veterans...
I know I am ready to honor a few....

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Monday, November 09, 2009

I have the MONDAY Blues
Zac Efron Pics to the Rescue...
Mondays kinda blow don't you think? And not the good blows.....So its back to work and I wish I had more days to play and or relax....Zac Efron helps a bit today.....just look at feel much better better already....LOL.. We had a busy weekend-- got all the work done around the house on Saturday and then went the party I told you all about and then actually went out to the bars on Saturday night and had a good time...haven't don't that in quite sometime....Lots of nice gents...and lots of strong I had to nurse a slight hangover yesterday.... we did go and see the Michael Jackson movie--This Is the morning.....It was really really good....then spent the afternoon on the sectional with the hubby and kids and watched Season 4 of Weeds....We hadn't watched any of it yet so just had a marathon.....That Hunter Parrish kid is really cute....Well back to the work week....May it PLEASE go quickly!! More Monday Therapy below...

Friday, November 06, 2009

its FRIDAY!!

Whom most of you know I call this fella my other husband-- Mr Derrick Davenport....I haven't seen any new pics of him lately? I wonder what he is up to these days? SO TGIF folks! I am happy its the weekend again...So we have a semi busy weekend ahead...A big B day bash for a friend tomorrow......Private party at fancy eh? Thats the big event.....other than that I plan to clean the house and take down the Halloween stuff tomorrow and then add the Thanksgiving fall stuff......try to visit with my mom...... Plan to see the Michael Jackson movie on Sunday with some friends on a double date brunch/movie.....I want to see it on the big screen....I hope your weekends a good one too!

UPDATE 11-23 --Oh my-- thanks to KEVIN at The Lisp....Heres a few good ones! NSFW

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Referendum 71
Vote by vote...It will hopefully pass.

While supporters of the measure were optimistic of a win, both sides said it was too close to call.
The narrow lead in votes to approve Referendum 71 widened slightly yesterday and as of late Wednesday afternoon, about 51.65 percent of votes counted thus far were to approve R-71 and 48.35 percent were to reject it. The Secretary of State's Office estimates about 600,000 ballots statewide are still outstanding, with about 300,000 of them expected from King County, where the measure is being approved by about 2 to 1.

Here is a sad thing-Every county east of the Cascades has rejected Referendum 71. Sad but not its totally due to the blue collar and religious stronghold across our state....The lopsided results over expansion of the state's domestic-partnership law does show the challenge all supporters of gay rights have in winning over all Washingtonians as we seek full equality. More Here...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween 2009
Not the greatest pics but the only ones we got...wish we got some body shots...we had some fierce looks!! I look so grumpy...LOL...One above is this year with one of the host John and the one below is last year with John as well......good times!


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Team Kellan Lutz--
My Fave Superhero
I am Team Kellan for sure...forget about the other 2 Twilighters......he hits my super hero fetish BIG TIME!!I am sure you all have seen these..but just in case .....Way More here.....
Mark Salling
Just a good ol handsome lad from Texas!

Speaking of the Wendy Williams show and how she has the best guest....see post below.....she had Mark Salling (Puck from GLEE) on was his first talk show appearance...boy he is handsome! Hot Damm! A nice guy from Texas too-he was kinda shy and oh so polite....and so darn cute.....Are you watching GLEE yet? Get with it already folks! I suggest you You Tube his Sweet Caroline performance too!
The Wendy Williams Show
Shout it out...Its the BEST!!

A new guilty pleasure we put into our DVR's que all the talk shows--Ellen, Oprah, etc... they all tape daily and in afternoon/evening we check see if any are worth watching due to the guest and topics....What is funny is we hardly ever end up watching Ellen or Oprah...Maybe once in a blue moon they will have a guest ( Whitney, Micheal Jackson Story etc) that I will sit to watch -- but usually I fast forward to the guest that I like and then its a delete.... BUT a show I have been watching EVERYDAY for the last 2 months is WENDY WILLIAMS!! LOVE HER and this show!!! Has anyone watched this yet? She is the best.....She is fun to watch and I just love her and her Hot Topics and her Wig and just everything about her and her new show....She is REAL!!! Please check it out and you will be a fan for sure!

It is kinda low tech in production....( hence they have a fly problem) it kinda reminds me of Rupauls low budget production he had with Drag Race...But like Ru and his upcoming season 2....I see a very big budget for both of them for the next seasons.......her show is on fire! TOTAL gay approved and you know what that means.....ITS HOT and will be super mainstream soon....We pick it first....She has the best guest too!! So How You Doing?