Monday, November 30, 2009

Forget Turkey I Have Had Enough!
I Need A Burger and Fries!
How was your Thanksgiving holiday weekend? Mines was good and busy... I don't know about you but I have had my fill of turkey leftovers--Turkey sandwiches, soup and such.... Don't get me wrong as I love turkey but you can only get creative with turkey in so many ways-- though this fine fella mentioned how he made some turkey enchiladas and that sparked some interest in me.....something I am going to try next time for sure as we had turkey leftovers up to our eyeballs! I am so ready for a burger and some fries...Served by a fine gent too please!

I had to take a break from the blog world over the holiday weekend as I was so very busy! Here is my cliff note version of my weekend.... Wednesday night we went out for a few drinks at Madison Pub and then and shaked our tail feathers at the Cuff.....Great fun! Ran into many friends which was funny with as many bars there are in Seattle as we don't go out to often (actually ever) but it was a good way to start the holiday weekend. Thanksgiving was quiet and relaxing and spent the entire day and evening with my family and had a nice dinner and visit. Friday morning the hubby and I braved the world and hit black Friday....Went to Target first to get a new digital camera (the old one ate it on our last trip) and a small camcorder! We were after those good deals!....Well the store was insane! It was Target close to Southcenter Mall and it was SUPER packed... the line alone to pay was with about 100 cartfulls long or longer and it wrapped all the way around the store...this was 715am in the am! So we hightailed out of there in shock and headed over to the AT and T store.....Picked up our shiny and new iPhones!! Woot woot! Then hubby drove me over to our neighborhood was busy but not a madhouse and we were able to pick up the camera and camcorder. We were home by 10am and played with our new toys all day and evening. Saturday I took down all the Thanksgiving stuff and got up on the roof and cleaned all the gutters and then did yard work ...that was a major job!.....Had to take major Tylenol later as my body isn't as young as it used to be...Saturday night went to dinner at our friends. Yesterday we decorated the outside with Christmas lights and did some errands-- Costco- Pet Store- Grocery's etc....then watched Up on DVD..... So Phew...we did get alot done...just didn't get the inside Christmas done yet... Only 8 storage bins to unpack for that task!

So last night after dinner the kitchen sink went off-- no water...We think ( hope) its just the faucet....Today we will need to work on that when we get home.....Please pray for us boys-- we are handy but when it come to plumbing and electrical...well not so much..I don't want to have to call a plumber! Wish us luck!


Michael Rivers said...

I could use a burger and fries too! Can I supersize that? Damn.

robertga99 said...

I'll just take some meat. Can I have it in the form of the guy in that pic. He is yummy. Where do you find these hot guys?!?!
At least you had some luck at Target :(

Mark in DE said...

Now you've got ME cravy a burger and fries. Damn you! :-)