Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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Its a fake but I dont care--I heard hes not that smart---I don't care about that either...I think he is as he recently signed a contract with Disney---You most likely saw the trailers --that Alaska dog movie!! I better do a search on it after I post this----it should be out soon on DVD...Woof woof!!! He is quite smart to go to Disney if you ask me --he can be the new Kurt Russell like the 70's and bring in a steady paycheck--plus we get enjoy this handsome fellow ALOT ... Here you go...Enjoy!!!

My first real crush!! Boy this was my teenage crush if there ever was one--- One could argue that the ill-fated model, Jon Erik Hexum, was one of the most beautiful men ever to pose for the camera, and despite his early and tragic demise, he certainly posed a lot, and so there's no shortage of beautiful photos of this very sexy guy. I and my best buddy Craig was heartbroken when he died--There was just something about him--not many men do that..Nowadays thanks to the GAYS we have many good looking boys and men are all over the place in the media through a number of resources including this blog---But back in the 80's this was a accomplishment to be as big as he was ....I loved Jon Erik and here is his my post to him and im quite surprised I haven't done it sooner... He will be a timeless stud 4 ever!!!

STORY-- Clothes with a Twist...

Came across this today since as its seems to tie in with my superhero Thursday theme on my blog today....These are quite fun..its a ad campaign by India's Bangalore-based Chaya Garments' Stori brand. That's all the information I've been able to find. The tag line is, "Stori: Clothes with a twist."

BRANDON ROUTH--Supermans Bulge and the movie here it comes!

So how adorable is Brandon Routh? First all the bru ha ha over his bulge and how it was digitally enhanced as it was too big for his tights!!! I got alot of hits on this site the first time I mentioned the BULGE....Lots of traffic on that so lots of people was all over the bulge story!!! Your horny bastards!!!---I do love all the Superman movies and I think he is the best one yet---Looks like this movie and The Devil Wears Prada is going to be my pics for this summer...He is one handsome fellow and I cant get enough of a man in a costume....I think our buddy Scott would make a good Superman...I think he should dress up as the man of steel for Halloween this year! Hint hint! His pic is below.....Followed by some pics of the movie with Brandon....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

TODAYS PIC of the DAY!!!

I leave you with crazy VAL..this is what she will look like all weekend as we drink ourselves to death ...She is my partner in shopping , gossip and most fun of all duet singing--we do a mean duet of the songs --Islands in the Stream and Suddenly--Invite us to your party and we will be glad to sing for you....

Though I think in this picture our good buddy QT (that just got off a cruise this last Sunday--LUCKY !!) is doing something to her to make her look like this ---that the pics just doesn't capture---Hmmm....things that make you go hmmmmm.....

I think this is one of those great contest pics---you know... you name the caption that goes...any suggestions???

MY New Flavor! Nik

So this is one hot son of a gun..Nik is one of those models that make miso hot...LOL-Im not one for tatoos but his art matches him perfectly...


This is from a collection of fun T- shirts we ran across in Hawaii last month...Check out this site below as its full of fun shirts and stuff that have catchy slogans---So I am so ready for a holiday weekend...are you?...I need to go to the liquior store tonite and stock up! I think Im in need of some nice vodka drinks this weekend---LOTS of them. Cheers!! Toast!! Okole Maluna!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stud of the day....

Matthew Rush gives alot of us a rush--no?

Its a wrap--CUT !

2006 Seattle Pride-- OUT and PROUD

Here comes PRIDE!!! It has gotten so big in Seattle that it is now in downtown Seattle.. Its time to get active and with the climate of our rights at stake these days ---its time to do something!! See ya all at Pride!!! Get involved!!!

The Northwest's largest Lesbian/Gay/Bi-sexual/Transgender (LGBT) Pride Parade is getting a new home this summer. The famous Parade is Sunday, June 25th, starting at 11:00 am downtown, from Westlake Park to Seattle Center, the new location of the 2006 Seattle Pride Festival.

Westlake Park will contain the official media and ADA viewing areas.
KSTW-11 will air two hours of same-day coverage from the Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25 from 6-8PM. This marks the first time the Seattle Pride Parade has been made available to viewers via free, over-the-air television. The Parade will also be seen on KSTW in the Vancouver, B.C. market as well.

Seattle Out And Proud sponsors and produces the annual Seattle Pride Parade and the Festival to commemorate three nights of civil unrest known as the Stonewall riots. These riots occurred in late June 1969 in response to official harassment by the New York Police and are considered the birth of the movement for equal rights and liberation for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Many communities in the U.S. and around the world hold Pride celebrations in June in memory of Stonewall. Theme - The theme this year is SEATTLE OUT AND PROUD! Use this theme to guide your Pride Parade expression. Think fabulous! It’s up to you to help make this memorable. We want you to have an outstanding March/Pride Parade experience. This is a celebration about passions, discovery, support, encouragement and just being OUT and PROUD

Holy Smokes

Im back...Im not sure if I can get alot in these days but I will continue this blog for sure....With the new job "from Hell" and so much going on with the new house and all that --I just haven't had the time to write or post--So fricken sad!!! I haven't even had time to go online anymore--I am getting withdrwals after 2 months---I have a feeling this will all change real hang tight! So hang on to your panties, knickers, briefs, boxers and jocks y'all...Even you commando types! RUFF!!

THANKS for all the messages and inquiries to check in with me to make sure all is well...It is... And I promise to start posting some hot men, gossip and sharing my rad ass homo life with you real soon...

Love hugs and GAY Power to you! Errol