Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Holy Smokes

Im back...Im not sure if I can get alot in these days but I will continue this blog for sure....With the new job "from Hell" and so much going on with the new house and all that --I just haven't had the time to write or post--So fricken sad!!! I haven't even had time to go online anymore--I am getting withdrwals after 2 months---I have a feeling this will all change real soon..so hang tight! So hang on to your panties, knickers, briefs, boxers and jocks y'all...Even you commando types! RUFF!!

THANKS for all the messages and inquiries to check in with me to make sure all is well...It is... And I promise to start posting some hot men, gossip and sharing my rad ass homo life with you real soon...

Love hugs and GAY Power to you! Errol