Monday, January 30, 2006


So its Superbowl mania here in Seattle right now and its crazy and I hate to say this but I could care less.. I worked in the suites at the new stadium for a few years and met most of the fans---They were ok at least the ones in the suites-- I wont comment on the rest...In any event I am happy for football the fans and Seattle and hope they do win and then we can have a parade and all that nonsense...But all this makes me think and admit that I wish it was much more like Australian Football. Some of the hottest, leanest bodies and horniest looking men in the sporting world play this incredible sport. Tight cropped sleeved, muscle hugging shirts and tight shorts. I like this type of footballing that's for sure....

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursdays HOT Stuff!!!

Here is one hunk of burning love..Our good friend Scott...He and Kandis are getting married next month so I had to post him for the world to see the lost as another one bites the dust..And to a girl! Just kidding Dice!! We are excited for the big event!! Also his new wife to be is our dear friend Kandis so its all good as she is one hot babe herself! So now I have to make sure to post her pics soon as well--I think I have those pics of her somewhere wearing a kinky black thong..oops! did I just say that never mind...


The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an Eagle to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.
Damn, it just doesn't get more accurate than that!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Gang....

Found a decent pic of the gang--Scott and Kandis-- getting married next month! Yipeee!

Me-- In crazy ruffled tux shirt looking like a stoner with my eye half closed. I look like a waiter!

Jeff-- my hunny looking cute again.

Starla--looking quite smashing--Val,her partner must be taking the pic...I will have to include a pic of just her.

Dumbfu*k Mountain--

Funny stuff...Don't ya think? I've been thinking about this alot lately and its just been a crazy year! If we all think that the gay issues are hot and heavy right now can you just imagine this fall when all the 06 elections and such get in full gear? We are going to be a hot topic for sure and at the front of all the news and issues big time. Its going to be super duper crazy boys and girls....are you all ready for it?...I think for the first time in many years my friends and I are really ready to support and get active in the community...We have been talking about it a lot lately....Its crazy to think of this revolution for rights...I hope we make it through with flying rainbow colors!!! I have a feeling its going to be alright....It will be nice to say in our old age that we did something that was important and meaningful and hopefully made a difference in our lives and future ones...

I am so sick and tired of the dumbfucks!!!! Wears my Tiara! This queen is pissed!

Its HUMP day....

     Well another day in Seattle and its actually a nice day!  The sun is shining the skies are blue as was yesterday. This is a nice change and why I love it here and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t rain here that much.  Really it doesn’t at least most of the time…I was thinking of calling in sick today but decided to bite the bullet and come in.  I would have been able to do some errands and work in the yard…I am so late with planting of the spring flowers—I think if I get them in this weekend it may be ok…It really is strange as we leave at 7am and its dark and get home at 5pm and its dark…I HATE IT!!!  Cant wait till spring really arrives.  So it is strange, as we don’t get to see our home in the light much this time of year except for on weekends.

     Jeff put together the Ab Lounger last night. We both got on it and gave it a tryout…Boy it hurt like mad!  No it wasn’t due to any funny business sadly but it was pretty cool—so we are on our way to some jamming washboard abs!  Ha!  We can only hope!  Jeff made some fabulous fajitas for dinner and we sat back and watched A Idol…I don’t usually like AI during these prelims but I have to say it made us laugh a few times last night—this season is so far more entertaining….There was also a guy at the end that was a major hottie.. He had a buff cowboy look to him….hmmmmm…. I look forward to seeing if he advances for sure…

     BTW….I got a killer CD last night—Fired Up 3—a two-disc deal…It has so much dance music on it and I recommend it to all who doesn’t have the time to get online find out who sings what and etc---it’s a great mix of the latest hits in dance all remixed and its easy to get it all at once… We are adding it to the POD for sure...and yes I still buy cds-just not very many anymore but a few…

Madge News...

Pop superstar Madonna has angrily hit back at rumours her five-year marriage to Guy Ritchie is in trouble.The Hung Up hitmaker, who uncharacteristically cancelled her performance at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France, on Saturday, has been dogged by speculation about her relationship with the 37-year-old director in recent weeks.The New York Daily News recently claimed: "The couple have split but they're keeping it quiet."However, the singer's spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg insists their relationship is as strong as ever, revealing Ritchie and children Lourdes and Rocco last week visited Madonna on the London set of her new video Sorry.She says: "Guy came on the set to visit. Mr and Mrs Ritchie seemed comfortable and adoring of each other."My sense is that they're quite a happy, content couple."

Photo found at this hilarious site--Guess Madonna New Look--check it out...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Brokeback and Bush

During a Q&A session at Kansas State University yesterday, a student asked Bush: "I was just wanting to get your opinion on BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN if you'd seen it yet." Bush answered : "I'd be glad to talk about ranching, but I haven't seen the movie." The student answered back : "You would love it! You should check it out."
Via LA Times,0,7080504.story?coll=la-headlines-nation

Hitting The Slopes This Weekend....

We plan to hit the pass this weekend--Or maybe next as we actually purchased some sleds from Costco a few weeks ago.. They look just like boggie boards that we used to use as kids to body surf with. I being from Hawaii and Jeff from California we are both beach boys that did the whole body surfing thing growing up.....We are hoping we can be snow boys as well! How hard can it be-dont answer that!!! In any event I think its going to be a great time I hope!


This is what that Damm Ab Lounger does to me...Shoot I remember when these 1/2 shirts were in back in the 70's and 80's-- I had a few of them...My favorite one was a gray one with a big pot "pakalolo" leaf on it..I wore it with my gold lightning bolt charm necklace--it was so surfer boy!

So this is nice right? looking hot sucking on that lolly!!!

Moans and Groans

So its been like a US or People magazine posting fiesta lately so thought I would get down to the nitty gritty and get to some writing. I am excited to use this blog as an outlet for me to be creative and address my likes, dislikes, thoughts, and on and on. I am hoping it will be quite entertaining and right now I’m still learning all this crap so please bear with me ignore the every now and then if you ask WTF is that all about every now and then …

Jeff and I and the kids Maile and Alika (our two Shih Tzus) had a nice evening last night. We had a nice pork chop dinner that was super yummy! We hadn’t had pork chops in quite sometime and the smell of them cooking in the kitchen reminded me of my granny. There are many things that trigger memories of my wonderful granny and this is just one that brings back those fond memories of her cooking in her kitchen on date street in Honolulu…Gosh I sure do miss her! As Jeff had dinner going, I gave the dogs a quick bath as they missed baths this weekend. They were quite happy after the bath and they went straight to bed and snoozed all night. They are much like their daddies and like to be clean! I can honestly say that they have as much product as we do for smelling fresh and clean! LOL! After dinner it was time to settle in for some boob tube. We watched some 7th Heaven (its last season) and some Skating with Stars in between on commercials and then Las Vegas. I then drifted off on the sofa and that’s the last I recall..Got up later and we both stumbled off to bed around 11ish---an old married couple we are! Sometmes!

Tonight I am putting together the AB Lounger! So Jeff and I are committed to eating well and working out and plan to get back in shape! We are looking forward to losing a few inches off our tummies! We need to get in shape for the upcoming bikini weather that is right around the corner! Wish us luck! If we get to our goal I promise to post a pic of us in our surfer trunks!

MOANS -- I hate my job right now and I can’t wait for my new position to start (next Wednesday!) as I am in desperate need for some new challenges and new stimuli if you know what I mean…

GROANS-- I want to groan that I have a mini toothache and I need to go to the dentist next week...

Just a thought....
Tuesdays Hot Pic....

Can you believe its a pussy? All kidding aside... This does look like our cat Mamma Mia when she was a young kitty cute.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Busy! Friday headed out to Vinceroy for cocktails net up with Starla,Val and Frankie. Frankie is a great gal Jeff works with.. It was a great way to end the week--Had some take out Chinese later and while waiting ran into the pet store store next door -- fell in love with this puppy and almost bought him. I think we need a rule--no going into pet stores..But it was strange as it was the very kind of dog Jeff wants--a Brussels Griffon....I think I spelled it right---But I don't think our two dogs would be happy with us if we did was very hard to say no.

Saturday was a productive day--we ripped out the wallpaper in the gross main bathroom and now it is ready and a blank canvas for us to redo and redecor--we have to pick out floors- fixtures and colors and more ....I think this is going to be lots of fun---Went over to the girls abode for a BBQ later that evening--it was so much fun we drank as usual updated the pods and it was funny to see Starla and Jeff make a charcoal BBQ in the middle of winter..Needless to say it took sometime to make the Steaks ( we all have not had a steak in ages so we had a craving) but it all came out well---Had to add this pic of Starla and Val--doesn't it make you want Spring to come? they look sooooo cute...

Sunday--Walmart then Home Depot then the Ab Lounger! We are attempting to lose some flab on our bellies! Then came home and cleaned the yard up a bit and then sat back and watched some movies and relaxed--we actually watched the tail end of the Seahawk football game--were not football fans but this is big-- And since we are going to the Super Bowl I guess its good to support it...It was fun to watch... My whole family is football fanatics so I bet they are all without voices today after yesterday game! Well that's my quick recap--I could write forever but I gotta get some work done-


Gotta give props to Drew for this! After her saggy appearance on the Globes last week--its nice to see her mock it on SNL this last Saturday....One more reason to love Drew...

RAH's CELEBRITY Roundup...

Jessica Alba is smoking hot--Cash is her latest flavor---hot man..I love his name! I want a new dog so I can name it Cash....

GWEN GWEN GWEN--Looking hot as aways with your hottie hubby...I cant wait!! I love it that they are having a baby!!! We saw her in concert and It was so much fun!!!

Yucky Couple!!! Sorry...I like Jenn but not sure why she is with dough boy..but who am I to talk...Good for them...I heard she is trying to get pregs...Why didnt she do this with Brad is beyond me... good luck to them.. I think hes a rebound guy and she is going to hurt him and make him cry...

Cute Cute Justin Timberlake at the Bob Hope golf deal last week..I think he needs to shave big time...I cant wait till he makes some new music--rumor is summer... I cant believe he shags Cam..shes cool but she has herpes doesnt she?...yuck!

Reese and Deacon---God isnt he a doll! had to add him in!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006


Holly smokes! Here is one of our favorite gals! Ms. Janet looking all big and well big...She is known to get all chubby between each of her super duper albums but this is bigger than I have ever seen...But hey I am sure once she starts making more jams she will be back up to par... I dont know if I wouldnt do the very same as heck lets take some time off and relax travel and eat like a hog and then its back to the personal trainer and eating well and of course removing a rib or two...But seriously Janet I hope you get back to normal fabulous kick ass Janet soon!! I miss you and your jams!

PS If you do decide to stay a big mama thats ok too--you will always be one of the tops on my list!!!

BTW Doesnt it look like they caught her exercising here? lets hope go girl-- I ate my Lean Cuisine for lunch today too!!

JAKE is looking fine and dandy!

We saw Brokeback a few weeks ago and we are so happy that it is dong so well at the box office and of course winning the Golden Globe last week for best pic is so cool!! Kudos to all involved--Jake is looking mighty fine in this pic that I had to post it... Love it!!! Smoking hot don't ya think?

We saw it at the old Harvard Exit theater here in Seattle--It was filled with family members..Its hard to describe the feelings you get with a movie like this and at the same time surrounded by your peers.... Pride is one that comes to mind...It was wonderful! I think we need to go see it again...

I think we need to wear our Gay rodeo gear! Giddy up!

Apparently, a church in our lovely state of Washington is calling for a nationwide boycott of Microsoft over its support of gay rights. Here we go again with that dumbass Rev. Ken Hutcherson the ex footballer pastor of Antioch Bible Church here in Redmond along with his group of zombie followers.. I am so sick and tired of him and his supporters and the insane and brainless crap of the mouth. This last summer they had a big rally to protect marriage etc, It made me so mad!!! Why should gay people be denied such simple rights we really all deserve? Lets be serious--There as so many of us that are good examples of partnerships that last and work and are genuine and then compare that some straight marriages and familys--its just not fair or right----Personally I think these wack jobs are afraid as they know times are changing amd acceptance and tolerance is evolving so they are freaking out and making them shake--BTW when I was a good Christian boy--I think I still am of course!--tell me why did most of the men I meet and becames friends with were just a bunch of gays in hiding?---I swear--Where should you look for hot men and boys? Well your local church or religious organization is a good place to start! Now granted they are all mostly closeted but these were the best lovers as they like it rough!! ha ha---as kidding aside as a matter of fact I am pretty sure I had some fun encounters with a few boys at Anitoch!!!--- Its just crazy! oh well since IBM, Apple and others support gay rights. I'm sure we will all be fine and dandy so I'm hoping that the AFA-- I wont link to these pigs sorry and all the other wackos join the boycott and take down their web sites. Good riddance...


Thursday, January 19, 2006

WTF! IS Madge Thinking?

Dear My Icon Madge--

What the hell are you thinking? I would like to think that someone made this for you with a new bedazzler they received for the holidays..but I dont care..Please remove the hat!! At leasts it helps take away the focus on that fug eyewear.. What is going on with you and other stars and all the fug eyewear? This pair looks like alien eyes! I still love you but please get rid of that hat!!! Does it match the shirt though? Never mind---Its still to early for a St Patty outfit!!!


From one of my fav blogs!!

Remember that woman that found a finger in her chilli at Wendy's? Remember when it came to light that she actually placed the finger there herself?! And remember when we found out that the finger was the woman's husband's co-worker's finger who lost it in a work-related accident? Well, looks like payback is a bitch!Anna Ayala and her husband Jaime Plascencia received hefty jail time for trying to pull fraud on Wendy's and the San Jose chain. They have been charged with filing a false insurance claim and attempted grand theft in damages worth about $2.5 Million.Anna received 9 years in prison while Jaime received 12 years and 4 months.Before the judges sentencing Anna tearfully told the court:``I do take responsibility for my actions and offer my most sincere apologies, especially to Wendy's in San Jose and its employees. I'm truly sorry.''You better be sorry bitch and you're gonna be real sorry when some 300lb heffer is fucking your ass with a broom stick! You're gonna wish you never wish you fucked with the chilli!It's bitches like this that cause the price of my delicious frosty to go up!

Here I am smoking a cigar with one hand and a drink in other--the story of my life! LOL! Taken this last fall--we took a trip with our friends to the Washington coast...4 couples---It was such a blast! We decided we need to do this every fall and so we have already put another beach house on hold for this fall! Its nice as we all take the our dogs and just enjoy each others company and that beautiful scenic coast and the beach!! This is our friend Beth with me in this pic--she and her husband Michael won the designated Your So GAY Award that weekend--They were the most prepared--best foods, clothing and such..they even had a Pottery Barn picnic kit so they won the weekend victory for most prepared and stylish! They put the real gays to shame! I have a feeling next year the competition will be much more fierce!

The One the Only VAL!!!

Let me introduce you our girl VAL--shes my kind of lady! Check her out with that Cigar! Sexy!!! Thats Juku in her lap--Juku has a big B day bash coming up in Feb!!! She will be 1--Anyhow this is one of the funniest pics I have of Val--Im glad its the first of many to be posted of super fabulous Val! She and her wife Starla hang out with us pretty much 24/7. They are our partners in crime--most importantly our drinking and shopping partners!

Just wanted to add this hottie! This is Jeff..this stud just happens to be my partner, husband and the one who puts up with me---this was taken on our last trip home to Hawaii--isnt he such the cutie!
Good day! Its Thursday which means we are closer to Friday and the weekend which makes me very happy. Got some news this week that I got a new position in the company I work for--I start 2/01--looks like a good reason to drink this weekend!!! Cheers!!! Any excuse for a Martini anyhow I was pretty unhappy with the job Im doing right now so its a blessing... I will make sure to talk about the details later...but for now lets just say Im very happy with this change in my life...

Went home last night to check out our CD collection which always turns into a good time--I singing at the top of my lungs and my dogs looking at me like Im a fool---they do like it though when I bust a move--- anyhow wanted to pull some of them aside as we are going to download a bunch of them to add to the pod this was fun to listen to all the music we have accumulated over the years--It like a disco dance walk down memory lane---some lane that was! I think we may take a few of them to sell after we get them all downloaded. We have so many!

Last night was the best night on TV---watched American Idol and I really don't know why as I think its kinda retarded and staged when its in this beginning stages looking for the idol in each city yada yada --but I do have to say its better than the last few years--Simon is making me laugh this year--I love it when he rips them apart he is being quite the ass this year---I will enjoy it much more once the real competition starts-- that's when you'll see the real talent and its worth watching. Then it was on to LOST-- I love it and I cant seem to get enough of this show--then it was off to Project Runway--Love this one too--- but I fell alseep on PR so I will have to go check out what happened on one of the blogs that will give me a hilarious recap...

thats about it for now---more later.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So this is my attempt to see if I can post pics--the first has to be a scorcher--so here you go...More to come once I get the hang of this! All I can say is this is what I want to look like--lets just hope the New Year resolutions make it happen!
this is a test--thought I read many blogs and its about time I start here goes---the Adventures of a Rad Ass Homo begins! More later as I get this going! How exciting is this!!!