Friday, January 20, 2006


Holly smokes! Here is one of our favorite gals! Ms. Janet looking all big and well big...She is known to get all chubby between each of her super duper albums but this is bigger than I have ever seen...But hey I am sure once she starts making more jams she will be back up to par... I dont know if I wouldnt do the very same as heck lets take some time off and relax travel and eat like a hog and then its back to the personal trainer and eating well and of course removing a rib or two...But seriously Janet I hope you get back to normal fabulous kick ass Janet soon!! I miss you and your jams!

PS If you do decide to stay a big mama thats ok too--you will always be one of the tops on my list!!!

BTW Doesnt it look like they caught her exercising here? lets hope go girl-- I ate my Lean Cuisine for lunch today too!!

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