Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mister Universe Model 2010 Tarik Kaljanac
I think I am in total love...Just Google Tarik Kaljanac- nuff said....

Adam Levine
I know what is up? I am into brunettes these days! Is anyone else watching THE VOICE? I am and so loving it....I stopped watching Idol long ago and glad to see a new take on a signing show! Now back to Adam.....In his case I think I just adore his personality so much and that is one big turn on which makes the rest of him so much more damm appealing! Kudos for sure!

Monday, April 25, 2011

CRUSH- Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas has definitely been on my radar this last year or so as he has gotten quite HAWT! This last week we have seen pics of him on the beach in Hawaii with his bros....He is quite the looker! I am not into brunettes as much but some really do catch my attention and he is one of those that do for sure. There is so many rumors and questions about his sexuality. But really who cares? A boy saying he is not gay might just be confused or whatever....that has never stopped me before! LOL! We all know and have had benefits from some "trade" in our day right?

Here he is below with the other A list Barbie Boys at the Calvin Klein Collection Fashion Show this last Feb 2011...Joe, Zac Efron and Kellan Lutz... Gosh I like all of them...Handsome bunch eh? Imagine that 3 way!!! WOWZA! I find it strange though that they all have probs with the "gay" question... but what is funny is that they all date the same "beards" too! OOPS I mean same girls too... hmmmmm.....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter
Hau'oli Lā Pakoa (Happy Passover)

Hau'oli Lā I Ala Hou Ai Ka Haku (Happy Day When the Lord Rose Again)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter Weekend
Going to start the weekend by having some friends and family over tonite to color eggs and have some ham dinner. Tomorrow we have a egg hunt with some friends and then tomorrow night we are going to Tasty Buds Seattle and then the Natural Vibrations concert. On Easter Sunday we will go to Dads and have some Portuguese Bean Soup! Dads been asking for it and since we will have that ham bone from tonite we will use it to do the soup. Busy busy!

Hope you all have a nice and Happy Easter weekend! Hope you find the golden egg! Or if you prefer the Easter shlong under my Happy Easter message above...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 420!
Happy 420! Now back to your regular scheduled stiffy... I mean stuff....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Giddy up!
Hope y'all are having a good week out there!! Don't you just want to be rounded up or sumpting by this here cowboy? You can see how he has a nice "OKOLE" !!!! Reminds me of one of our fave songs by Kealoha Beamer ---- A old song I remember from growing up that was quite controversial in the day a song called SWEET OKOLE! Great old jam that is always on our Hawaiian play list.....

Had a busy weekend....and then did a bunch of yard work yesterday. Its also official as we booked it and now we are counting the days to our holiday back home to Hawaii. We leave on the 9th of next month and excited as we will get to see a bunch of sweet okoles when u go back home to the islands!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time to go on holiday.....
So we can watch gents like this on the beach! I think some Hawaiian sunshine is calling our names! Doesnt this guy look like Bradley Cooper? He is sooooo "my type"!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finger Licking Good.....
Happy Hump Day! For the love of.....we have been busy....Had fam from out of town and all kinds of stuff going on....So played sight seeing guides and just trying to get everything done. Today I need to catch up on all my blog buds for sure! I need to be updated on all your antics, stuff and pics and such...ok its so time to surf!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Looks like....
Thermal Season Is Still Upon Us
Brrrr cold and rain rain rain here in Seattle....The last few days have been lows in the 30's and hi is about 50... Hail and snow all day yesterday.... Police got us up last night as a guys drove into our fence ( this has happened before!) at midnight last night... What a pain...oh well. Will have to get that fixed....He was joy riding and crashed... Hot cop though and he was nice and very helpful...

Anywho....I got this amazing photo spread ( By Rick Day for DNA Mag) and story sent to me today by Marcello and of course it captured my attention for many reasons. Great pics indeed but this one caught my eye as you all know how much I love thermal underwear! See more of these guys Marcello and and this photo spread ( Private Lives By Rick Day) should be out soon.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Major Guilty Pleasure
Hawaii 5-0
I am a huge fan of the new Hawaii 5-0! Its one of my fave shows on TV right now and it just gets better and better. The entire cast is perfect and the chemistry between Steve and Danny is really really good too! I enjoy how they show has so many scenes of my island home and its use of Hawaiiana..its just an awesome show!

I have ALWAYS had a crush on Scott Caan --since he showed us his butt on Varsity Blues back in the day he has always been on my radar.....Now Alex is also on that radar big time too! What is funny is a good gal pal of ours mentioned to us that she saw a guy in her intouch mag a few weeks ago and then grabbed it to show us a pic of him as he is soooooo our type of guy! Well she brings it out and its Alex! LOL! She knows us well and we mention we have been crushing on him for months now.... So lets take a peek of the guys below! Hot! Check out the show too!

Now back to you weekend-- Have a good one!
Robert Lowe
Gosh being a teen of the 80's I had a big crush on this gent....He is aging really well and looks really good....really really good! Pic deserved a post even though it has been posted on so many blogs this week. Its an interesting interview indeed and I am intrigued about his book now....