Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ugly Betty Canceled....
Now that's Ugly!
Rad is super duper heartbroken that Ugly Betty has been canceled.....Its sad when a clever show with a good fan base is canceled.....I wish someone else would pick it up....ABC should be ashamed....Its all about money....They kinda doomed it by moving it around and now its on Wednesdays at 10pm! WTF! Such a great show that should at least be given a few more seasons.... Such a awesome show for our community too.....its so fricken sad to lose it.... whaaaaaaa!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rad Homo is 4!
Monday 1/18 was RAD HOMOS 4th birthday! Its hard to believe that 4 years ago I started this blog for fun and I just cant believe I am still going! There is allot to go back and check out and often I do go back and read my archives. Most of the time I love it and sometimes I am amazed "wow I said that or noted! " and sometimes it makes me giggle..... and then some of the time I shudder a bit---oops WTF was I thinking?.....But most of the time I love it. I do wonder sometimes how much fuel I have in me to continue with it as lately I have been so unmotivated to post but we all go through these spurts and ups and downs and I am sure it will pass.... I do like that it is like my online scrap book of sorts...and it is so much fun to share it all with the online world....well most of the time......but the VERY best part is the super people I have met because of it and have come into my life.....Its very awesome!

So I want to take this time to thank you for being a RAD HOMO supporter! Big hugs and kisses to you and licks from my doggies too! And lets give it up for our B day poster boy Aden Jaric!
Aden Jaric
Just in the mood for some Aden......I just dig this man....thought what a perfect poster boy for Rad Homos 4th birthday!


Friday, January 15, 2010

My Friday Beefcake....
Round 2 Jonathan Waud
Happy Beefcake Friday folks! Thought a double dose of JW was in order.....Just about to start my work day....have I ever mentioned how I wish I could work 4 10 hours days and have 3 days off? One day I hope that happens......It just makes more sense in so many ways.....but TGIF for sure. This week went quickly and now another weekend is upon us. YAY! Don't have much planned for the weekend at all just one thing really--my uncle Steve's retirement party on Sunday. He worked for 43 years with the Naval Shipyard here.... It should be fun as we get to spend time and see lots of family and friends on Sunday afternoon. We don't get to see some of them too often so it will be good for my mom to see everyone as well now that she has more energy.
I am still being a recessionista and being as thrifty as possible.....I am going to try to stay away from any shopping this weekend again. Though a friend just emailed me and told me she is headed to one of our fave Places U Village tomorrow....Damm her! I told my honey that I want to maybe go and see Avatar tomorrow morning. All he said was ITS A LONG MOVIE...So will see if hes in the mood tomorrow am...He would rather go to the Village... Oh its so hard to be a good boy sometimes.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Hump Day Honey Jonathan Waud

God this man is SO MY TYPE....He is all over due to his new underwear campaign for Ristefsky Macheda...He was my fave on supermodel and its nice to see him around again...Been busy as hell.....I am glad its hump day the weeks going real quick....I am hoping for the weekend to be here very soon as work has been insane! So busy with lots going on... sales meetings and calls and lots of alive do I need a vacation! Somewhere tropical would be perfect.....Its rainy cats dogs and kitchen sinks here in Seattle.....I need an ark to get to work and back these days.....I think I am getting webbed feet! Well I will catch you all soon when I can squeeze out some time and squeegee myself out......

Channing Tatum
Boy sure has movies star looks doesn't he? I think I need to go out and get this issue...from the pics I have seen he looks fabulous. Wow...he sure has come along way from being a pin up boy for all the gays on all the blogs eh? I wonder who is next....I am a good judge..Maybe its you!!! Please submit all pics to my e mail address. :-)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Season of American Idol
Who Cares?
This may offend some of you but I am so over American Idol...I kinda wish it would tank...Don't get me wrong as I am happy it has brought some great singers into our lives but the show just gets on my nerves....Thank god for my DVR...I can just watch the singers and fast forward all the crap..

Friday, January 08, 2010

TGI Friday!
And nothing like a pic of hot stud Craig Malozzi to make this day even better! He is one of my faves these days....goggle him and you will see why....I have posted pics of this fine looking stud a few times....He is just so scrummy! Scrumptious and yummy! So are you all ready for the weekend? I am so ready!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello! Im back!.... well sort of....I am trying to get back in the blog thing but for some reason I am having a hard time getting motivated to blog or even go online this week after being away. It was a wonderful vacation break with holiday party's and get togethes, visits with friends and family, movies, dinners and we even managed to fit in a mini getaway to Mt Baker with the kids....I will try to post some pics here soon (if you are one of my facebook buds you can see some of our escapades as they are already posted there) So it was a busy time but also restful too which was really nice.....It did however go by much to quickly and now its back in the daily grind.....Whaaaaaa! So now just playing catch up with work and life. Work is super busy and then just getting shit in order. I still have the Christmas stuff to take down and put away and will get to that this weekend......then I will general clean the house from head to toe....I am a week late this year on removal of Christmas and clean up of the house but I was too busy last week and really wanted to relax on times I had free and just chill ya know? I do just love to start the year with a clean fresh home!

Didn't make any real New Year resolutions...... I htink they are sort of silly....but I know I need to make a few changes....So I will work on some lifestyle changes for 2010... I need to quit my Classic Coke habit, start to exercise and just try to eat better. I do love my coke and that will be missed.....I will be doing a "war" class-- which is also called "bootcamp" which is a hour long class 3 days a week.....its a full cardio workout....I start that on Jan 18th....I am excited for that....Well check back with me on that on Jan 19th and I will let you know how excited I still am about it! LOL

So I am thinking my New Year will officially start next week....After the Christmas is removed and the house is cleaned and new linens are put out and maybe some rearranging of the furniture and some organization is done around the home...I should also be out of coke by the weekend as well..... But I cant make any promises if this guy above shows up with a can to share.... I may have to indulge.......can that slip up not count please?.